Second licensing


Withdrawal of licensing decisions

Head number 2 dark bay stallion by Danzador/Likoto xx
As part of the second licensing on January 18, 2022, the licensed young stallions were tested for medication, as it was done at the main licensing. The analysis of the blood sample of the stallion with the head number 2 of Danzador/Likoto xx showed a positive result for the active substance Dexamethasone.

The information about the results and the further procedure was sent to the owner Wilfried Struckmann, Lähden. To present the facts of the case, he submitted a veterinary certificate to the Hannoveraner Verband stating that the stallion had been treated with Dexatat on January 16, 2022. This certificate further shows that Mr. Struckmann was not correctly informed about the waiting period of the active substance contained.

In accordance with the statutes, the approval for the above-mentioned stallion is revoked. A new presentation of the stallion for licensing is possible after a three-month period.

Head number 3 Escaneno by Escamillo/Veneno
On January 30, 2022, the Westphalian Breeders' Association published a positive doping result for Escaneno by Escamillo/Veneno at the main Westphalian licensing on November 22, 2021. The Hannoveraner Verband had advance information about this event.

The owner Tobias Schult, Hünxe, has also registered Escaneno for the second licensing on January 18, 2022 in Verden. When the application was accepted, the three-month blocking period for a new presentation after a positive doping result was not taken into account.

The stallion was licensed and the analysis of the blood sample from January 18, 2022 shows no positive results. Nevertheless, the positive licensing decision of this stallion loses its validity according to the statutes due to the above-mentioned non-observance of the blocking period. This has been communicated to the affected stallion stations of Tobias Schult and Klosterhof Medingen. A new presentation of the stallion is planned after the expiration of the three-month blocking period.

Licensing season 2021/2022
This means that four stallions have now tested positive for doping-relevant substances in the current 2021/2022 licensing season in Germany. Regardless of what led to these findings in the individual cases, the number alone is worrying and, in light of the current discussion about the timing of the licensing, must be classified as extremely critical. The Hannoveraner Verband advocates a licensing date of two and a half year olds in the fall. However, the positive doping results this year stand in the way of an argumentation for such a licensing.  

The Hannoveraner Verband has always taken a clear position against doping in the past and has already used various analytical methods (hair, blood). Only last year, the Breeding Committee and the Board of the Verband unanimously confirmed the zero solution at all breeding events. In addition, we will advocate the development of a system of sanctions across the societies in the event of positive doping results.