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You would like to train your horse or attend a clinic with your horse? The Hannoveraner Verband offers training for riders and horses. In addition, interesting courses and seminars on various topics are offered. We will be happy to help you!

The Hannoveraner Verband is one of the leading breeding associations worldwide with exemplary function and knows about its responsibility for the correct training, particularly of young horses.

However, the Hannoveraner Verband assumes this responsibility not only for horses, but also for riders and breeders. Therefore, different training courses and workshops on different issues are offered all around the year.

Training of horse and rider in Verden

The training and sales centre of the Hannoveraner Verband in Verden – the name says it all: the classical training of horses and riders according to the guidelines of the German Equestrian Federation e.V. and the professional marketing of horses are the Verden standard. More than 200 large boxes, five indoor riding arenas, three outdoor riding arenas, a horse walker, a lunging arena, paddocks as well as a spacious cross-country course are available for this purpose.

The Hannoveraner Verband offers a wide training programme in the fields of dressage, jumping, eventing and leisure riding. A team of experienced riders and grooms looks after the well-being of the horses. Whether starting young horses under saddle, preparing them for mare shows and mare performance tests, for the Verden auctions or managing and training them after the auction – the training and sales centre offers horse training for the most diverse performance levels and training goals. The preparation of colts for the stallion licensing is a new offer of the Verden training centre.

You would like to give your horse in our care of have questions on our offers? Please do not hesitate to contact Kathrin Meyer zu Strohen at +49 (0) 17 1/1734883. We will be pleased to answer to your questions on the training of your horse.

Breed Orientation Course 2024

This course is an in-depth learning experience, offering lectures on bloodlines in the Hannoveraner breed and on the Hannoveraner breeding program. It includes the practical judging of horses, trips to mare shows and visits to stallion stations.

The Breed Orientation Course 2024 will be held from June 24 to 28.

General information and registration (pdf)

For further information please contact Juliana Küspert, jkuespert(ät) or +49 (0) 42 31/67 37 65.