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Stallion pre-selection

Again this year, the stallion pre-selection for the Verden licensing will lead the selection committee through the breeding area. The young stallions of the 2020 crop will be inspected at ten pre-selection sites.

Around 230 applications have been received for the pre-selection of dressage stallions from October 1 to 5, which means that participation is at the same level as last year. Since last year, there have been separate pre-selection trips for dressage and jumping stallions. In addition, for technical reasons, free jumping will no longer be required for dressage stallions on the decentralized dates. Stallions admitted to the licensing will only be required to do this at their video appointment in Verden. Stallions at the Verden selection dates complete the free jumping test directly at the pre-selection date. At the dressage stallion licensing in November, no further free jumping is required.

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Tickets for the Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales are available from Ticketmaster. You can order your desired tickets online.

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