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Mare performance test

The basic gaits under the rider, the rideability and the free jumping of the young mares are judged in the mare performance test. It is an important selection stage in the breeding program of the Hannoveraner Verband.

The mare performance tests are highly valued by the Hannoveraner Verband, they not only provide information about the mare's qualities as a riding horse, it also offers valuable information about the offspring of the sires. The results serve as a basis for the breeding value estimation of the Hannoveraner Verband.


Mares are entered in the studbook at the same time as the mare performance test. A new addition are the competitive sport test:In combination with a show jumping, dressage or suitability test with cross-country obstacles, the Hannoveraner Sport Test Jumping, Dressage or Eventing can be completed. This also counts as a mare performance test.

Mare performance test

In the mare performance test, the basic gaits, the jumping ability during free jumping as well as the rideability are evaluated by the group of judges and an external rider. The evaluation of the individual criteria is done in half scores. The score scale from 0 (= not suitable) to 10 (= excellent) is available. In the final certificate, partial scores are given for basic gaits, rideability and jumping. In addition, the mares are described linear in the individual criteria at the mare test. The test certificate and the linear description are available in MeinHannoveraner afterwards. There is no ranking. A single repetition of the test is possible. The result of the second test counts.

Hannoveraner Sport test

The Hannoveraner Sport Test is offered as a mare performance test in the disciplines dressage, show jumping and eventing. It is a test for four year old mares of class A (according to German Equestrian Federation Rules for Competitive Events (LPO)) and for five and six year old mares a test of class L (according to German Equestrian Federation Rules for Competitive Events (LPO)). For eventing horses, the Hannoveraner Sport Test consists of a suitability test with cross-country obstacles.


Test dates in Germany and addresses where the mares can be registered can be found under dates. The registration forms and the entry fee of 35,- Euro have to be sent to the respective organizer at least four weeks before the test. The horse passport of your mare must be presented on the day of the test.

Admitted are three-year-old and older mares, which are registered in the studbook of the Verband or will be registered at the latest on the day of the test. If mares are not to be inspected on the day of the test, a double test fee must be paid. The participation will be noted in the mare's passport.

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