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Auction selection - Your horse at the Verden auction

You would like to present your horse at a Verden auction? Here you will find all important information such as the selection dates for the auctions.

Verden Auctions - The Best for Verden

The brand “Verden Auction” is known worldwide and stands for success, quality and satisfaction. Whether foals, riding horses, broodmares or stallions, customers all over the world benefit from Verden Auctions.Hannoveraner breeders from all over the breeding area proudly present their horses in the "showcase of breeding". Be there when the world looks at Verden and the next generation of successful horses is up for auction. Become a part of the famous “VA family” and sell your horse via the Verden auction.

Preselection dates for the Verden auctions in 2023

Selection dates and locations are held nearby several times a year. There and at the final dates in Verden, we examine your horse in presentations under the saddle, in-hand and, if necessary, in free jumping. The admission decision will be made directly on site and discussed with you, as well as advice on the further training plan up to the first day of the auction period, if required.

If you have missed a date or cannot attend the specified dates, please do not hesitate to contact the auction office. A special offer for our members is that only horses whose owners are members of the Hannoveraner Verband e. V. or the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch e. V. can participate in the auctions.

Please register your riding horse for the preselection in Verden by telephone with Malte Kanz (04231/673739) and your foal with Pia Pfaff (04231/673732), by e-mail (auktion(ät) or by filling in this form.

After the auction admission by the auction team, the veterinary examination takes place at one of the auction veterinarians located in Lower Saxony, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. This veterinarian will accompany you and your horse until the final veterinary auction admission, which will be made promptly in Verden. Afterwards, our auction veterinarian Dr. Felicia Wehrenpfennig will provide veterinary advice to the customer.

The following veterinarians are approved for the auction examination: