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Hannoveraner Jumper Breeding Program (PHS)

In 1993, the Hannoveraner Springpferdezucht (PHS) program was initiated. The support program aims to improve the breeding of show jumping horses. A part of the Hannoveraner breed is designated to specifically produce above average jumpers.

Free jumping competition

The free jumping competitions of the Hannoveraner Jumper Breeding Program in April are the showcase for three- and four-year-old talents. Since 1997, they have been a fixed date in the calendar of show jumping breeders and riders. Numerous careers have already started in the Niedersachsenhalle.

The free jumping competition will take place on Wednesday, March 31, 2023. All Hannoveraner and Rhinelanders born in 2019 and 2020 who have a show jumping pedigree are eligible to compete. In addition to scope and ability, jumping intelligence and overall impression will also be judged.

The judge will be an internationally successful show jumper and trainer, along with breeding director Ulrich Hahne and auction trainer Thomas Schönig. The three- and four-year-olds will compete in two divisions.

Free jumping competition 2022

At the free jumping competition in Verden, Goldfuechschen V was crowned champion of the three-year-olds. Quantico jumped to victory in the four-year-old class. "It was great to see so many modern and motivated horses," said Lars Meyer zu Bexten, who judged the 59 three-year-olds and 34 four-year-olds together with breeding director Ulrich Hahne and Thomas Schoenig.

The Zinedine/Calido son Goldfuechschen V (breeder and exhibitor: Julia and Sebastian Vossmann, Engelschoff) lived up to his name “golden chestnut”. The shining, beautifully presented chestnut gelding received a score of 9.50 for his scope and led the 2019 vintage with a score of 27.9. In addition to the winner's sash, the exhibitors enjoyed a stud fee voucher from the Celle State Stud. The victory in the second division went to Diacocoram by Diamant de Semilly/Contendro (breeder and exhibitor: Dr. Hilmer Meyer-Kulenkampff, Behlmer). The dark bay with a great overview was only 0.1 points behind the Champion (27.8). The Ogano Sitte/Cornet Obolensky daughter Ogano's Cornetta (breeder and exhibitor: Wilhelm Goessling, Boerger), whose dam has already produced two successful advanced (S) level show jumpers, Pina Colada and Paul Walker, was the third best of the day and thus the winner of the third section with a score of 27.4.

Already the second starter in the four-year-old class set the bar so high that nobody could top his result. Quantico by Qualito/Corlensky G (breeder: Ulrike Artzenroth, Seevetal, exhibitor: Giuseppe Quintale, Italy) won the free jumping competition with 27.2 points. The beautiful, outstandingly jumping bay was discovered at the Verden foal auction in May 2018. The prize for the victory was a stud fee voucher for a Stutteri Ask stallion. First in the second division was the Balou Peggio/Perigueux daughter Bibi Blocksberg (breeder: Dr. Frauke Hopp, Schülldorf, exhibitor: Vivian Schult, Wanna) with 27.1 points, who completed the free jumping competition very confidently and with great ability to jump.

Selection Criteria for mares

In principle, every mare registered in a section of the Hannoveraner Stud Book that has four generations of jumping pedigree is marked with the PHS symbol without *.

Marking with a star * is done on the basis of the mare's own performance in the mare performance test or at the sport test.

  • An score for free jumping (average of technique, scope and jumping intelligence) of 8.5 or better as well as a breeding value for jumping, based on the evaluations in the mare performance test, of at least 125 points is required. If both parents were registered in the show jumping programme, then no requirements are made regarding the breeding value apart from the free jumping score of at least 8.5.
  • A jumping score of 8.0 or better in the Hannoveraner Sport Test Jumping.
  • A placing in the Verden Free Jumping Competition in 1st to 3rd place.

A marking with two stars ** is made on the basis of own performance in sport. Own sport successes:

  • Three placings class M* (1.30 metres) or higher.
  • Qualification for the Bundeschampionat/World Championships for young show jumpers.
  • Final placing in the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Championships.
  • Final placiung in the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Masters.

A three-star *** marking is awarded on the basis of offspring success in sport. Two offspring with one of the following successes each are required:

  • One offspring with a qualification for the Bundeschampionat/World Championships for young show jumpers.
  • One offspring with a final placement in the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Championships.
  • One offspring with a placing in the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Masters.
  • One offspring with a placing in show jumping competitions from 1.40 metres upwards.

Selection Criteria for stallions

Three and four year old stallions:
Preliminary registration of the Stakkato-Prize winners

Competitive sport
Five year old stallions

  • Qualification for the Bundeschampionat
  • Participation in the Final of the World Championships for Young Show Jumpers
  • Placing in the Final of the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Championships or Hannoveraner Masters

Six year old stallions

  • Qualification Bundeschampionat
  • Participation in the Final of the World Championship for Young Show Jumpers
  • Placing in the Final of the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Horse Championships or in the Hannoveraner Masters

Seven year old stallions

  • One placing in 1st to 5th place in 1.40 meter classes or higher

Eight year old stallions

  • One placing in 1st to 5th place in 1.45 meter classes or higher or internationally in 1.40 meter classes or higher

Nine-year-old and older stallions

  • One placing in 1.50 meter classes or higher

Offspring successes

  • Top 100 of the WBFSH ranking
  • Top 100 of the HEK breeding value estimation


The program brochure lists each participating mare with pedigree, dam line, breeder, owner and previous year's covering. The stallion list with all information about the stallions follows.

[ Download 2021 brochure as pdf ]

The printed brochure can be ordered for 15,- Euro at the Verband' s office by phone or by e-mail bzuengel(ät) ATTENTION: If you are already a regular subscriber of the printed brochure and no longer need it, you can cancel your order.

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