Hannoveraner breeders can choose from more than 300 stallions. Many of them are successful in international competitions. The selection of stallions at the Hannoveraner Verband takes place in two stages: Stallion Licensing and stallion performance test. Only when both selection stages have been successfully completed a stallion can be used for breeding.

The licensing is one of the two necessary prerequisites for a stallion to become fully approved for breeding. The stallions are either licensed in-hand at the age of two-and-a-half or under saddle at the age of three. Evaluation criteria are conformation, basic gaits and scope.

Stallion book division

The main division of the studbook includes Stallion Books I, Ib and II. Stallions registered in Stallion Book I and Ib participate in the breeding program. The additional division consists of the pre-book for stallions and the foal pre-book for stallions.

The main division consists of the:

  • Stallion Book I (Hb I). In order to be entered in the Stallion Book I (Hannoveraner studbook), the stallion must have been licensed by the Hannoveraner Verband and must have fully completed and passed the performance test. He must have at least six generations of licensed and performance tested sires in his pedigree. The stallion's dam and granddam must be registered in the main studbook, the great-granddam at least in the studbook. The stallions must achieve an overall score of at least 7.5 in the evaluation of the selection criteria for external appearance for licensing.
  • Stallion Book Ib (HB Ib). Stallions that have not yet been presented to the Hannoveraner Verband for licensing and have been licensed by another recognized breeding society and have been performance tested in accordance with their age can be entered in Stallion Book Ib. This applies to riding horse type stallions of the following societies, as their performance test system is comparable to the system used in Germany: All German warmblood breeding societies, as well as BWP, DWB, KWPN, SWB, SF, Z.Rpf. The same pedigree requirements apply as for registration in Hb I.
  • Stallion Book II (Hb II). Stallions that have been licensed by the Hannoveraner Verband or another recognized breeding society (all German warmblood breeding societies, as well as BWP, DWB, KWPN, SWB, SF, Z.Rpf ) and cannot yet present proof of performance according to age are entered in Stallion Book II. The same pedigree requirements apply as for registration in the Hb I and Ib.
  • Annex for stallions (A). For registration in the Annex, a pedigree certificate or a birth certificate must be available. Stallions that do not meet the entry requirements for Stallion Book I, Ib or II are entered in the Annex. The entry is made without evaluation. Stallions registered in the Foal Book for Stallions are automatically entered in the Annex if offspring are registered from them.
  • Foal Book for Stallions. In the year of birth, all stallions whose parents are registered in the studbook of the breed are entered.

The additional section consists of the:

  • Pre-book for stallions. In the pre-book, stallions can be entered that do not meet the entry requirements for the main division, but are of the German Riding Horse type and meet the breeding goal.
  • Foal pre-book for stallions. In the year of birth, all colts are entered that do not meet the entry requirements for the Foal Book for Stallions.

After licensing, stallions that have not yet been performance tested will initially be listed in Stallion Book II and will only be listed in Stallion Book I (provisionally) after presentation of proof of performance appropriate to their age. The stallions (provisionally) listed in stallion book I are published in the stallion directory.  Stallions registered in Stallion Book Ib can be transferred to Stallion Book I by licensing with the Hannoveraner Verband. The possible ways to the provisional or final registration in the stallion book I in the German HLP system can be found here

Here you will find the list of stallions

Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions digital

The yearbook stallions digital lists stallions with confirmed breeding values for offspring performance, which were registered for breeding in the last ten years. In addition, new additions are published that were registered in Stallion Book I of the Hannoveraner Verband for the first time in the past breeding season. No confirmed breeding values are yet available for these stallions. The top lists of the various breeding values of the stallions currently listed in the stallion directory (Hb I) invite you to browse.

If you have any questions about the Stallion Yearbook digital, please do not hesitate to contact Juliana Küspert (, Tel.: +49 42 31 67 37 65).

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