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Hannoveraner breeders can choose from more than 300 stallions. Many of them are successful in international competitions. The selection of stallions at the Hannoveraner Verband takes place in two stages: Stallion Licensing and stallion performance test. Only when both selection stages have been successfully completed a stallion can be used for breeding.

The licensing is one of the two necessary prerequisites for a stallion to become fully approved for breeding. The stallions are either licensed in-hand at the age of two-and-a-half or under saddle at the age of three. Evaluation criteria are conformation, basic gaits and scope.

Stallion book Ib

Stallions with outstanding performance can also be entered without being licensed by the Hannoveraner Verband. You will find the prerequisites in the Breeding Program for the Hannoveraner horse. When using a stallion, which is entered in the stallion book Ib, the breeder of the foal has to pay an additional fee of 100 €uro as the stallion owner is not liable to pay contributions. Here you will find the list of dressage stallions and of the jumping stallions, which have already been entered in the stallion book Ib.This list includes only stallions for which an application for entry in the stallion book Ib has been submitted by a breeder who wishes to use this stallion. Although this list is updated regularly, it will never be completed, because new stallions will meet the requirements for being entered.

Here you will find the list of stallions

Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions

The Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions is the ultimate reference book for breeders. On more than 500 pages you can find the current Hannoveraner breeding value estimation as well as a lot of information about the stallion's own performance and offspring performances from breeding and sport of the stallions.



The Yearbook offers results of stallion performance tests, competition successes, breeding values from mare performance tests, studbook inspections as well as auction selection dates and competitions.

The Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions costs 25 Euro plus shipping. You can order the Yearbook Stallions by email via zentrale(ät)hannoveraner.com

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