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The broodmares are the heart of every breed and therefore the basis of success.

They are the very heart of every breed: the mares. Particularly valuable mares for breeding are awarded with the Hannoveraner Premium. Mares with a successful performance in competitions are awarded the title "Performance Mare". After various selection stages, the three-year-old Hannoveraner dressage and jumping mares may be presented at the Herwart von der Decken-Show. The central Hannoveraner mare show is the highlight of each show season and impressively demonstrates the elegance, sports attitude and power of the Hannoveraner mares.


Each year, one mare is awarded the title of "Hannoveraner Mare of the Year".These mares' offspring are internationally successful sport horses, Olympic and World Cup winners as well as successful sires

Registration and cancellation of mares

Mares should be cancelled with the Verband immediately after sale or retirement from breeding. Otherwise, there is a risk that the mares will be included in the next membership invoice in the following year. Newly registered mares will automatically be included in the fees.

If a mare to be used in breeding is already inspected, but not registered, she must be reactivated. Registration of mares is possible in written form or online via MeinHannoveraner. The registration confirmation and invoice will be sent by mail.

You can print out or download the breeding certificate for your mare online via MeinHannoveraner.

Stuten | Pferdezucht | Hannoveraner Verband | Foto: Fellner
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Hannoveraner Dam Lines

Mares out of well-bred, hereditary reliable lines are the most valuable asset of the breeder. The Hannoveraner breed in particular offers a large number of excellent dam lines, from which sport horses for the various disciplines, licensed stallions and valuable mares are repeatedly produced.


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