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Pferdezentrum Schloß Wickrath

The Hannnoveraner Verband holds an interest in Pferdezentrum Schloss Wickrath GmbH  since the merging of the riding horse division of Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch and Hannoveraner Verband. The horse center hosts events such as broodmare performance tests, studbook inspections and mare shows of the Hannoveraner Verband in the Rhineland-area.

Hannoveraner and Rhinelander Stallion Holder

The stallion holders of the Hannoveraner Verband represent an important pillar in the breeding schedule of the Hannoveraner Verband. The Landgestüt Celle, founded in 1735, is inseparably linked with the development of the Hanoverian breed and has tremendous influence on the Hanoverian breed.

Since the merger between Verband Hessischer Warmblutzüchter and the Hannoveraner Verband, the Landgestüt Dillenburg is also a reliable partner for Hanoverian breeders in Hessen. The Landgestüt Nordrhein-Westfalen proves to be a reliable mainstay for the Rhenish Hanoverian breeders.

Many Hanoverian private stallion owners teamed up to launch Verein Hannoveraner Privathengsthalter e. V. . The presentation of privately owned stallions, organized by this club the first weekend in February, is a fixed date in the annual Verden event calendar.

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