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Stallion Licensing

The licensing is one of the two necessary prerequisites for a stallion to become fully approved for breeding. The stallions are either licensed in-hand at the age of two-and-a-half or under saddle at the age of three. Evaluation criteria are conformation, basic gaits and scope.

Two-and-a-half-year-old, pre-selected stallions are presented at the main Stallion Licensing. A selection committee travels through the whole breeding area and chooses about 80 stallions, which will be presented to the licensing committee on separated weekends for each discipline in November and December in Verden since 2021.

No pre-selection is required for the second licensing in January or the licensing under the rider.

Archiv Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales

Dates, figures and facts! The archive features statistics from previous stallion licensings and stallion sales. Sorted by year, it will provide an overview of the number of horses sold and their pricing.

Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2021 - Dressage

The Verden stallion licensing was characterised by stallions with the initial letter E, which again give new impetus to the proven Adeptus xx line. First and foremost was a premium stallion by Escamillo, who achieved the top price of 700,000 Euros. 55 dressage stallions participated, 31 of which were licensed. Six of them left the Niedersachsenhalle as premium stallions. The licensed stallions were sold for an average of 125,346 Euros.

The Escamillo/De Niro son (breeder and exhibitor: 2M2 Horses I Bastad AB, Bastad/SWE) was as powerful on the last day as he was on the first. His dam already delivered two licensed sons. This convinced a Dutch stallion owner, whose sires have been among the best in top sport for many years. For 700,000 Euros the bid was accepted on phone.

The first premium stallion to be auctioned off was a brown by Bon Coeur/Carabas (breeder: Dirk Schröder, Lentföhrden, exhibitor: Christine Klaewer, Lentföhrden) from the line of the stallion of the century, Weltmeyer, for 300,000 Euros. Cheers erupted when auctioneer Frederik De Backer announced: "And he goes to the State Stud Celle!". For 370,000 Euros, the Klosterhof Medingen secured a true "mucle man", a chestnut by Totilas/Danciano (breeder: Josef Brinkemöller, Georgsmarienhütte, exhibitor: BG Brinkemöller and Westendarp, Wallenhorst). He also has best genetics, figureheads of the Arma line are the sires Chasseur I and II as well as Wolkentanz I and II. Shortly before, Burkhard Wahler, who handed over the management of the Klosterhof to his son Christoph at the beginning of the year, was awarded the Fritz von der Decken Prize in the show programme as the most successful exhibitor of the stallion licensing of the past ten years.

The premium stallion by Fürst Belissaro/San Remo (breeder: Jan Schomaker, Wischafen, exhibitor: Heinrich Gießelmann, Barver) found a new owner in France. The knock down price for the strong moving bay stallion out of the line of the stamp stallions Pik Bube I and II was 210.000 Euro. The buyer of the premium stallion by Escolar/Sir Donnerhall (breeder: Hermann-Josef Thoenes, Grefrath, exhibitor: Theo Lenzen, Nettetal), who was characterised by great elasticity in his movements and cost 180,000 Euros, had already discovered Bundeschampion Va' Pensiero in the Niedersachsenhalle two years ago.  

The sixth premium stallion by For Dance/Dagostini (breeder: Christoph Plate, Beverstedt, exhibitor: Blue Hors ApS, Randbol/DEN) will move into a box at the Warendorf State Stud. He participated only in the licensing.

The 26 licensed stallions achieved a total average price of 125,346 Euros, which is about the same level as last year. The demand within Germany was strong, 22 two and a half year olds will not leave their country of birth. The 22 not licensed stallions cost an average of 38,364 Euros.

In the show programme, Dr. Ludwig Christmann was bid farewell into retirement. For 37 years, the doctor of agricultural science had been in the service of Hannoveraner Verband and as head of the department "Breeding International" he was the worldwide ambassador of the Hannoveraner Verband. He not only received the Golden Badge of Honour of the Hannoveraner Verband, but also the Gustav Rau Medal in Bronze of the German Equestrian Federation.

For the first time, the stallion licensing of the Hannoveraner Verband is not only held separately by discipline, but also with a four-week interval. The show jumping stallions will make their grand entrance from December 2 to 4. One of the highlights will be the Hannoveraner Jumping Masters, where four to eight-year-olds will demonstrate their great talents over the jump.

Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallions Sales - Jumping

The Verden licensing of show jumping stallions presented itself extremely sporty and the stallion sales ended with an excellent result. In addition to the 33 two-year-olds, one three-year-old was presented for the first time at the stallion licensing in the Niedersachsenhalle. It was a complete success, he was one of the six premium stallions. A total of 18 exclusive jumping talents were licensed. The top priced horse was a Checkter/Stolzenberg son who was sold to the U.S. for 130,000 Euros.

On average, 54,400 Euros had to be paid for the Hannoveraern jumping stallions. The premium stallions were in great demand. The premium stallion by Checkter/Stolzenberg (breeder: Jasmin Leymann, Bassum, exhibitor: Böckmann Pferde GmbH, Lastrup), whose dam is a half sister of Eric Lamazes world class horse Fine Lady, was auctioned off to a regular customer from the U.S. for 130,000 Euros. He will not travel to Florida alone. A premium stallion by Diacontinus/Stolzenberg (breeder and exhibitor: Matthias Schäffer, Bremervörde) for 75,000 Euros as well as a premium stallion by Zinedream/Stolzenberg (breeder and exhibitor: Dr. Carsten Haack, Freiburg) for 88,000 Euros will accompany him. Privately owned sire Doom SR sent a premium stallion from his first vintage to the Niedersachsenhalle. The brown stallion out of an Aktion Pur dam (breeder and exhibitor: SR Sportpferde, Leipzig) will move to the State Stud Celle. The bid was accepted at 72,000 Euros. The stallion sales got off to a great start when the three-year-old Cherubino by Chacfly PS/Sunlight xx (breeder: Egest Thaden, Varel, exhibitor: Ekke Thaden, Varel), who won the free jumping competition of the Hannoveraner Jumping Breeding Programme in March, was auctioned off to France as the first premium stallion for 105,000 Euros. Marc Dilasser will take a seat in the saddle of the jumping dark bay out of the dam line of Fichtennadel. The sixth premium stallion will move into a box in Belgium. A Conthargos/Kannan son with unlimited scope (breeder: Siegfried Buhl, Syke, exhibitor: Jens Buhl, Syke) was sold at 65,000 Euros.

An average of 54,400 Euros had to be invested for the 15 licensed show jumping stallions that took part at the stallion sales – about 18,000 Euros more than last year. The OnLive Auction, where bids could be placed in the Niedersachsenhalle and via internet, was very popular with buyers from abroad. Ten young talents will leave Germany.

The 15 unlicensed two-and-a half-year-olds brought an average of 21,066.66 Euros into the exhibitors' coffers. Here, too, the customer from Florida was the one who recognised the outstanding quality of the 2019 vintage and bought a Casalido/Contendro son (breeder and exhibitor: Guido Köster, Grasberg) for 38,000 Euros.

Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2020

» Results Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales

» Brochure Hannoveraner Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2020

With the auction of the dressage stallions, the stallion licensing and stallion sales of the Hannoveraner Verband ended with an absolute highlight. After 17 stallions with modern jumping genes had already been licensed two days before, 25 two-and-a-half-year-old colts with exquisite dressage pedigrees received the positive licensing result. Eight of them were awarded a premium. The top price was 490,000 Euros, on average 126,409 Euros had to be invested for a licensed dressage stallion.

A dark chestnut by Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall (breeder: Gestüt Neff, Frankenberg, exhibitor: Pascal Kandziora, Spelle) out of the best dam line already convinced on the triangle. The impressive poverful mover aroused great desire. After the exciting bidding duel, the stallion was sold for 490,000 Euros to a customer from Schleswig-Holstein. For his exhibitor Pascal Kandziora the Niedersachsenhalle is a happy place, last year he had already prepared the top price colt for the licensing. Number two on the price scale was a son of Benicio/Scuderia-Sohn (Z.: Ludwig Fuchs, Meinerzhagen, Ausst.: Steffen Brunkhorst, Selsingen), who will be travelling for 380,000 Euros to Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark. He will be accompanied by three other stallions. "The standard for the premiums was set very high," said Hannes Baumgart. The dressage rider and renowned trainer and breeder belonged to the licensing commission for the first time.

The most expensive stallion without a premium was a son of Farrell/Livaldon (breeder: Wienke Winkelmann, Wurster Nordseeküste, Ausst: Dr. Kerstin Klieber, Meinersen). The sunnyboy out of the damline of Stange will move for 110,000 Euros into a box at the stallion station of Gerd Sosath, Lemwerder, The State Stud Celle acquired three two-and-a-half-year olds: a bay by Diamond Hit/Lauries Crusador xx (breeder: Stefanie Meyer, Allwörden, exhibitor: Jochen Meyer, Allwörden), a bay Foundation/Competent (breeder and exhibitor: Dr. Michael Lühs, Wagenfeld) and a son of Zoom/Fürst Nymphenburg (breeder: Ludwig Fuchs, Meinerzhagen, exhibitor: Anneli Brunckhorst, Hollenstedt). A son of Quando Unico/San Amour (breeder and exhibitor: Heinrich Gießelmann, Barver) will leave in direction of the State Stud in Warendorf.

The auction of the dressage stallions was opened by a varied show programme. Already in April, the privately owned stallion Foundation was awarded the Grande Prize. Now the bay stallion was honoured in a festive setting. Furthermore, the Mare of the Year, St.Pr.St. Daylight, was celebrated.

All in all, the licensing and stallion sales of the Hannoveraner Verband concluded with a very good result. Of the 30 jumping stallions presented, 17 were licensed, six of them were awarded a premium. 43 dressage stallions were presented, for which the judgement was "licensed" 25 times. Eight premiums were awarded, six premium stallions came to the stallion sales. The average price of the entire stallion sales amounted to 89,635 Euros. The non-licensed stallions achieved an average price of 24,600 Euros. The auction result was achieved without any "outliers" upwards. 38 stallions came to the stallion sales, of which exactly half (19) achieved prices of 50,000 Euros and more.

Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2019

Hanover's vintage 2017 convinced at the stallion licensing in Verden. A total of 63 stallions were licensed, 15 of which were awarded a premium. The licensed stallions achieved an average price of 91,632 Euros at the stallion sales.

An average of 23,414 Euros was invested in the non licensed two-and-a-half-year-olds.The first stallion to enter the Niedersachsenhalle was a son of Cadeau Noir/Licosto (breeder: Walter Wöhlke, Geestland, exhibitor: Hans-Henning von der Decken, Stade). Around 2,000 spectators celebrated the expressive bay from the dam line of Schwaby, who is equipped with everything a great dressage horse needs. He recieved a price of 1,890,000 Euros. However, not only the quality of the stallion will be remembered by the audience, but also the knockdown itself, which initially caused irritation and made auctioneer Bernd Hickert take up the bid again. The exceptional stallion was the primus of 62 dressage stallions, 42 of which received the green light from the licensing commission. "It was a very typey vintage with ten premium stallions, which proved to be of very good quality especially when lunging", said Heike Kemmer, member of the Hannoveraner licensing commission.

21 of the 33 young stallions with jumping genes were licensed. Five of them presented themselves so convincingly that they were awarded a premium. The most coveted jumper stallion was a grey by Chacoon Blue/Winningmood by Arenberg (breeder and exhibitor: Bernhard Rensen, Werlte). The youngster with great prospects brought his exhibitor 60,000 Euros. "Already at the pre-selection we saw that we have a large number of stallions, which will play an important role in breeding as well as in sport", said Jörg Münzner, member of the Hannoveraner licensing commission. Breeding director Ulrich Hahne summed up: "It was impressive that we had such a strong vintage again after 2018".The sale for non licensed stallions was lively. On average, the 29 stallions were worth 23,414 Euros to the buyers. The best paid offer was a son of Vitalis/Sir Savoy (breeder and exhibitor: Theresa Bahlsen, Kirchwalsede) who found a new owner for 58,000 Euros.Before the stallion sales started, the audience enthusiastically celebrated the premium stallions in the show program.

The Mare and Stallion of the Year were eagerly awaited. Havanna by Heraldik xx/Ramiro (breeder: Dr. Hilmer and Sabine Meyer-Kulenkampff, Behlmer) is Mare of the Year 2019. She is the dam of fischerChipmunk FRH, who has just been calles the best eventing horse in the world by the WBFSH. Hannoveraner Stallion of the Year is the Celle State Stud stallion Stolzenberg by Stakkato/Sandro (breeder: Gerd Odlozinski, Luttmersen).

Two horses were awarded the suffix FRH of the Hannoveraner Förderverein: Double World Champion D'Avie by Don Juan de Hus/Londonderry (breeder: Dorothee Heitmüller, Nienburg) and the daughter of Fürstenball/Fidertanz Four Seasons (breeder: Johannes Westendarp, Wallenhorst), who with Alexa Westendarp is one of the most successful German couples among the young riders. Lynne Crowden received a special honour. The British, who besides many other successful Hanoverian horses bred the World Champion of young dressage horses Woodlander Farouche by Fürst Heinrich/Dimaggio at her stud, received the Golden Badge of Honour of the Hannoveraner Verband for her great commitment to Hanoverian breeding in Great Britain.