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FRH – “Supporters’ Club for Hanoverian Sports Horses”

FRH – an abbreviation that stands for “Supporters’ Club for Hanoverian Sports Horses”. Since its foundation in 1985, the supporters’ club has been focusing on connecting young, talented horses and successful riders to path the way for the later world-class horses into the advanced sports level. Highly gifted Hanoverian horses are supported in the early or later stages of their career, they are maintained for the advanced sports level in Germany or particularly acquired. The support of successful horse-rider-combinations by the FRH is possible due to its excellent contacts to approved trainers and instructors.

The list of horses with the name suffix FRH that shined at the international level worldwide is long.

Become member of the Supporter’s Club for Hanoverian Sport Horses

With your membership, you support the idea of the FRH whose most important goal is to support the career of promising horses and riders in co-operation with breeders, owners and sponsors. You commitment connects you with breeders and riders of our Hanoverian horses.

Contact the FRH:
Britta Zuengel, Tel. 04231/673733 oder per Mail an bzuengel(ät)

FRH Board Members


  • Henning Schmidt, Kolkhagen

Member of the Board:

  • Stefan Aust, Armstorf
  • Klaus Storbeck, Göttingen
  • Wilken Treu, Verden
  • Britta Züngel, Verden

Section Manager:

  • Dressage: Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen, Verden
  • Show jumping: Jörg Münzner, Hamburg
  • Eventing: Claus Erhorn, Luhmühlen


Their names are Showtime FRH, FRH Corrida oder fischerChipmunk FRH. They won gold for Germany at the 2019 European Championships and they are representatives for the many Hanoverian top-class horses that were honoured with the special Hanoverian quality seal.

Are you interested in FRH? Become a member of the FRH and support promising sport horses and riders! Your commitment unifies you with our best Hanoverian sport horses.