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The awards with the Hannoveraner Premium or the titles Performance Mare or Mare of the Year as well as the health premium Vet+ document the breeding value of a mare. They increase the value of her offspring and are listed in their pedigree.

The candidacy for the Hannoveraner Premium can be awarded to three-, four- and five-year-old main studbook mares. The title of Performance Mare is awarded to mares with high performance in competitions. The title Mare of the Year is awarded for special achievements in breeding and competitions. The health premium Vet+ is awarded to mares whose health status meets certain requirements. These awards can be given to mares of all recognized riding horse populations registered with the Hannoveraner Verband. Likewise, awards from other breeding societies can be adopted.


Hannoveraner Premium

The Hannoveraner award (Hannoveraner premium mare) is a trademark for broodmares. Three-, four- and five-year-old mares are nominated Hannoveraner Premium Candidate at mare shows and mare performance tests only. Five-year-old mares can only receive the candidacy at the mare show if they have already passed a mare performance test at the time of the mare show. In addition, candidacy for the Hannoveraner Premium for four, five and six year old mares can also be awarded at the Hannoveraner Sport Tests Dressage, Jumping or Eventing. The mares that receive an Ia prize in this age group also receive the qualification for the Hannoveraner Premium. In order to finally receive the Premium, the mares must also pass a mare performance test with a certain minimum performance.

There are three possibilities to achieve the necessary result:

  • Dressage mares: An average score for basic gaits and rideability of at least 7.25.
  • Show jumping mares: An average score for free jumping and rideability of at least 7.25 and of at least 6 for basic gaits is required.
  • Multi-purpose disposition: A score for basic gaits, rideability and free jumping of at least 7 is required.

In case the result of the mare performance test taken for the first time was not passed with these minimum marks, it can be repeated once within the above mentioned period. The result of the repeated test is valid.

If the above-mentioned conditions are fulfilled within the required time limits, there is no time limit and the candidacy for the title "Hanoverian Premium Mare" is retained until the Hannoveraner Verband has registered the first foal born alive. Only then is the title awarded, listed as part of the name and noted in the horse passport.

If your mare has already received the candidacy for the title "Hannoveraner Premium Mare", has passed a sufficient broodmare test and shows no signs of roaring, she has the possibility to receive a promotion premium for every covering with a stallion registered in Stallion Book I/Ib up to her sixth year of life if she is used for breeding immediately.

Premium add-on conformation +

The Hannoveraner Premium for mares can be extended by a title add-on Exterieur+ (Ext.+). This premium add-on is awarded exclusively in the context of awards at mare shows and mare performance tests with premiums. The aim is to emphasise those mares among the Hannoveraner premium mares that stand out particularly positively in terms of conformation and limbs.

Performance Mares

This title is awarded to main studbook mares that have achieved above-average performance in competitions and are then used for breeding.

The titles are given in the disciplines jumping, dressage, eventing, racing and driving. Mares have to achieve at least five placings in first to third place in medium (M**) level show jumping or dressage competitions and/or higher to be awarded the title. Eventing mares must have one placing in first to fifth place in medium (M) level eventing tests and two additional placings in eventing. For driving mares, at least three placings in class M in first to third place in combined driving tests must be proven. Hannoveraner halfbred racehorses and thoroughbred mares have to achieve a weight surcharge of at least 60 kilograms.

Written applications for the title are required by the mare owner if a liveborn foal is registered with the Hannoveraner Verband apart from the mare’s sport activities. Like with the Hannoveraner Premium, this award is entered into the horse passport and is listed as part of the name.

The Hannoveraner Health Premium "Vet+" for Mares

This award can be given to all mares registered with the Hannoveraner Verband in the main studbook or studbook that meet the health status requirements. The Vet+ health premium for mares is equal to the minimum health requirements for licensed stallions. The owners of the mares register the examination of their mare directly with the Hannoveraner contract veterinarians. The health status of the mares is determined by the contract veterinarian and the health premium is then awarded. For this purpose, an owner's declaration and a current clinical examination ( maximum ½ year old), as well as a x-ray examination must be available for the mares. The mares must have already reached the minimum age of 22 months at the time of the examinations. Older x-ray examinations, which are already available from e.g. purchase or routine examinations or which were made during auctions and cover all exclusion criteria, can be examined directly at the Hannoveraner Verband after application. If the required examinations are not yet available, they can be requested by the mare owner from the Hannoveraner contract veterinarians. They will then forward the examination reports to the Hannoveraner Verband.

Since April 2023, all auction mares eligible for entry in the studbook of the Hannoveraner Verband that meet the health status requirements have received this health premium as a service from the Hannoveraner Verband as part of the auction.

With the owner's declaration, the mare owner confirms that the mare is free of breeding-relevant defects. Furthermore, the following requirements must be met:

  • The criteria of the clinical examination are without special findings
  • radiological (pictures from the 22th month of life) lead to exclusion:
    • an OCD finding or an indentation in the stifle or
    • an OCD finding in both hocks
    • an isolated shadowing (chip) in more than three joints
    • a medium to high grade spavin finding
    • serious navicular findings
    • cysts near the joints
  • No surgeries have been performed in relation to the listed clinical or radiographic exclusion criteria (owner declaration).
  • There are no signs of weaving, wind sucking, sweet itch, neurological disorders, periodic inflammation of the eyes or respiratory noise

If these requirements are met, the mare will receive the Vet+ Health Award from the Hannoveraner Verband. The award is noted in the horse passport and is included as part of the breeding name.

The contract veterinarians are informed about a possible examination for the Vet+ Health Award. As of now, you can submit applications for the examination of your mares for the  award to a contract veterinarian of your choice, or submit existing examinations to Verden. The application including owner declaration and the forms for clinical and x-ray examination, as well as a list of qualified contract veterinarians can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact Britta Züngel, E-Mail: bzuengel(ät)

Processing fee Verband: 30,- Euro + Tax
Clinical examination: 90,- Euro + Tax
X-ray examination: individual agreement between veterinarian and mare owner

> Mare exemination Vet+

> Protocol of clinical examination of a mare Vet+

> Application for the award of the mare title Vet+

Hannoveraner Mare of the year

The Hannoveraner Verband has been honouring the „Mare of the Year“ since 2007. This award, combined with well-endowed prize money, is meant to highlight the importance of mares for the Hannoveraner breed. Partner for this award is the insurance company R+V/VTV-Versicherungen. The mares are the basis for sport and breeding successes, and their value cannot be appreciated highly enough. There are extraordinary mares who, bred to different stallions, accomplish to produce a number of top horses in their breeding careers. As sport horses, they then cause a sensation on the world's show grounds or pass on their genes as broodmares. The title "Hannoveraner Mare of the Year" is the highest award a mare can achieve.

Hannoveraner Mare of the year 2023: Lady Gaga

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The Niedersachsenhalle in Verden was all hers when she made her grand entrance: Lady Gaga is Hannoveraner Mare of the Year. She owes this title to her two sons Commissar Pezi and Cato Boy as well as her daughter So Gaga, who caused a furore on the international show jumping circuit last year. Her breeder Johannes zur Lage got the certificate and the well-endowed cheque from R+V/VTV Versicherung during the show programme of the Verden licensing of show jumping stallions.

The Lord Pezi/Fly High-daughter Lady Gaga was born at Johannes zur Lage’s farm in Bersenbrück on March 7, 2007. She comes from the dam line of Ambella, which came to the zur Lage family farm with the 1943-born St.Pr.St. Flüpha by Flügeladjutant/Almarich. Lady Gaga's hereditary power is impressive. All five of her offspring, who are already under saddle, have achieved top placings on the show jumping course. The eldest son is the ten-year-old Commissar Pezi by Commissario, who made the Swiss victory in the prestigious Nations' Cup in Aachen with Martin Fuchs possible in July of this year. His one year younger full brother Cato Boy, who celebrated successes up to 1.50 metres with the Irish rider Shane Breen, is hardly inferior. After winning the Birmingham barrier jumping competition in October, the young British rider Katie Speller took over the reins of the eight-year-old. Third in the team is Hann.Pr.St. So Gaga by Stakkato, who is at the start of a great career under the saddle of Mynou Diederichsmeier. The seven-year-old can already boast victories in 1.45 metre jumping competitions. Full brother Stakkolord has reached medium (M) level with Maria Katharina Mallohn. The youngest, Cool Pezi by Colman, is competing with Louisa Müller in tests for young show jumpers up to elementary level. Clearly –
the newly crowned Mare of the Year has three stars in the Hannoveraner Jumper Breeding Programme. Eight months ago, Lady Gaga's son Captain Pezi by Cicero Z was licensed in Verden and has moved into a stall at the Celle State Stud.

Hannoveraner Mare of the Year 2022: St.Pr.St. Reverie

Hannoveraner Mare of the Year is St.Pr.St. Reverie. In the show programme of the Verden stallion licensing, the 21-year-old four-time stallion dam presented herself fresh and lively in the Niedersachsenhalle. She was flanked by her two sons, the licensed stallions Fiderloh del Roncone and For Dance. Her owners Angela and Uwe Butkus got a certificate and the well-funded cheque from the R+V/VTV insurance company.

The Rubiloh/Ehrentusch daughter St.Pr.St. Reverie, registered in the Rhineland, was born at Judith and Johann Gielessen’s place on February 19, 2001. In Mönchengladbach her dam line has been cultivated and developed for more than 40 years. The foundation mare Durina by Dilettant/Hartung was one of the most successful broodmares in Germany in the early 1990s, winning awards at three national mare shows. At the foal auction in Münsther-Handorf, St.Pr.St. Reverie came into the barn of Angela and Uwe Butkus, Overath. She not only proved her great potential in tests for riding horses, but also shone at the mare performance test with top scores for her basic gaits and her outstanding rideability. Values that she passed on to her offspring. Her very first foal was a hit: Flanagan entered the Warendorf State Stud as the winning stallion at the licensing in Münster-Handorf. In the meantime, the brown stallion born in 2006 has found his way into sport and is successful at Grand Prix level with Polina Afanasieva. His sire is the privately owned stallion Fidertanz, who was Hannoveraner Stallion of the Year exactly one year ago. Flanagan's full sister First Famous, who is one year younger, was awarded the State Premium and found her way to Australia. On the Fifth Continent, she achieved something very special: With her owner Lisa Martin in the saddle, she was successful in the dressage arena at the highest level. As the trainer's movement is restricted after a riding accident she participated in the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016, where she took three fourth places. Two years later, a top placing in the Grand Prix of the CDI3* Sydney crowned their exceptional career. Reverie's last Fidertanz son, Fiderloh del Roncone, was also licensed and was one of the pearls in the dressage collection at the Verden Elite Auction in October 2014, where he found an owner from Italy. It was only four weeks ago that the eleven-year-old celebrated his first international victory in an Inter I Freestyle at the CDI3* Ornago/ITA with rider Victor Alfonso Pomares.

But also the mating of St.Pr.St. Reverie to the privately owned stallion For Romance was fitting. Seven years after Flanagan, For Dance by For Romance was born and was celebrated as a premium stallion at the licensing in Verden. At the stallion sales Gerd Sosath secured the impressive bay stallion. His name says it all: as fourth in the Bundeschampionat, he danced with Ninja Sosath to the victory in the German Amateur Dressage Championships last year.

Hannoveraner Mare of the Year 2021: St.Pr.St. Coletha

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2021: Coletha (Foto: Fellner)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2021: Coletha (Foto: Fellner)

The setting was perfect: Between the final of the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Masters and the stallion sales of the show jumping stallions, St.Pr.St. Coletha was awarded Hannoveraner Mare of the Year 2021. She has not only been successful in the show jumping ring herself, but has produced four international show jumpers with Scenletha, Hunter's Scendro, Scendro II and Scenndrinne. The dark bay with a strong heredity comes from the breeding of Egon Schröder, Hittbergen. When she was six years old, she came to the stables of Ludwig Lemenu, who has been passionately breeding Hannoveraner at his Hunter Studfarm in Belgium for many years.

St.Pr.St. Coletha ist the prototype of a jumper mare: From a valuable dam line, she was successful in sport herself and passes on her outstanding talents to her sons and daughters. Ludwig Lemenu had spared neither effort nor expense to be able to present her at the festive tribute in the Niedersachsenhalle. She travelled from Italy, where she is currently for embryo collection by ICSI. Visibly moved, her breeder, who celebrated his 83rd birthday a few days ago, recieved the certificate and the well-funded cheque from the R+V/VTV insurance company.

Born on 17 March 2002, St.Pr.St. Coletha out of the dam line of Aigrette started her career by winning her class at the mare show in Hohnstorf. In the following years, the Contendro/Singular Joter daughter showed her outstanding disposition with the dream score of 10 for free jumping at the mare performance test, places four and two at the free jumping competitions of the Hannoveraner Jumper Breeding Programme as well as six victories in classes for young show jumpers. She was born with talent, her dam St.Pr.St. Sintha was already successful in advanced level jumping tests. 

The Stakkato/Dinar son Scendix (breeder: Gudrun Wenzel, Bad Gandersheim) proved to be the ideal partner for St.Pr.St. Coletha. He was available to the breeders for the first time in 2006 and through him Egon Schröder and Ludwig Lemenu came into contact: The bay stallion belonged to the Hunter Studfarm in Belgium. He later made a name for himself as the winner of the prestigious "Sires of the World" jumping competition in Zangersheide and achieved several 1.50 metre placings. St.Pr.St. Coletha's first foal was a hit. Hunter's Scendro was licensed in Verden and Belgium, participated twice in the World Championships for young show jumpers in Lanaken and was internationally successful afterwards. In the meantime, the privately owned stallion is the sire of several advanced (S) level successful show jumpers. His full sister Scenletha was born in 2010. In 2013, she was celebrated as the reserve champion mare of the Herwart von der Decken Show and was second in the free jumping competition in Verden the following year. The black mare also participated twice in the World Championships for Young Show Jumpers and meanwhile celebrates victories and placings up to 1.60 metres. Her greatest success is only five months ago: Scenletha won the European Young Riders Championships in Vilamoura with rider Jack Whitaker and took the bronze medal with the British team. The third of the powerful full siblings is the nine-year-old Scendro II, who was born at Ludwig Lemenu in Belgium and has meanwhile reached a level of 1.45 metres.

Scennixe, born in 2011, is still part of Egon Schröder's mare herd. Like Scenletha, she competed at the Herwart von der Decken Show and made it onto the podium twice in the free jumping competition. She passed on the 10 for scope at the mare performance test to her daughter Hann.Pr.A. Hickxie by Hickstead White. She continues the success series of her mother and her mother’s sister and was among the best at the Verband mare show in Verden two years ago. In the meantime, Coletha's second youngest daughter Scenndrinne, who made it to the final of the World Championships for five-year-old show jumpers in 2018, is used for breeding.

Mare of the Year 2020: St.Pr.St. Daylight

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2020: Daylight (Foto: Fellner)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2020: Daylight (Foto: Fellner)

In the festive show programme prior to the sales of the dressage stallions a real lady was in the limelight: St.Pr.St. Daylight was awarded Hannoveraner Mare of the Year.

Daylight by De Niro/Weltmeyer was born 20 years ago in the stables of Wilhelm Klausing in St. Hülfe. She was the second foal of St.Pr.St. Wicke by Weltmeyer/Grenadier (dam line of Noria) who was highly awarded at the Federal Mare Show in Neustadt/Dosse. As a three-year-old Daylight was awarded a Ia Prize and a State Premium at the show in Wagenfeld. One year later she passed her mare performance test in Hoya. In this test she showed not only her very good dressage qualities but also an exceptionally good free jumping ability. In foal to the then young stallion Stedinger, the dark chestnut mare belonged to the collection of the Verden broodmare auction in August 2004 and was acquired by family Brenninkmeyer from Hamburg. So her way led to the Klosterhof in Medingen, where Daylight found her new breeding home. Her first foal, Seline by Stedinger, produced the premium stallion and Hannoveraner Vice Champion of Riding Horses, Quattroporte, by Quantensprung.

The mating of Daylight to Fidertanz, who moved there in 2005, was particularly obvious at the Klosterhof Medingen. Her most successful offspring are out of this combination. Among them is Fats Domino, born in 2007 and meanwhile winning Grand Prix with Germany’s Fabienne Müller-Lütkemeier. His full brother is Flanell, four years younger and also grown up at the Klosterhof. He was a premium stallion at his licensing in Verden in 2013 and is now on his way to Grand Prix with rider Kathleen Kröncke. His first offspring are already celebrating success in basic and advanced level tests. In 2016 Daylight gave birth to the Borsalino daughter Hann.Pr.A. Bond Girl. An impressive mare who qualified for the Herwart von der Decken-Show last year via the Lüneburg Elite Championships and was awarded the Ic Prize in a strong class there.

Mare of the Year 2019: Havanna

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2019: Havanna (Foto: Züngel)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2019: Havanna (Foto: Züngel)

Havanna, daughter of the thoroughbred stallion Heraldik xx, is Hannoveraner Mare of the Year. Sabine and Dr. Hilmer Meyer-Kulenkampff bred the grey mare born in 2001 out of a Ramiro dam. Her son fischerChipmunk FRH is European Team Champion and Vice-European Eventing Champion with Germany’s Michael Jung. Havanna's breeder was honoured in the sold out Niedersachsenhalle.

Havanna was born on February 23, 2001. For many generations, the Meyer-Kulenkampff family has had the dam line of Farina in their stables. The first ancestors of this tribe came to the farm several decades ago. With the thoroughbred stallion Heraldik xx, Havanna has an eventing stallion par excellence as her sire. The dam's sire, Ramiro, is also the sire of the world-famous Ratina Z, who had been victorious in show jumping courses all over the world with Dutch Piet Raymakers and German Ludger Beerbaum. On the dam's side there is also First Gotthard, who goes back to the Hannoveraner jumper sire legend Gotthard. So far, Havanna has given birth to twelve foals, seven of them at the place of her current owner Wolfgang Lutz in Völkersen.

Especially the mating with Contendro has been very successful. All five foals of Havanna, which were born in Behlmer by the physician, are sired by the brown jumper stallion. Wolfgang Lutz repeated this breeding another four times.  Three other foals have the stallions Stakkato, Graf Top and Buckingham as sires. The son of Contendro fischerChipmunk FRH, born in 2008, is probably the best known offspring of Havanna. Since the beginning of the year he competes under the saddle of Germany’s Michael Jung. His successes with the World Champion and Olympic Champion earned him the title of the world's best eventing horse of the 2018/19 season in the WBFSH ranking. The eleven-year-old was formerly trained by Julia Krajewski. At the age of four, the breeder gave the gelding to her. In 2015 the pair won the Bundeschampionat for five-year old eventing horses. In 2018 the two celebrated their greatest triumphs. With the victory of the CICO*** Aachen on their success record, they travelled to Tryon/USA for the World Championships. Campino is another Contendro offspring of Havanna with experience in championships. The first-born foal of the grey mare placed at the German Young Rider Championships 2014 under the saddle of Rebecca Engel. With the four-year-old ChinTonic, Julia Krajewski has a full sibbling of fischerChipmunk FRH in her stable, on whom she has high hopes for the future. Born in 2015 to Wolfgang Lutz, the dark brown was sold to Burkhard Wahler at the Verden foal auction. The first foal born in Völkersen is Hann.Pr.St. Spicy Girl by Stakkato. She was not only highly placed in the free jumping competition of the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program and was also awarded in the Herwart von der Decken-Show.

Mare of the Year 2018: Dorina

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2018: Dorina (Foto: Tilgner)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2018: Dorina (Foto: Tilgner)

Hannoveraer Mare of the Year is Dorina by Drosselklang II/Grannus. Her daughter Fine Lady is with Canada‘s Eric Lamaze one of the best show jumpers in the world. Her breeder Wilhelm Leymann from Bassum was honoured in the sold out Niedersachsenhalle.

Dorina was born on March 26, 2000 at Wilhelm Leymann in Bassum. With Drosselklang II and Grannus, the representative of the dam line of Flindra has powerful genes in her pedigree. One of the best Hanoverian show-jumping sires of his time, Don Carlos, can be found twice in the second and fourth generation. In search of the coveted Grannus blood, the breeder had acquired her dam Golden Lady. "Dorina is a very special horse", Wilhelm Leymann says. She is very sensitive and a bit "electric". Dorina has produced a total of 13 foals in 18 breeding years. Now she is in foal to Hanover's show-jumping sire legend Stakkato.

Dorina's first foal was already a direct hit: Within a very short time, Fine Lady by Forsyth catapulted herself to the top of the world with Canadian Eric Lamaze. Two years ago the pair won the individual Olympic bronze medal in Rio. Numerous victories and top placings followed on the world's major show jumping arenas. But she is not the only one who turned her dam into the Hannoveraner Mare of the Year. Fine Ladys three years younger full brother Fighter competes for Russia with rider Anna Shatunova and has currently collected his first World Cup points at the CSI-W in Moscow/RUS. In spring 2011, he was one of the diamonds of the show-jumping collection at the Verden Elite- Auction. These two show-jumping athletes once again have Don Carlos and Grannus in their pedigree via their sire Forsyth. Third in the group is the seven-year-old Landstreicher daughter Lilly Le, who is at the beginning of her international career with the rider Angelos Touloupis from Greece.

Mare of the Year 2017: St.Pr.St. Sarah

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2017: Sarah (Foto: Züngel)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2017: Sarah (Foto: Züngel)

Some mares display incredible hereditary qualities. The impressive breeding account of state premium mare Sarah by Sherlock Holmes/Calypso II features three licensed stallions and twice as much internationally successful jumpers. The specialty: All horses descend from the same sire: Stakkato. It is the first time that the award “Hanoverian Mare of the Year” is given on the occasion of an event that is normally reserved to stallions. However, the importance of mares can never be over-estimated, neither in this context.

State premium mare Sarah was born at Adolf Feldmann’s in Hänigsen in 1995. Her dam had already produced advanced level jumpers in a row, and state premium mare Sarah impressively continues this tradition. The dam line of Adda is one of the most successful Hanoverian show jumping lines, also thanks to this mare. State premium mare Sarah already impressed as young mare when she won Ia-prize at the mare show in Schillerslage at the age of two, three and four. She completed her mare performance test with a score of 8 for rideability, 9 for jumping style and the highest mark of 10 for scope. She was of course entered into the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program with this super result.

State premium mare Sarah gave birth to 13 foals at the breeding site of Adolf and Christa Feldmann, all of them descending from the Celle state stud stallion Stakkato, such as for example the licensed stallions Saint Amour, Spartakhus and Saint Amour II. They are breeding in Sweden, France, Monaco and Belgium. Saint Amour competed in the Final of the Bundeschampionat with Eva Bitter in 2004 and 2005. His victory at the 2009 World Cup Show Jumping Championships in Gothenburg and his participation at the European Championships in Windsor with the Swedish rider Svante Johannsen are certainly his most important successes. Saint Amour was the first foal out of state premium mare Sarah. Sarah Bella is one year younger and was sold to Italy at the 2003 Verden Elite Auction. She was successfully placed in international jumper classes with Laura Baiguera. The same applied for Scaglietta with Martina Wrede, Sina Qua Non with Frederik Knorren, Salut D’Amour with Jennifer Fogh Pedersen and Sofia Westborg and Saint Christina with Tobias Clar.

State premium mare Sarah’s progeny were sold to eight different countries. Christa Feldmann accepted the award in the Niedersachsenhalle. Her husband who was deeply enthusiastic about the offspring of state premium mare Sarah, did not live to see the success of his breeding work.

Mare of the year 2016: Donna Carara

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2016: Donna Carara (Foto: Tilgner)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2016: Donna Carara (Foto: Tilgner)

It was the 10th time that a mare was awarded the title „Hanoverian Mare of the Year“ at the Gala Evening Show of the 133rd Elite Auction. Only special mares are honoured with this price. And this is how this year’s prize winner is seen by her owner. “She is special,” says Gaby Huntemann from Wagenfeld when being asked about Donna Carara. Donna Carara by Drosselklang II/Vollkorn xx is 23 years old and has her 15th foal at foot this year. Three of her progeny are successful international competition horses. Six of her offspring qualified for the Federal Championships. The pedigree already reveals a lot about the chestnut mare who was bred by Wilhelm Sprado from Wagenfeld. Apart from Drosselklang II and Vollkorn xx, Wendekreis and Czardasz ox can be found further down in her pedigree, more time Hanoverian performance blood and thoroughbred influence. Which means: nobles, strong nerves, toughness. 

Galaxi Gräfin by Graf Top is her third foal. She qualified for the Federal Show Jumping Championships at the age of five and six and was then successful at the advanced show jumping level under Frank Lugge. The first of four successful advanced level jumpers out of Donna Carara until today.

Golden Gun’s career was quite similar, the one year younger full brother of Galaxi Gräfin. Golden Glenn was his name when he qualified for the Federal Championships. The Austrian Dieter Köfler started to ride him in 2009, and his name was changed into Golden Gun. Both celebrated international show jumping successes, they recently earned a high placement at the CSI**-tournament in Vienna in August.

The bloodline combination with Contendro proved to be particularly successful. Contendro is known for producing extraordinary horses when being bred to Hanoverian mares with a tough genetic performance background. As is the case with state premium mare Daily Sun by Contendro, born in 2005. She achieved her biggest successes until today with Mario Stevens who competed with the Donna Carara-daughter for two years, earning high placements in the Balve and Wiesbaden Grand Prix. Leonie Böckmann started to ride Daily Sun at the end of the last season, and she already achieved more international placements.  

Copperfield is one year younger than Daily Sun, and he is also by Contendro. He was trained at the breeder’s site and celebrated successes with Christian Temme, Andreas Kreuzer and now with Philip Rüping. Both recently won the Geesteren Grand Prix in the Netherlands a couple of months ago.

The younger progeny of Donna Carara also show great promise. State premium candidate Quinelle by Quicksilber was the best participant at her mare performance test at the age of three in the Hanoverian regional breeding district, she wins jumper classes up to M**-level and will now be the successor to her dam at her breeder’s site. Ventus by Valentino is five years old, and he was also qualified for the Federal Championships this year. Julia Lange was the first rider of Ventus, as she was with almost all Donna Carara-progeny at the beginning of their sports careers. This is why she perfectly knows and appreciates the hereditary qualities of this special mare. Her comment about her offspring: “They all have their own character, a lot of Drosselklang II-influence. This means more work in the beginning, although they are always handsome. But later on, they present an incredible work ethic, caution and willingness to perform.”

Mare of the Year 2015: St.Pr.St. Goldmarie

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2015: Goldmarie (Foto: Tilgner)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2015: Goldmarie (Foto: Tilgner)

State premium mare Goldmarie by Goldfever/Gragenit was nominated „2015 Hanoverian Mare of the Year“. The chestnut mare has not only produced outstanding progeny, she also impressively showcased her work ethic in the show jumping course.

Goldmarie was born with Ernst Stahlhut in Stadthagen in 1999. First-class awarded at the mare show in Stadthagen and nominated state premium candidate, she then successfully completed her mare performance test with an above-average result. She scored 9 for her free jumping style and 10 for her scope with the result that she was registered with the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program, just like her dam.

Goldmarie had her first foal at foot at the age of three. The Concetto-daughter Cera was also active in the breeding shed of the Stahlhut-family later on. Goldmarie was then successfully competing and earned placements in suitability classes as well as in jumper riding horse classes of novice and elementary level with Mark Ernst Stahlhut at the age of four and five before she gave birth to her second foal at the age of six, the latter Moritzburg state stud stallion Lemwerder by Lordanos. Lemwerder won the Hanoverian Show Jumping Championships in Verden at the age of five, and he successfully competed at the advanced show jumping level with Andres Stude. The same year in October, her bridle was already decorated once again with a golden ribbon. She had her third foal at the age of eight, again by Lordanos. Daughter Lilly Lordanos was presented at the 2011 Spring Auction, changing to a French show stable as one of the top jumpers of the collection. She is eight years old now and earned first international placements in jumper classes with the Belgian riders Gregory Wathelet and Damien Plume.

Following the birth of her third foal, Goldmarie started to compete again, earning victories and placements up to the medium show jumping level between 2008 and 2012, with another “baby break” in 2009/2010. The product from this break shows up in the collection of the 132nd Elite Auction. The youngest of her five foals was sold at the 2014 Elite Foal Auction. Locke Lordanos by Lordanos is enjoying his youth in Belgium.

Goldmarie successfully accomplished to be nominated „Hanoverian Mare of the Year“ with five foals only. Parallel to her breeding activities, she was tested at horse shows. Ernst Stahlhut has already been testing his broodmares in sports for generations with all female ancestors participating at competitions until the generation of the great-granddam. The breeder particularly appreciates Goldmarie’s fitness and amazing character. Two properties that are very important for a performance horse.

Mare of the Year 2014: La Belle

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2014: La Belle (Foto: Tilgner)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2014: La Belle (Foto: Tilgner)

Hanoverian Mare of the year 2014 is the Argetinus/Landadel-daughter La Belle. Her maximum performance traits are no coincidence. She descends from a successful foundation line and passes on her talents to her offspring.

La Belle by Argentinus/Landadel was born with Heinrich Wecke, Stadthagen, on April 20, 1998. La Belle’s dam is half sister of the stallions Quinnus I and II by Quidam’s Rubin, licensed in Oldenburg and successful up to advanced level. Besides La Belle, she is also dam of the privately owned stallion Albatros by Acord II, successful in advanced level jumper classes, and of Coco Mademoiselle by Cento, just as successful at the advanced level as La Belle’s full brother Air Force One. Over the years, La Belle has been constantly boosting her reputation for secured maximum performance traits.

She already impressed at her studbook registration when she had a foal at foot that is today successful in international jumper courses with the Dutch rider Arne van Heel. Just as six other progeny, Cocktailparty by Cento was sold at the Verden auction and then introduced into top sports. Cour de Caramel by Cordalme is the second foal out of La Belle. He was licensed in Redefin for the Mecklenburg breeding area at the age of two and continued his breeding career as privately owned stallion in Saxony. La Belle’s first daughter, state premium candidate Baquita by Balou du Rouet, was nominated Champion Show Jumping Mare at the second Herwart v. d. Decken-Show in 2009. Back then as well as today, she is owned by Bernfried Erdmann who started to have her carefully trained. She is now successfully competing under Karl Brocks. Bon Balou, a full brother to Baquita, was one of the most captivating jumping sires at the 2008 Verden Stallion Licensing. The lively coloured chestnut changed to Denmark at the Verden Stallion Market, was then standing in Germany for a couple of years and is meanwhile at home in Canada. Another son by La Belle showed up at the 2011 Verden Stallion Licensing. Bernfried Erdmann had purchased this youngster that was presented in the foal collection of the 2009 Elite Spring Auction in Verden. Quidam’ Son is also ridden by Karl Brocks and age-appropriately successful, just like Baquita. As in the past two years, another foal out of La Belle was presented in the foal collection of the 131st Elite Auction: Her seventh offspring, entering the Verden Niedersachsenhalle.

Mare of the year 2013: Ria Grande

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2013: Ria Grande (Foto: Tilgner)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2013: Ria Grande (Foto: Tilgner)

The Ritual/Grande-daughter Ria Grande was nominated 2013 Hanoverian Mare of the Year. Her breeder Kornelia Haak-Hoering, Drochtersen, and her owner Dorit Kothe, Osten, happily attended the honour ceremony at the Gala Evening of the 129th Elite Auction in Verden. Ria Grande’s two progeny, Daianira van de Helle, and privately owned stallion Damsey FRH, impressively highlight the hereditary qualities of their dam in the dressage ring. Ria Grande entered the Verden show ring in the Niedersachsenhalle with sparkling eyes and an impressive personality, accompanied by her latest foal, a full sister of the Dressage Royal-son Damsey FRH.

Ria Grande was born with her breeder Kornelia Haak-Höring in Drochtersen in 1991. She already presented an impressive type, personality, conformation and amazing gaits as a foal. Ria Grande was first purchased by her today’s owners, Dorit and Hermann Kothe. The qualities of the young mare also convinced Leon Melchior of the Zangersheide stud at the foal show on Alsenhof in Wacken, and so mare changed owner one more time. Ria Grande made some detours to return to Dorit and Hermann Kothe in 1997 where she then started her breeding career.

Bred to Dream of Glory and Dressage Royal, the breeders successfully accomplished to breed extraordinary dressage horses. Her daughter Daianira van de Helle is maturing into an internationally successful dressage horse. She competed in the Final of the 2005 World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Verden with the Belgian rider Vicky Smits-Vanderhasselt, and both also won a number of Grand Prix-tests. Damsey FRH by Dressage Royal, born in 2002, has so far been the most outstanding foal out of Ria Grande. The sports career of the Premium stallion also included the Final of the World Championships of young dressage horses, but also victories in Grand Prix-tests with Steffen Frahm. He was honoured with the abbreviation of the Hanoverian Supporters Club FRH in August 2013. He also shows great promise when it comes to breeding.

Supported by the insurance company R+V/VTV Versicherungen, the Hannoveraner Verband has been nominating the „Mare of the Year“ since 2007. This award, combined with well-endowed p rize money, is meant to highlight the importance of mares for the Hanoverian breed.

Mare of the year 2012: St.Pr.St. Sammy Jo

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2012: Sammy Jo (Foto: Lafrentz)

Hannoveraner Stute des Jahres 2012: Sammy Jo (Foto: Lafrentz)

The 18-year-old state premium mare Sammy Jo by Silvio/Calypso II was awarded 2012 Hanoverian Mare of the Year on the occasion of the Gala Evening Show of the 127th Elite Auction. Born with Bonny-Jasmin Jacobs in Bierbergen, she has always remained in the possession of the Jacobs-family and has been producing 13 foals to date. Among them was the Celle state stud stallion Embassy. Meanwhile, his full brother Embassy II is one of the most successful German jumpers with Hans-Dieter Dreher.

The three-year-old state premium mare Sammy Jo completed her stationary mare performance test with highest scores. Thus perfectly prepared, she left the mare show with a state premium award at the age of four and was entered with the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program. In 1999, at the age of five and following the birth of two foals, she was successfully placed in jumper riding horse classes up to medium level. Following six more foals, Sammy Jo started to compete again, and she was again successful in horse shows up to medium level. The work ethic of this mare is simply incredible. And she truly passes on this attribute to her offspring.

The breeding combination with Escudo I proved to be particularly successful. Her first foal came as a real bombshell. The Celle state stud stallion Embassy I, raised at Hunnesrück, completed his stallion performance test with highest scores and was awarded the Grande-Prize in 2010. The second licensed son out of Sammy Jo accepted for the Hanoverian breed, Embassy III,  was also standing with the Celle National State Stud. In regards to sport, he is a bit different than his brothers as he successfully competes in dressage sport with the young Canadian rider Mathilde Blais Tetreault. However, the best-known successfully competing offspring of this extraordinary mare is Embassy II, the 2012 show jumping shooting star. He won golden ribbons at the horse shows in Braunschweig, Munich, Lausanne and Crans Montana and finished second in Aachen and Monte Carlo – and all within one year.

Since 2007, the Hannoveraner Verband has been honoring the Mare of the Year with the support of the insurance company R+V/VTV Versicherungen. This award, combined with well-endowed prize money, is meant to highlight the importance of mares for the Hanoverian breed.

Mare of the year 2011: Wanda

The “Hanoverian Mare of the Year 2011” was honoured on the occasion of the Gala Evening of the 125th Elite Auction: the award went to the Wanderbursch II/Derrik-daughter Wanda, bred and owned by Weert-Arnold Sweers, Krummhörn. She is the fifth mare to be rewarded with this prize for her breeding accomplishments.

Wanda was born 19 years ago on the farm of her breeder Weert-Arnold Sweers in Krummhörn/East Frisia where she is still living today. The chestnut mare belongs to the dam line of Juka that produced many successful stallions such as the Celle state stud stallion Dürkheim. Wanda has been delivering 11 foals until today. She was bred to the dressage stallion De Niro ten times, and she is again in-foal to him for next year. A more than perfect combination. Her second foal was particularly successful: D-Online is today one of the most interesting stud stallions with the Hessen National State Stud Dillenburg.

As regards sports, D-Online’s accomplishments are even topped by his two-year younger full brother Dablino who became well-known at the age of six when he participated at the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses under Holga Finken. The duo finished fifth in the Final. Dablino then changed to Anabel Balkenhol. Both won with the german team the bronze medal at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky last year, Anabel Balkenhol’s hitherto biggest success. This year, the duo belonged to the victorious german Nations Cup team in Aachen.

Since 2007, the Hannoveraner Verband has been honouring the „mare of the year“ with the support of the insurance company R+V/VTV Versicherungen. This award, combined with a well-endowed prize money, is meant to highlight the importance of mares f or the Hanoverian breed.

Mare of the Year 2010: Cecile

20-year-old Cecile by Calypso II/Abajo xx was awarded „Hanoverian Mare of the Year“ on the occasion of the Gala Show Evening at the 123rd Elite Auction on October 8th. Cecile was born on the farm of Manfred Drews in Klein Häuslingen where  Rainer Schulz from Burgdorf purchased her as foal. Burgdorf became her new breeding home, and in her 17 breeding years in total, she has been supplying 14 foals for his breed. Among them are two licensed sons and four offspring that are successfully competing in international show jumping sport.

This impressive breeding balance is the result of consequently and performance-oriented fostering and upgrading the sound bloodline composition of Cecile and her progeny. Hanoverian performance stallions like Weingau and Abhang formed the basis, complemented by the necessary thoroughbred influence with Abajo xx, and by crossbreeding Holstein qualities via by Calypso II. Cecile’s successful offspring exclusively descend from Hanoverian top performers. Cecile is a representative of the foundation stock of Schutzsiegel, 1939 (Borcherding, Balkum) and is registered with the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program.

The combination with Stakkato was especially successful. The full brothers Satisfaction I and II are Cecile’s two licensed sons. A third full brother qualified for the Verden Stallion Licensing this year. The Celle state stud stallion Satisfaction I is successful with Eva Bitter, just like the one year elder Sambucca. Satisfaction II represents the Hanoverian colours in the Czech Republic. He is standing at stud with the breeding station Staj Mustang and is successfully shown at competition. Famous riders of the 10-year-old Sundari are Ludger Beerbaum and Phillip Weishaupt, achieving top placements at international level. Emely by Escudo, born in 1997, placed in advanced level jumper classes under Jennifer Lee, and she complements the team of successful advanced level offspring of this exceptional mare.

Meanwhile, state premium mare Sunny Girl la Magnifica by Stakkato, placed in the Free Jumping Competition in her youth and finalist at the Hanoverian Show Jumping Championships, enriches the Hanoverian show jumping breed in Italy.

Mare of the Year 2009: April Sun

April Sun is the third Hanoverian Mare of the Year. She was born on April 12, 1993 at Carsten Mueller-Rulfs’ farm in Ritterhude. She is the only foal of dam Sanny, a successful competitor herself up to the M-level.

April Sun completed her mare performance test as a three-year old. A nine for style and ability confirmed her value for breeding jumper horses. She was accepted into the Hanoverian Program for Jumper Horse Breeding. Her pedigree is loaded with Hanoverian performance genes. Furthermore she carries the so important share of Thoroughbred blood with Sinus xx in the forth generation.
Carsten Mueller-Rulfs’ brother Henning used April Sun in his breeding program with great success: Lantinus by Landkoenig, her second foal, was the top selling horse on the 107th elite auction in the Fall of 2002. He sold for Euro 215,000.00. The exhibitor at the time was Carsten Mueller-Rulfs. Lantinus went to Gregory Wathelet from Belgium after the Bundeschampionships. The pair celebrated their first international successes riding for the Ukraine. Lantinus continued his career with rider Denis Lynch in 2007. A victory in the Great Prize of Aachen in 2009 has been the pair’s highlight up to now.

Two years later April Sun delivered Fiodora by Fighting Alpha. Her career also began on one of Verden’s elite auctions. She has already had her first successes at the S-level with Enrico Suessenbach in the saddle. For Argentinus by For Keeps is the first licensed son out of April Sun. Under rider Florian Meyer zu Hartum 5-year old For Argentinus won the Hanoverian Championships in Verden last year. A few months later Denis Lynch bought the very promising youngster on the elite auction.

Two daughters out of April Sun are stabled in the barn of breeder Henning Mueller-Rulfs. Two other descendants successfully compete at the M-level. Being awarded the title Hanoverian Mare of the Year confirms that the value of the exceptional breeding performance of April Sun is much appreciated. She is closely connected to Verden’s auction program, even if April Sun entered the Niedersachsenhalle for the first time during the gala evening.

Family Mueller-Rulfs is devoted to the breeding of jumper horses. The family utilizes the success not only for their own benefit, but also for a large group of breeders in the vicinity of Bremen. This group of breeders formed around the breeding station in cooperation with the breeding farm Waeldershausen and gained in tremendous importance.

Hannoveraner Mare of the Year 2008: St.Pr.St. Luna

"Hannoveraner Mare of the Year 2008" is St.Pr.St. Luna by Lungau/Pik Bube II bred by Jürgen Siltmann, Gehrde, and owned by the breeders alliance Bünger, Essel. She is the dam of one of the most successful dressage horses in the world. Her son Salinero by Salieri is the first dressage horse to hold all current championship titles.
With Anky van Grunsven, Salinero is an Olympic, World and European Champion and World Cup winner.Four years ago, Salinero's full brother also competed at the Olympic Games in Athens.  Seven Up competed in show jumping with the Korean Jung Hyoun Joo.
Horst Bünger had bought Luna's dam Pikora in foal in 1988. One year later, the colorful dark chestnut foal Luna was born in Essel. At the age of two she competed at the district show in Soltau, at the age of three she was awarded a State Premium and received an Ib Prize at the Louis-Wiegels-Show in Uelzen. She combines in her pedigree Hannoveraner performance genes of the very best: Lugano II, twice Weingau and Frustra II, rounded off by the full blood influence of Der Löwe xx and Pik As xx.
The 19-year-old Luna was honored at the Gala Evening in Verden. Her expressive eye reflected the Hannoveraner's willingness to perform.


Hannoveraner Mare of the Year 2007: Famm

The Forrest xx/Gardestern daughter Famm is an outstanding personality through her offspring in breeding and sport.

Famm was born at Jürgen Kühlckes, Krummendeich-Stellenfleth, on February 26, 1989. In the Kehdinger Elbmarsch, Uwe Dreesmann from Hesel in East Frisia secured the filly, whose dam is a full sister to the Hannoveraner licensing winner Glücksstern, for his breeding.  "Uwe Dreesmann certainly had the right feeling for breeding with different stallions," says Jürgne Kühlcke. Flamm's very first foal was a jackpot: World Cup winner Shutterfly by Silvio, who won the bronze medal in the team as well as the individual classification at last year's World Equestrian Games in Aachen with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. One year younger is Remedi D by Rouletto, who is internationally successful with the Italian Rachel Reina. In 1999, the next "hit" followed. Let's Fly by Lordanos was part of the jumping squad at the Hannoveraner Elite Auction in April 2003 and is now collecting victories and placings with U.S. Olympic team winner Peter Wylde.

Famm produced her first sire in 2002 with the highly regarded Sir Shutterfly. The full brother to Shutterfly is available to breeders at the station of Paul Schockemöhle, Mühlen.  At the 2005 Elite Foal Auction in Verden, Famm set another milestone with her son Shutterboy, who achieved a top price of 50,000 Euros.

Herwart von der Decken-Show

The Herwart von der Decken-Show is the highlight of the mare show season. The best three-year-old Hannoveraner and Rhineland dressage and jumping mares meet in Verden in the first week of August to select the best of their crop. A special feature of this show is the free jumping under the open sky for the jumping mares. Here you can find a listing of the winning dressage and jumping mares as well as the halfbred mares.

Herwart von der Decken - Show 2023

Champion Mares

Champion: Hann.Pr.A. Donna Bella by Don VHP Z/Cascadello
Br. and o.: Stefan Aust, Armstorf

Reserve champion: Hann.Pr.A./Vet+ Emmy Joe vom Claashof by Emerald van het Ruytershof/Landjonker
Br. and o.: Dr. Stephan Hinrichs, Welle

Half-breed mares
Hann.Pr.A. Zambia by Zinedream/Ransom O'War xx
Z. and Bes.: Ina von Estorff, Rosche


Champion Mare: Hann.Pr.A. Ballerina by Bon Courage/Destano
Br.: Hof Schepergerdes, Meppen
O.: Christa Zumbeel-Dust, Bawinkel

Reserve champion mare: Hann.Pr.A. Summersby by Sandro Hit/Donnerhall
Br. and O.: Gestüt W.M. GmbH, Visselhövede

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2022


Siegerstute: Hann.Pr.A. Olympia v. Ogano/Diacontinus
Z. und Bes.: Enrico Messelis, Kefferhausen

Reservesiegerin: Hann.Pr.A. Sofia Lolita v. Stolzenberg/Valentino
Z. und Bes.: Stefan Kleine, Warmsen

Siegerstute: Hann.Pr.A. Exclusive v. Escamillo/Fidertanz
Z. und Bes.: Johannes Westendarp, Wallenhorst

Reservesiegerin: Hann.Pr.A. Barcelona v. Baron/Don Diamond
Z. und Bes.: Herbert Linz, Baindt

Hann.Pr.A. Stine Bö v. Signum xx/Carismo
Z. Helmut Böttcher, Rehlingen, Bes.: ZG Böttcher GbR, Rehlingen

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2021

Results families

Champion family
St.Pr. Quintera v. Quaterback/Ravallo
St.Pr. Amore Mia v. Ampere/Ravallo
Hann.Pr.A. Vaiana v. Veneno/Ravallo
Z. und Bes.: Tobias Schult, Hünxe

Reserve-Champion family
L.St.Spr. Sait Christina v. Stakkato/Sherlock Holmes
Hann.Pr.St. Serafina B v. Stakkato/Sherlock Holmes
Hann.Pr.St. Spartanerin B v. Stakkato/Sherlock Holmes
Z.: Christa und Adolf Feldmann, Uetze
Bes.: Georg Bräuer, Elze

Results jumping mares

Champion: Hann.Pr.A. Saja v. Stolzenberg/Calido
Z.: Zucht- und Reiterhof Münch, Homberg
Bes.: ZG Schmiedinger, Stade

Reserve-Champion: Hann.Pr.A. Cornelie v. Cornet Obolensky/Contendro
Z. und Bes.: Stefan Aust, Armstorf

Best halfbred mares

Hann.Pr.A. Butt's Lemontree v. Asagao xx/Heraldik xx
Z. und Bes.: Prof. Dr. Volker Steinkraus, Hanstedt

Results Dressage mares

Champion: Hann.Pr.A. Va Pensiera v. Vitalis/Fürstenball
Z. und Bes.: Zuchthof Düvel, Katlenburg-LIndau

Reserve-Champion: Hann.Pr.A. Flavienne v. Fürst Romancier/Decamerone
Z.: Dierk Hachmann, Bevern
Bes.: Gestüt Greim, Bärnau

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2020

Champion mare dressage

Hann. Pr. A. Romy v. Revolution/Belissimo M
Z. und Bes.: Gestüt Greim, Bärnau

Champion mare jumping

Hann. Pr. A. Charlize v. Chacoon Blue/Stolzenberg
Z. und Bes.: Hermann Nehus

Champion mare halfbred

Hann.Pr.A. Ixxi CE v. Il Divo xx/Don Frederico
Z.: Indira Wallner, Moltzow
Bes.: Claudia Hein-Riemann und Eduard Riemann, Alsbach

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2019

Champion mare Dressage

Hann.Pr.A. FLORA v. Fürst Belissaro/Don Crusador
Z.: Janina Heins, Ahlerstedt
A.: Heinz-Walter Pferdmenges, Jüchen

Champion mare jumping

Hann.Pr.A. STARENA v. Stalypso/Acord II
Z.: Gerd Lücking, Oyten
A.: Hengsthaltung Kemper GmbH, Heiden

Friedrich Jahncke-Prize

Familie der Beautiful Lady II v. Benetton Dream/Royal Higness mit ihren beiden Töchtern Hann.Pr.A. Diamond Lady I u. II v. Dimaggio
Z. u. A.: Axel Windeler, Verden-Walle

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2018

Champion mare Dressage

Hann.Pr.A. Vanity Fair v. Vivaldi/Sandro Hit
Z.: ZG Wencek, Moers
A.: Rhenania Pferde Andrea Klüfers, Alpen

Champion mare Jumping

Hann.Pr.A. FS Darcos Diva v. Darco de Revel/Cassini Boy Junior
Z. u. A.: Hengststation Stücker, Weeze

Champion mare Halfbred

Hann.Pr.A. Belle Nobless v. Bonaparte N AA/Vulkano
Z. u. A.: Heide und Helmut Peters, Hammah

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2017

Champion mare Dressage

Hann.Pr.A.Daria v. Don Nobless/Rubin-Royal
Z. u. A.: Gestüt Hülsdau, Marl

Champion mare Jumping

Hann.Pr.A. Dinara v. Diacontinus/Quintender
Z. u. A.: Enrico Messelis, Kefferhausen

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2016

Champion mare Dressage

Hann.Pr.A. Black Baccara K v. Bon Bravour/Rosario
Z. u. A.: Katrin Lüder-Kratzberg, Hildesheim
Stamm der Adadonda, 1921, Grothmann, Esch

Champion mare Jumping

Hann.Pr.A. German Girl v. Graf Top/Stakkato
Z. u. A.: Willem Klausing GbR, Diepholz
Stamm der Pension, 1943, Jungblut, Diepholz

Champion mare halfbred

Hann.Pr.A. Leny B v. Lauries Crusador xx/Donnerhall
Z.: Heinz-Hermann Leismann, Tecklenborg
A.: Insa Borchers, Rastede
Stamm der Aricia, 1901, Meyer, Hollerdeich

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2015

Champion mare Dressage

Hann.Pr.A. Bonita Springs v. Boston/Fidertanz
Z. u. A.: Ulla Katzorke, Essen
Stamm Oböe, 1895, Döscher, Groden

Champion mare Jumping

Hann.Pr.A. Coco M v. Comte/Escudo II
Z. u. A.: Peter Mahler, Neuhaus
Stamm der Lamm, 1915, Leydecker, Theisbrüggge

Champion mare Halfbred

Hann.Pr.A. Bellissima v. Bonaparte N AA/Stakkato
Z. u. A.: Herbert Putfarcken, Hamburg
Stamm der Lunda, 1923, Köster, Oberndorfer Laak

Herwart von der Decken-show 2014

Champion mare Dressage

Hann.Pr.A. Fine Lady v. Fürstenball/Donnerhall
Z.: Heinz Schulze, Tiddische
A.: Dr. Rolf-Peter Schulze, Tiddische
Stamm der Forst, 1937, Borchers, Wiepenkathen

Champion mare jumping

Hann.Pr.A. Concordia v. Cloney/Landclassic
Z. : Wilfried u. Fritz Backhaus, Binnen
A.: Iris Schepergerdes, Meppen
Stamm der Logic, 1907, Ahlf, Dornbusch

Champion mare Halfbred

Hann.Pr.A. Liciella v. Likoto xx/Wenzel
Z. u. A.: Dr. Hinni Lührs-Behnke, Verden
Stamm der Nolinde, 1902, Stoll, Midlum

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2013

Champion mare Dressage

St.Pr.A. Royal Rose M v. Royal Classic/Weltmeyer
Z. u. A.: Klaus Michaelis, Basdahl
Stamm der Jandine, 1890, Hess, Odisheim

Champion mare Jumping

St.Pr.A. Cunterbunte v. Cassini II/Garibaldi II
Z. u. A.: Diedrich Meyer, Köhlen
Stamm der Blenna, 1870, Detje, Dreck Harburg

Champion mare Halfbred

St.Pr.A. Letizia v. Lauries Crusador xx/Hohenstein
Z. u. A.: ZG Grube, Drochtersen
Stamm der Nolinde, 1902, Stoll, Midlum

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2012

Champion mare Dressage

St.Pr.A. Liliefee v. Londontime/Falkland
Z. u. A.: Friedo Dodenhoff, Horstedt
Stamm der Folgya, 1935, Lehmann, Wechold

Champion mare Jumping

St.Pr.A. Diarada KJ v. Diarado/Contendro
Z. u. A.: Klaus Jürgens, Sehnde
Stamm der Pension, 1943, Jungblut, Diepholz

Champion mare Halfbred

St.Pr.A. Luciana v. Lauries Crusador xx/Hohenstein
Z.: Uwe Heinrichs, Balje
A.: Hermann Jarck, Himmelpforten
Stamm der Nolinde, 1902, Stoll, Midlum

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Siegerstuten Dressur

St.Pr.A. Doris Day v. Desperados/Brentano II
Z. u. A.: Heinrich Ramsbrock, Menslage
Stamm der Duftelfe, 1939, Sabelhausen, Kluse

EM/C Diana v. Damsey/Brentano II
Z.: Charlotte und Anders Grönborg, Karise/DEN
A.: Christa und Iver Morck, Padborg/DEN
Stamm der Condera, 1929, Klanke, Lembruch

Siegerstute Springen

St.Pr.A. For Odessa v. For Edition/Graf Grannus
Z. u. A.: Ludwig Decker jun., Bierbergen
Stamm der Klaseta, 1921, Fricke, Groß-Eicklingen

Siegerstute Halbblut

St.Pr.A. Lisboeta v. Lauries Crusador xx/Sherwood
Z. u. A.: Ira und Olaf Hagemann, Stade

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2008

Champion mare Dressage

St.Pr.A. Harmonie v. Hochadel/Londonderry
Z. u. A.: H.-H. v. d. Decken, Stade
Stamm der Schluppera, 1908, Bösch, Niederstrich

Champion mare Jumping

St.Pr.A. Baquita v. Balou du Rouet/Argentinus
Z.: Heinrich Wecke, Stadthagen
A.: Bernfried Erdmann, Wallenhorst

Champion mare Halfbred

St.Pr.A. Loreen v. Lauries Crusador xx/Daidalos
Z.: Klaus Ludzuweit, Oberndorf
A.: Mathieu Beckmann, Wettringen
Stamm der Nolina, 1898, Sietwende

Herwart von der Decken-Show 2007

Champion mare Dressage

St.Pr.A. Danniebelle v. Don Cavallo/Grand Cru
Z.: Johann Klintworth, Brest
A.: Johann Quast, Hamburg

Champion mare Jumping

St.Pr.A. Estelle v. Embassy/Don Juan
Z. u. A.: H. u. U. Steuber, Garstedt
Stamm der Leuthen, 1916, Oellrich, Cranneweide

Champion mare Halfbred

St.Pr.A. Lindsay v. Lauries Crusador xx/Fidermark
Z.: Dr. Jutta Steidl, Eichstätt
A.: Dr. J. Steidl u. H. Behrmann, Stedebergen

Friedrich Jahncke Prize

The Friedrich Jahncke Prize is awarded to the breeder of the highest scoring mare family in a given year. The Friedrich Jahncke Prize is awarded annually, with the exception of the years in which the Herwart von der Decken Show with a family competition is held.

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