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Hannoveraner Young Breeders

Youth work has long been fixed and appreciated part of the Hannoveraner Verband. The first young breeders’ competitions in the Hanoverian breeding area were held in 1988. The pleasure in horses and horse breeding are the basic pillars of the youth work – learning and experiencing together.

There are different issues in the focus of attention: feeding and horse husbandry, breeding and history, assessment of conformation and basic gaits, health, preparation for shows and presentation in-hand. Everybody aged 8 – 25 is allowed to participate. There are POC’s with almost all horse breeders’ and regional breeding clubs responsible for the young breeders’ work. The Verband’s youth representative is member of the Board, thus representing the interests of the young breeders at the highest level. A special membership for the young breeders with the Hannoveraner Verband is a matter of course.

Workshops, advanced training and competitions in theory and practice at all levels and far beyond the borders of the Hannoveraner Verband – up to World Championships – are fixed part of the young breeders’ work.
And it is not only a question of imparting know how: Responsibility and identification with the Hanoverian horse, preserving tradition and knowledge are core values to be passed on to the younger generation. Rejuvenating the Verband’s structures and the training and support of qualified young executives has also top priority.

The gates of the Hannoveraner Verband are always open!

Fiona Koch | Hannoveraner Verband | Ansprechpartner

Fiona Koch

Processing of breeding data, support for stallion owners, young breeders, Issuing of foal registration forms and animal breeding certificates young breeders

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