Auction information

To complete your auction experience, you can find out about many other auction topics here. Take a look at the current training schedule, the entire auction process, find your way to the auction site in Verden, learn more about the billing procedures and what happens after the sale. You are also welcome to use our after-sale service.

Training Schedule

You are welcome to watch the daily public training and combine it with the opportunity to sit in the saddle of your favorite horse. You are also welcome to attend the presentation dates, after which you will have the opportunity to try out the horses. It is possible to follow the daily training of the auction horses and to try the horses during the preparatory training sessions from April, 12-22. Please arrange an appointment by telephone. Please keep in mind that the trying of the horses is at your own risk. We strongly ask you to wear a riding helmet.

Tuesday, April 11
Delivery of the riding horses

Wednesday to Friday, April 12 to 14
9.00 am    Individual training of the riding horses

Saturday, April 15
10.00 am    First Presentation of the dressage and jumping horses - LIVESTREAM

Sunday, April 16
Start online auction
9.00 am    Individual training of the riding horses

Monday and Tuesday, April 17 and 18
9.00 am    Individual training of the riding horses

Wednesday, April 19
2.00 pm    Presentation of the dressage and jumping horses - LIVESTREAM

Thursday, April 20
9.00 am    Individual training of the riding horses

Friday, April 21
10.00 am    Free jumping test of selected riding horses - LIVESTREAM
2.00 pm    Individual training of the riding horses

Saturday, April 22
9.00 am    Trying out of the riding horses till 12 am – with a previously arranged appointment
2.00 pm    Final Bid up riding horses,

Veterinarian Service – Department of Health

Registered users can see the veterinarian documents and x-rays on the profile of each horse in the internet from April 6 to 22, 2023.

Dr. Felicia Wehrenpfennig is available by telephone during the auction time from 8 am till 2 pm and during the presentations. Besides these time-slots you have the possibilty to send an email request. Please send your phone number and a 2 hours time-slot in which you are available.

Telephon +49 (0) 42 31-67 34 50, E-Mail: vet(ät)



Auction brochure

The auction brochure features all important information on the auction horses such as detailed information on pedigrees, dam lines and photos.

Please order here your auction brochure ticket(ät)

> Auction brochure (pdf)


After Sale Service | Verdener Auktion | Hannoveraner Verband | Foto: Knaup

After Sale-Service

We want you to be satisfied! After the purchase of an auction horse, there is often still some work to be done for you as the buyer. Don't worry, your horse will continue to be cared for by the auction team for up to a week at no cost to you. We will also coordinate the transport and pick-up dates for you if you wish so.

We are happy to plan and organize a customized training profile for your new Hannoveraner. If you wish, you can have your horse trained by our team of riders and prepared for studbook inspections, mare or stallion performance tests and competition shows. We also offer support for the rider's development and offer training courses for dressage and jumping as well as individual training sessions.

We will be happy to assist you with the collection of your auction horse and will answer questions on the topics:

  • transport companies
  • payment terms
  • pick-up times
  • EU health certificates
  • customs clearance accompanying document
  • training possibilities

Photo- and Videoservice

Photo Ridinghorses

Photographer Kiki Beelitz (Riding horses) will take photos of your horse before and during the live-auction. Please contact her to order photos of your horse:

Ulrike Beelitz
Lange Str. 12
D-27412 Hanstedt
0171 6417872
04285 95161

Photo Foals

At the foal selection events in Verden, our photographer Juliane Fellner will be on site to take pictures of your foal.

Hannoveraner Verband
Juliane Fellner
Lindhooper Str. 92
27283 Verden

You would like to order the photos of your foals? Please fill out the oder form

Video Service

The video company KUNSTWERK has filmed one presentation and the live-auction. Ordering a video, featuring your horse, is possible with:

KUNSTWERK Videoproduktion
Thorsten Kunst
Schmolte 4
D-49406 Drentwede
++49 (0)5442-501073

Your way to Verden

Welcome in the Riders‘ Town of Verden! “Gaudeamus equis – take joy in the horse!” This is the slogan of the idyllic town on the banks of the river Aller. The Verden restaurants and hotels are focused on ensuring that you will have a pleasant stay in Verden. Please click here for the hotels in close proximity to the Niedersachsenhalle.

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Dr. Katharina Wiegand

Management of the auction office, management of the department of science and strategy
insurance of the auction horses

+49 42 31 67 37 30

Malte Kanz

Selection dates and admission documents riding horses, auction catalogs and moderation, general auction questions.

+49 42 31 67 37 39