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Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2023 - Jumping Stallions

The breeding highlight is the Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales of the jumping stallions in Verden. At the main licensing, two and a half year old stallions are presented in hand as well as three year old stallions under the rider. Stallion owners and riders can buy their future stallion or sport partner here.

From November 30 to December 2, 2023, the Stallion Licensing of Show Jumping Stallions and the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Masters will take place. All stallions of the riding horse population (breed group 1) are eligible to participate in the licensing, provided they meet the conditions for pedigree.

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Time Schedule

We are pleased to welcome you to this year's Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales. From November 30 to December 2, Verden is the place to be for the jumping stallions. We offer you avaried pro gram on three days live on site or via live broadcast at www.clipmyhorse.tv. The OnLive auction of the stallions will be broadcast on Saturday evening, however, exclusively on the auction platform www.verdener-auktion-online.com including the possibility of online bidding.

For the second time, the licensing of the show jumping stallions will be integrated into the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Masters, a young horse competition for four- to eight-year-old show jumpers.

Thursday, November 30

  • 8.00 am   Jumping test for young horses class A**        4-year-old horses with prior course inspection for the horses

  • 10.00 am Jumping test for young horses class               5-year-old horses

  • 12.30 am Jumping class M*                                               6-year-old horses   

  • 14.30 am Jumping class M**                                             7+8-year-old horses

Friday, December 2

  • 8.30 am    Presentation of the stallions on hard soil
  • 11.00 am  Warm up free jumping of the two year old stallions followed by completing a course under saddle of the three and four year old stallions
  • 3.00 pm    Master jumping horse test class         4-year-old horses

  • 4.30 pm    Master Special Show Jumping Class M* with jump-off  5-year-old horses

  • 18.30 pm Master jumping class M** with jump-off        6-year-old horses

  • 20.30 pm Master jumping class S* with jump-off  7+8-year-old horses

Saturday, December 2

  • 8.00 am Free jumping of the stallions with licensing part I
    Lunch break
    Free jumping of the stallions with licensing part II

  • 3.30 pm Show program with honoring of the premium stallions

  • 4.30 pm OnLive-Auction of the stallions – first the premium stallions; the other stallions follow in the order of their headnumbers

Veterinarian Service – Department of Health

Commission of veterinarians
All stallions were examined centrally in Verden according to a protocol that is uniform for all German sport horse associations The following veterinarians were involved:

  •   Dr. Felicia Wehrenpfennig, Practice for horses, Verden
  •   Dr. Rüdiger Beier, Pferdeklinik Destedt, Destedt
  •   Dr. Steffen Gremmes, Pferdeklinik Jühnde, Jühnde

All stallions were tested for the hereditary disease Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS). You can find the results on the pedigree pages of the stallions.

Veterinary advice during the licensing
Dr. Felicia Wehrenpfennig will be pleased to advise you if you have questions regarding the x-rays or clinical examinations of the stallions.
Veterinary consultation hours

  •   Thursday, 30/11, 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 pm
  •   Friday, 1/11, 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 pm
  •   Saturday, 2/11, 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 pm


X-rays online
X-rays are available online. You will find the order button at the overview of the collection at www.verdener-auktion-online.com.

Telephon +49 (0) 42 31-67 34 50, E-Mail: vet(ät)hannoveraner.com

Auction brochure

The auction brochure features all important information on the auction horses such as detailed information on pedigrees, dam lines and photos.

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Verdener Hengstkörung mit Hengstmarkt - Springhengste - 30. November bis 2. Dezember