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Breeding programs

 With the help of various breeding programmes, Hannoveraner breeders try to consolidate and further improve the success of their horses. We would be happy to help you with your breeding programme!

The extraordinary position of the Hannoveraner in the national and international competition is only possible through consequently applied selection measures.


Hannoveraner Breeding Aim

The Hannoveraner is to be bred as a horse which is particularly suitable for riding. The aim is to produce horses which, on account of their inner qualities, rideability, external appearance, sequence of movement, natural jumping ability and health, are suitable as performance as well as leisure horses.

On this basis it is aimed to breed horses with particular ability for the discipline either of dressage, jumping or eventing. With the qualities mentioned, it is also aimed to breed horses which are suitable for driving sport. The breeding aim offers each individual breeder enough freedom to realize his own ideas.

Breeding aim for the Rhineland Riding Horse
Goal is to breed noble, big-framed and healthy, fertile horses with a perfect conformation and powerful, ground-covering and elastic movement that are suitable for all equestrian purposes when it comes to temperament, character and rideability.

» Breeding Aim Hannoveraner (pdf)

» Breeding Aim Rhineland (pdf)

Guidelines breeding

The Studbook Committee of the Hannoveraner Verband has developed guidelines. This is intended to draw attention to partial aspects of the breeding aim and on currently important selection criteria. The guidelines, like signposts, describe the direction of decision-making processes and at the same time serve as a basis for discussion for the implementation of concrete measures. They provide valuable orientation for every breeder.

Guideline Main Disposition
Breeding sport horses requires a clear orientation towards a particular disposition for dressage, show jumping or eventing. For the selection, all trait complexes must be evaluated.
In the breeding of show jumpers, only show jumping lines and suitable sires should be used.
Dressage bloodlines, appropriate show jumping bloodlines and well-matching sires should be used in the breeding of dressage horses.

Guideline Quality
The evaluation of the back is of special importance in the breeding of sport horses in all disciplines. Selecting horses who display expressive steps over a powerful, relaxed back is in the focus of attention to pursue the goal of improving the horse’s movement by means of perfectly developing the carrying power under the rider. Furthermore, the importance of hoof and conformation quality is to be increased again.

Guideline Identity
The Hannoveraner Verband aims to stabilize the valuable genetic basis of the Hannoveraner breed in the long term by encouraging the use of proven and newly developing Hannoveraner performance lines.

Hannoveraner Jumper Breeding Program (PHS)

In 1993, the Hannoveraner Springpferdezucht (PHS) program was initiated. The support program aims to improve the breeding of show jumping horses. A part of the Hannoveraner breed is designated to specifically produce above average jumpers.

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