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FAQ about the Verden Auction

1.)    How much does it cost to present a horse at a preselection event?
All preselection dates for the Verden Auctions are free of charge. Costs are only charged after admission (see question 6). The selection dates for the next auction can be found in DER HANNOVERANER or here on the homepage. Please register your horse in advance with the auction office via telephone/e-mail.

2.)    What is the procedure for a preselection event?
Depending on the level of training, the horses are first presented in free running. After this, all horses will be shown under the sadle and the show jumpers will jump under the saddle, according to their age. The last step is the inspection (including measuring) without saddle on hard surface. At this point, the auction team announces which horse is admitted to the auction.

3.)    How long will my purchased horse remain in the Verband's stable free of charge after the auction?
After the auction, the horses can stay with the Verband free of charge for one week and will be ridden by the riders of the Hannoveraner Verband during this time. After one week, 25 Euros per day plus VAT will be charged from the day after the auction. This gives you, as the buyer, the opportunity to organise the transport of your horse. Should you need help with this, we will be happy to assist you with our after-sale service. Please contact our customer advisors (Steffen Werner, Tel. 04231/67 37 27).

4.)    How much does it cost to have a horse trained by the Hannoveraner Verband?
The Hannoveraner Verband takes horses in for training by arrangement. From breaking in to preparation for mare performance tests to presentations at auctions, the horses are trained and further developed by the experienced team here. A daily fee of 25 Euros plus VAT is charged for the training and stabling of your horse.
Vet and farrier fees are added. If your horse is to be shown at competitions, this will be charged individually. If you are interested in having your horse trained by the Hannoveraner Verband, please contact Kathrin Meyer zu Strohen, Tel. +49 (0) 17 1/1734883.

5.)    What costs are incurred if my horse has been admitted to the Auction?
If your horse is admitted to the auction, the Hannoveraner Verband requires a current veterinary examination including x-rays. This must be done by one of our contracted veterinarians. The costs incurred differ from horse to horse. Therefore, you should contact the respective veterinarian for a detailed cost estimate. Furthermore, the Hannoveraner Verband charges an advertising fee of 250 Euros (Elite Auction 300 Euros) for the photos and videos, the production of the auction catalogue and the advertising of the Auction on the various platforms. A fee for riding by the team of auction riders and stabling of 22 Euro per day plus VAT will be charged for the 13 days of the Auction. As the horses are insured by the Hannoveraner Verband for death, emergency killing or permanent unserviceability after the head numbers have been assigned (but at the earliest 8 weeks before the auction), an insurance fee of 276.75 Euros will be charged. Finally, there is a brokerage fee, which depends on the hammer price of the horse at the Auction. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our auction office.

6.)    What happens if I am interested in a horse from the collection?
If you have found interesting horses in the Auction Collection, you can first inform yourself about the general horse data, sport successes and successful related horses in the Auction Catalogue or on our homepage. This information is completed by videos of the horses, during the course of the auction additional videos will be added. In addition, our customer advisors are available to you at any time. They can provide you with further information on the horses and arrange an appointment with you to try them out. Trying out the auction horses is possible from the Tuesday of the first auction week until the day of the auction. At live auctions, our customer advisors will also be happy to deposit tickets for the auction. You will find protocols and x-rays on our website for each horse. The x-rays can be viewed on our website after prior registration and can be presented to your trusted veterinarian if required. In addition, the auction veterinarian Dr. Felicia Wehrenpfennig is also available for consultation. If you have decided on a horse, we will keep our fingers crossed that you will be able to buy your dream Hannoveraner.

7.)    How does the Auction period work?
The auction horses are delivered 12 days before the auction on Monday. Upon delivery, an inspection is done by the auction team and the veterinarian. From Tuesday onwards, the horses are trained daily by their auction riders. They will be supported by trainer Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen. Each rider is assigned a groom. The groom will take care of the horses during the entire auction period. From Tuesday onwards, it is possible for interested parties to try out the horses by appointment. The first presentation will take place on the following Saturday. This will be filmed and can be viewed on our homepage the following week. Further presentations will take place on Wednesday of the second week and on the morning of the auction day. These two presentations will be livestreamed on our homepage.

8.)    Do I have to register before the Auction to be able to bid?
Live auctions: No, you do not need to. In the back of the auction catalogue you will find a yellow bidder's card to be detached. You can use this to bid at the auction.
Online auctions: Before bidding for the first time, you need to sign up for an account on the auction platform. With your login data, you can then log in to the platform again and again, no matter which Verden Auction is currently running.

9.)    What is the exhibitor / buyer insurance?
As soon as the horse has been admitted to the auction and the head numbers have been assigned, your horse is insured for death, emergency killing and permanent unserviceability via the Hannoveraner Verband with R+V Versicherung until the sale. The horses are uniformly insured with 80 % compensation with an insured sum of 15,000 Euros. As an exhibitor you have the possibility to increase the sum insured. With the hammer fall, the exhibitors' insurance is changed into a buyers' insurance. The horses are then insured for 6 months after the auction, also with 80% compensation for death, emergency killing and permanent unserviceability, as well as transport to the first buyer's stables. The sum insured corresponds to the purchase price, however, up to a maximum of 175,000 Euros. Here, too, an increase of the sum insured or an extension of the insurance by the buyer is possible. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our auction office or our contact persons at R+V Versicherung.

10.)    What is the selection and auction procedure for foals?
As with the riding horses, there are preselection dates for foals. These can be found here on the homepage or in DER HANNOVERANER. For the dates in Verden, Wickrath and Alsfeld you should register in advance. The presentation takes place together with the dam in hand. At the appointment in Verden, Thorsten Kunst and Kiki Beelitz and the Verden team will take photos and videos of the foals. You can also purchase these from them. In Verden, the young breeders will also be happy to help you present your foal. If your foal is approved, a clinical examination by the veterinarian will follow. Here, too, the examination must be done by one of the contracted veterinarians. The auction office will send you the admission papers. These contain all the information in detail. After the head number has been assigned, but no later than 4 weeks before the auction, your foal is insured for death and emergency killing until delivery. The sum insured is 5,000 Euros. After delivery, the foal is additionally insured for permanent unserviceability.
The further procedure depends on whether the auction is a live auction or an online auction. In the case of online auctions, no further presentations or similar are planned. In the case of live auctions, there will be an additional presentation or the actual live auction setting in the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden. The delivery for this takes place on the morning of the auction.

11.)    When can I collect my purchased foal and is it also insured?
Your foal purchased at the auction is insured after the hammer falls. The insurance sum is the amount of the purchase price but not more than 25,000 Euros. Your foal is insured until October 31st or at least until it has reached the age of 6 months. As with the riding horses, you can increase the insurance amount and term individually. If you have any further questions regarding insurance, please contact our auction office (04231-673732) or R+V Versicherung.

The inspection of the foals for handover usually takes place in fixed inspection weeks and in autumn. Mrs. Pia Pfaff (04231-673732) will contact you for an exact date. If possible, the inspection will take place in Verden. The foal will be clinically examined by the veterinarian on this day. Afterwards you may take your Hannoveraner foal home.