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Studbook inspections

All mares intended for breeding have to be registered with the corresponding sections of the Hannoveraner or Rhineland Studbook. The entry into the studbook is the basis for breeding.

Trot, walk and the mare's conformation are assessed during the studbook inspection. Additionally, jumping mares can be evaluated in free jumping. Mares of other riding horse breeds can also be entered in the Hannoveraner Studbook. Studbook inspections take place during mare performance tests, mare shows, appointments at home or via video inspection. The appointments are offered throughout Germany and in many countries worldwide.

If the mare is already registered as a broodmare with another society, the entry as well as the existing premium titles can be taken over under certain conditions.

Studbook inspection abroad

The Hannoveraner Verband is also active abroad. In addition to the EU member states Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, the Hannoveraner Verband also conducts its breeding program in the contracting states Switzerland and Norway and the third country states Russia, Canada, South Africa and Ukraine. Foal registrations and studbook inspections are possible in the listed countries.

For most countries there are scheduled events and registration trips (listed below). Appointments in other countries are possible, please contact Bo Eitenmüller (Tel.: +49 (0)4231-673744, E-Mail: beitenmüller(ät)

Scheduled events and registration trips

Studbook inspection in Germany

Registrations for the dates should be made four weeks in advance to the listed contact addresses, preferably by e-mail.

  • Each newly registered mare will be listed as an active broodmare and assessed for the following year's fee if no written cancellation is received prior to that date, no later than December 30 of that year.
  • The regulations of the breeding programs apply.

Here you can find the dates for the mare shows and studbook inspections

Here you can find the registration form for studbook inspections


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Studbook divisions

For entry into the Main Studbook or the Studbook, there are certain conditions when it comes to pedigree, conformation and basic gaits. There are two different divisions of the studbook:

The main division consists of the:

  • Main Studbook (H). Four generations of approved pedigree must be provided for entry into the main studbook (Hannoveraner studbook). The dam of the mare must be registered in the main studbook or in the studbook. The mares must achieve a score of at least 6.0 in the overall evaluation of conformation and movement and may not be below 5.0 in any of the subcriteria.
  • Studbook (S)

For registration in the studbook (Hannoveraner studbook), three approved generations must be documented in the pedigree. The dam of the mare must be registered in the main studbook, studbook or appendix. The mares must achieve a score of at least 5.0 in the overall evaluation and may not be below 4.0 in any of the subcriteria. 

  • Annex for mares (A)

For entry in the appendix, a pedigree certificate or a birth certificate must be available. Mares not meeting the entry requirements for the main studbook and studbook are entered in the appendix. The entry is made without evaluation.

  • Foal book for mares

In the year of birth, all mares are entered whose parents are registered in the breed's studbook.

The additional division consists of the:

  • Pre-book for mares

In the pre-book, mares can be registered that do not meet the entry requirements for the main division, but are of the German Riding Horse type and meet the breeding goal.

  • Foal pre-book for mares

In the year of birth, all fillies are entered that do not meet the entry requirements for the foal book for mares.

Schedule of a Studbook inspection at a mare show

The mares are presented to the judges in-hand while standing (conformation evaluation), on the triangle in trot (evaluation of trot and correctness of the gait) and in a small group while walking (evaluation of the walk). On recommendation of the Board, the mares may additionally be shown on hard ground (judging correctness of the limbs), and judged in free-running (evaluation oh canter). After the walk presentation, the inspection result will be announced.

Here are our recommendations for a smooth performance: We suggest practicing standing for the conformation evaluation and presenting the mare in trot and walk beforehand. In order to allow the mare to show her qualities in both gaits in the best possible way, she should move as independently as possible from the handler, who sometimes has to run fast next to her. It goes without saying that the mare has to be in a perfect feeding condition with shiny coat which reveals an excellent general condition and state of health, as well as well-maintained hooves. It is also a common practice to have the mare’s mane plaited. Before the mare is presented, please contact the officials at the inspection location who are responsible for the schedule.


The Studbook Inspection Commission awards scores from 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent). Only whole scores are given. The total score is based on the individual scores for the conformation.

The following criteria are evaluated:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Saddle position
  • Frame
  • Forelegs
  • Hind legs

These criteria are combined in a score "quality conformation". However, this does not have to be the arithmetical mean of the individual scores mentioned above, as the individual criteria can be weighted differently.

From the scores for

  • breed and sex type
  • quality of conformation
  • correctness of gaits
  • impulsion and elasticity (trot)    
  • overall impression and development

The scores for breed and sex type result in the "total score", which is the average of these scores and rounded up or down to a whole score. The exhibitor receives the individual scores following the studbook inspection when he receives the horse passport.

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