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Dam lines

There are a large number of excellent dam lines in the Hannoveraner breed, with successful horses resulting from them again and again. "Hannoveraner Stutenstamm" offers every breeder the opportunity to obtain detailed information.

Mares out of well-bred, hereditary reliable lines are the most valuable asset of the breeder. The Hannoveraner breed in particular offers a large number of excellent dam lines, from which sport horses for the various disciplines, licensed stallions and valuable mares are repeatedly produced.

Hannoveraner Dam lines

"Hannoveraner Stutenstamm" ("Hannoveraner dam line") offers every breeder the possibility to get comprehensive information about every recorded Hannoveraner dam line.

  • the origin of the respective line (foundation mare, breeding site)
  • its distribution (total and current number of registered broodmares)
  • the number of State Premium mares
  • the number of stallions licensed at the Hannoveraner Verband with a list of names and pedigree links
  • number of auction horses
  • successes in sport including a list of outstanding Hannoveraner sport horses by name

Based on "Hannoveraner dam line"

Based on the first edition of the "Hannoveraner Stutbuch" (Hannoveraner Studbook) published in 1888, "Hannoveraner Stutenstamm" (Hannoveraner Dam Line) offers every breeder the possibility to obtain detailed information about successful breeding and sport horses of a Hannoveraner dam line. Particularly successful horses are listed with their individual successes.All lines of the Hannoveraner and East Frisian origin with mares that have been active in breeding in the Hannoveraner Verband since 2006 are included. Lines whose foundation mare belongs to another recognized breed (e.g. English Thoroughbred, Trakehner, Holsteiner, etc.) are not included.

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