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Membership at the Hannoveraner Verband

The Hannoveraner Verband is an association of horse breeders and offers various forms of membership. Become a member!

Membership of the Hannoveraner Verband includes receiving our magazine “DER HANNOVERANER”.  This monthly publication guarantees being regularly informed about regional and international activities and auctions of the Hannoveraner Verband. Our magazine features up-to-date reports from sport and breeding as well as tournament results, but also results and information on brood mare performance tests and mares shows.

To subscribe to “DER HANNOVERANER”, become a “Hanoverian partner” at an annual membership fee of Euro 70, available upon written request. 

Hanoveraner Breeder

A membership is necessary for everyone who wants to breed a Hannoveraner or a Rhineland foal. The membership is associated with a registered broodmare.

Provided the mare is not yet registered with the studbook, you will become member of the Hannoveraner Verband during studbook inspection.

In the year of entry as well as the two following years the annual fee is 130,00 € and from the 4th year on it is 80,00 € including the digital version of the members’ magazine DER HANNOVERANER (German/English). In addition, there are shipping costs for the German edition of the members' magazine DER HANNOVERANER if you subscribe to it. Please refer to our extrct of schedule of fees for these and all other fees.

Membership as a Hannoveraner breeder also requires becoming member of a regional horse breeders’ club. The horse breeders’ clubs organize events such as foal and mare shows and are frequently the crucial link between the breeders and the Verband.

> Online Application for membership

> Application for membership (pdf)

Hannoveraner Partner

The membership as a "Hannoveraner Partner" can be acquired by anyone who is interested in Hannoveraner horses. Hannoveraner Partners receive the members' magazine DER HANNOVERANER six times a year. DER HANNOVERANER contains a number of interesting articles on horse breeding and sport. In addition, all news and dates of studbook inspections and shows or mare performance tests relevant to breeding are published.

Familiarize yourself with the Hannoveraner breed and become a Hannoveraner partner. The one-time entrance fee is 25,00 Euro, the annual membership fee is 70,00 Euro. If you change your membership from a Hannoveraner Partner to a Hannoveraner breeder, the fees or contributions already paid in the current year will be credited to the new fees.

Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft als "Hannoveraner Partner" - Ausland

Application form of Membership "Hannoveraner Partner"

Hannoveraner Verband - connected decentralized in the regions

The Hannoveraner Verband was founded in 1922 by an alliance of horse breeders. Due to the large number of members, the subdivision into three levels, which has been successfully practiced since the beginning, has been maintained - under the central Verband there are supra-regional Regional Societies and under them local horse breeding clubs. Membership in the Hannoveraner Verband therefore deliberately includes membership in one of the regional breeding clubs.

The more than 85 breeding clubs are the direct contact from the Hannoveraner Verband or the Regional Societies to the breeders. They organize breeding events for their region, e.g. studbook inspections, mare shows and mare performance tests, as well as meetings and information events.

Since its foundation, the central Verband has consisted of supra-regional Regional Societies and local breeding clubs, which are the direct link to the breeder. The nine Regional Societies of Braunschweig, Hanover, Hesse/South Germany, Lüneburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Osnabrück/Emsland, East Frisia/Oldenburg and Stade as well as the Regional Society Hannoveraner International are the foundation of the Hannoveraner Verband. The Regional Society Hannoveraner International represents the interests of all breeders abroad. It includes the four daughter societies the American Hanoverian Society,  the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia, the British Hanoverian Horse Society and the Hanoverian Society of New Zealand and the breeding clubs in Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Russia, Sweden and South Africa.

The Regional Societies occupy the middle position between the Hannoveraner Verband and the breeding clubs in their region. The Regional Societies and breeding clubs are of elementary importance for the local breeding activities, the regional cohesion as well as the communication within the Verband. They promote the exchange of information and represent both the interests of the members to the Verband’s management and the interests of the Verband’s management to the members.

The commitment of the young breeders in the horse breeding clubs is also really great. Here, the upcoming generation of breeders is familiarized with the specialized knowledge. Several breeding clubs also organize sales events and foal shows.

Trial subscription DER HANNOVERANER

The Hannoveraner Verband offers trial subscriptions for three months for the members’ magazine DER HANNOVERANER, free of charge and non-binding.

After expiry of the trial subscription, the Hannoveraner Verband will contact you to then decide on continuing the subscription and deciding at the same time on registration with the Hannoveraner Verband as “Hanoverian partner”.

Horse breeder clubs

The more than 90 horse breeders’ clubs are the direct contact link between Hannoveraner Verband resp. the regional breeding clubs and the breeders. They organize studbook inspections, mare shows and broodmare performance tests and offer assistance and advice.

The young breeders are also strongly involved in the work of the horse breeders’ clubs. The future breeders are provided expert knowledge for the future.
A number of horse breeders’ clubs also host sales events and foal shows.

» List of the horse breeders clubs

National and international regional breeding disctricts

The Hannoveraner Verband consists of the regional breeding clubs Braunschweig, Hanover, Hessen/Southern Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lüneburg, Osnabrück/Emsland, East Frisia/Oldenburg, Stade and International. The regional breeding districts occupy a center position between the Hannoveraner Verband and the horse breeders’ clubs of their region. They host the Friedrich Jahncke-Shows in certain intervals and co-ordinate the different breeding activities in their area.

» List of the Breeding clubs

Statutes and fees

The Statutes of the Hannoveraner Verband serve as rulebook, determining ways decisions are taken, tasks and the valid studbook regulations. Only the highest body of the Hannoveraner Verband, the Delegates’ Conference, shall be entitled to make amendments. The same applies for the fee schedule. 

» Auszug aus Gebührenordnung Ausland

» Schedule of fees

» Extract of schedule of fees abroad

Tanja Coors

Membership administration, tour planning international for foal registrations and studbook inspections, Duplicate papers

+49 42 31 67 37 19

You would like to become a member of the Hannoveraner Verband or have questions about your membership? We are looking forward to your inquiry.