Yearbook Stallions


The Yearbook Stallions digital is online.

This year we have taken the step of launching a digital version of our Yearbook Stallions. For many years the Yearbook Stallions was the reference book for Hannoveraner breeders. We want to maintain this claim in an expanded form and the up-to-date information presented and would like to support the breeding decisions of our breeders with this cost-free offer.  

The Yearbook Stallions was published with the first edition in 1999, based on the dissertation of Dr. Ludwig Christmann, which dealt with the "breeding value estimation for characteristics of the studbook inspection and the mare performance test in the breeding area of Hannover".

And now the Yearbook Stallions is turning over a new page. The digital version offers all the previously known advantages of the Yearbook. And at the same time, we can depict even more than the book version has allowed us to do. More stallions will be available, due to the limited number of pages, we had to shorten here again and again. The detailed search allows you to search for stallions filtered by approval, breed, pedigree and entry in one of the top lists. Speaking of top lists: In addition to the top lists Dressage, Jumping and Riding Horse Points, which have been recorded in book form so far, there will also be the top lists Young Horse Tests Dressage or Jumping and Highest Level Achieved Dressage or Jumping. On the respective detail pages of the stallions, the basic information can be found again, as well as the various breeding values, own and offspring successes and photos of the stallions provided by the stallion owners. And the digital version has one decisive advantage: It is up-to-date. Sport and show successes of the stallions and their offspring are automatically entered and thus the Yearbook Stallions digital always offers the latest status.

We are looking forward to this change with one laughing and one crying eye. For 23 years the reference book has influenced the decisions of many breeders and this tradition shall be continued with the Yearbook Stallions digital.

If you have any questions about the Stallion Yearbook digital, please do not hesitate to contact Juliana Küspert (jkuespert(ät), Tel.: +49 42 31 67 37 65).

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