German Dressage Derby

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Hannoveraner triumph at the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg: Bricco Barone best horse, Kathleen Kröncke best rider.

Kathleen Kröncke win the German Dressage Derby (photo: Hellmann)

The renowned German Dressage Derby was firmly in Hannoveraner hands. All three riders of the final with change of horses rode horses from Hannover. With each rider, the Bertoli W/Cavan Blue Hors son Bricco Barone (breeder: Christian Heinrich, Staffhorst), who had qualified with Hendrik Lochthowe, scored the highest points with over 70 percent each and was the best horse. Frederic Wandres had brought Dom Perignon by Dimaggio/De Niro (breeder: Christiane and Maik Wernicke, Plattenburg) to Hamburg-Klein Flottbek. The former Verden auction horse finished second, just like his rider. The Blue Ribbon of the Derby winner went to Kathleen Kröncke, who had made her way to the final with Hampton Court by Hochadel/Walt Disney (breeder: Dieter Bührig, Schiffdorf). This was her second victory after 2011. At that time she was riding her successful horse Wonder FRH by Werther/Maat (breeder: Eberhard Königs, Wallmoden).

In the German Jumping Derby, Nupafeed's La Vista by Lordanos/For Pleasure (breeder: Karl-Heinz Auffarth, Bergedorf), Hannoveraner Champion of 2015, came fourth with Sandra Auffarth in the exciting jump-off.