European Cup Lausanne/SUI

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Fräulein Frieda, Little Caterpillar, Cambion and Astrello win Teamgold.

Fräulein Frieda and Brendon Schäfer-Gehrau (Photo: Archive/Lafrentz)

Germany won the title at the European Cup in Lausanne/SUI. Four Hannoveraner were part of the winning team: Fräulein Frieda by Fürst Nymphenburg/Rotspon (breeder: Peter Broers, Großefehn) and Brandon Schäfer-Gehrau, who also became Vice European Champion in the individual classification, Little Caterpillar by Diarado/Heraldik xx (breeder: Anna Topf, Ansbach) with Anna Haag, Cambion by Canstakko/Dorian (breeder: Stefan Trentelmann, Rastede) with Elisa Abeck and Astrello by Asti's Amsterdam/Prestige Pilot (breeder: Jörg Sültemeier, Trebel), who was ridden by Linus Weiss. Already after the team dressage, which is traditionally ridden by six riders in a group, the German team took the lead and won the European Cup ahead of Belgium and Austria. Second best pair among the Austrians were the Stolzenberg/Ryon d'Anzex AA-daughter Sarah Bernhardt K (breeder: Mag. Dr. Susanna Kleindienst, Vienna/AUT) and Clemens Croy.