Delegates' Assembly


Henning Schmidt new Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Hinni Lührs-Behnke re-elected as Chariman.

Board of the Hannoveraner Verband (f.l.t.r.): Hergen Forkert, Dr. Hinni Lührs-Behnke, Carsten Leopold, Matthias Klatt, Dieter Meyer and Helmut Bäßmann (Foto: Hannoveraner Verband)

At the delegates' assembly of the Hannoveraner Verband in Verden, Henning Schmidt was elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Dr. Hinni Lührs-Behnke was confirmed in office as Chairman. "We managed to get through the Corona years well, and that is only possible if we all work together," he said, looking back on the past months.

It was a marathon programme ahead the 111 delegates. Due to Corona, last year's meeting was cancelled, and so the 2020 and 2021 financial years were on the agenda. Following the restructuring of the Hannoveraner Verband, elections were due for a number of positions on the Board after one or two years in office. Henning Schmidt became the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board. "I am looking forward to a positive cooperation for the benefit of the Hannoveraner Verband," said the entrepreneur and horse breeder from Barnstedt. With over 95 percent approval, Dr. Hinni Lührs-Behnke, Verden-Borstel, was confirmed in his office as Chairman. "I see myself as a team player and am happy to continue," said the doctor of agricultural engineering. Also elected by a large majority was Helmut Bäßmann, Meitze, as a new member of the Board, where he will succeed Harald Thelker and will be responsible for ‘loyalty to/of breeders’. Hendrik Hüsker, Wachendorf, was re-elected as Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board as was Carsten Leopold, Bassum, as Vice-Chairman. Intensive discussion preceded the vote on the possible dismissal of Board Member Matthias Klatt, who had submitted himself to the vote due to a good governance issue as a judge. A close majority decision resulted in Matthias Klatt remaining as Board Member ‘Dressage’.


In addition to the elections, the delegates voted on several amendments to the statutes. For example, the age limit for positions, which was introduced two years ago, was removed. The review of the past two fiscal years was positive. Despite the difficult conditions, auctions and breeding have developed very well and led to black figures in all areas. Many innovations were launched such as the online auctions, the discipline-related separation of the stallion licensing, the sport tests for mares as well as the Hannoveraner Jumping Masters. "Almost 20 horses were sold at the Verden Auctions last year at prices in the six-figure range," said Dr. Hinni Lührs-Behnke. "We also want to bring breeding closer to the sport again. With our new show grounds, Verden should establish itself as a show organizer."

An important step in dealing with the past was also achieved. After the conclusion of various legal disputes, the presentation of these to the delegates took place, which had been determined as a precondition for outstanding discharges of former committees. In this respect, it was now voted against the inclusion of recourse claims against honorary representatives, and all discharges were completed. As a result, the Hannoveraner Verband considers itself well positioned for future work based on trust. "The important thing is that the Hannoveraner horse is once again at the centre of attention," concluded the newly elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Henning Schmidt.