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Nomen est omen: Bombastic leads statistic

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The 49th Elite Foal and Broodmare Auction took a brisk course. Embedded in the Verden Championships, Hannover's youngest met with great interest. The favourite of the 105 foals at the OnLive Auction in the Niedersachsenhalle was Bombastic, who will start his journey to Spain for 34,000 Euros. An average of 9,919 Euros was paid for the 105 foals.
A regular customer from Spain, who has already secured many elite foals in Verden and brought them to the big sport, bought three price tops at once. Already the head number 1, Dynamic M by Dynamic Dream/Fürst Romancier (breeder and exhibitor: Marion Menck, Rübehorst), will travel to the Iberian Peninsula for 32,000 Euros. Just like the head number 2, the Bon Courage/Dancier son Bombastic (breeder and exhibitor: Hermann Havemeyer, Schwanewede), who will travel to the south of Europe for 34,000 Euros. Third in the group is Velvet Touch by V-Plus/Sandro Hit (breeder and exhibitor: Ulrich Heitmann, Hagenah), who was sold by the same bidder for 30,000 Euros.

The Casallco/Escudo son Casper FG (breeder and exhibitor: Felix Geffken, Lilienthal) has the best jumping genes. The half-brother of Philipp Weißhaupt's world class jumper Coby was auctioned off to a Belgian stallion raiser for 19,000 Euros.

In addition to renowned stallion rearers from Germany and abroad, Hannoveraner  customers from all over Germany and worldwide purchased foals. Two foals will start their journey to Argentina. Denmark bought seven times, while six foals will travel to Belgium and Great Britain and five to France.