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In addition to a classified ad in our magazine "DER HANNOVERANER", the classified ads will be placed online. The ads will be on this site for two months at a time and will be linked to an ad in "DER HANNOVERANER".

The closing date for advertisements is always the 30th of the previous month for the coming issue, so for the May issue, for example, the closing date would be March 30. The information on offers and resulting sales are not the responsibility of the Hannoveraner Verband e. V..

The ad placement takes place via the
Postfach 61 04 06
30604 Hannover
Telefon 05 11-56 05 99 30
Telefax 05 11-56 05 99 39
e-Mail [ info(ät) ]

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Britta Züngel | Hannoveraner Verband | Ansprechpartner

Britta Züngel

Editor DER HANNOVERANER Breeding programme for show jumping horses Clinics Trainingscentre Verden Association for Supporting Hanoverian Sport Horses (FRH)

+49 42 31 67 37 33

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