Collection of Sport Horses

Cool Cheval
Chatender - Castus I
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431310717215
Owner Wilfried Fuseler, Basdahl
Date of birth 25.04.2015
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Derselbe
Colour bay
Size 16.0 h.h.
VAT. 10,7 %

Cool Cheval is still a bit immature in the course, but she is willingly learning, cautious and a recommendation for the upcoming show season.

DE 431316808909
Chacco-Blue Chambertin Cambridge
Contara Contender
Cora Contender Calypso II
Saskia Sandro
DE 431319691606
Castus I Classiker Calypso II
Chantilly Furioso II
Windrose Waldstar xx Athenagoras xx
Galvana Galvano

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Dam line:   2193202 Finnenkleid

Caleandro v. Castus I (SPR: M*-erfolgr. mit Ann-Katrin Rosalewski), Ponto v. Pino Colado (SPR: S*-erfolgr. mit Anja-Sabrina Heinsohn), Goldi v. Gardekuerassier (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Mandred Prenzel).