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Leno B
Livaldon - Freudenfest/T.
Sex gelding
Registration number DE 431311315117
Owner Heinrich Bielmann, Burgdorf
Date of birth 15.04.2017
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Derselbe
Colour bay
Size 16.3 ½ h.h.
VAT. 10,7 %

Two starts, two placements: With rider Anja Kreitel-Haberhauffe, Leno was able to lead the second section of the qualifier for this year's Hanoverian Championships of three-year-old mares and geldings and won the bronze medal in the final. His dam line, which is characterized by Trakehner blood, is the origin of Wishing Luck by Werther, who won at Grand Prix-level with riders Nicole Louven and Heiner Schiergen. Leno was nominated for the Bundeschampionat of 3-year-old mares and geldings in 2020.

DE 431316616410
Vivaldi Krack C Flemmingh
Renate-Utopia Jazz
Donna Littchen Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Elfenbein Eiger II
DE 409090060806
Freudenfest/T. Tolstoi/T. Kostolany/T.
Freundin IV/T. Amadeus/T.
Patrizia XV/T. Jupiter's Chief AA Satan's Chief xx
Paloma VIII/T. Ith/T.

Registration name Leno B
successes RPF: ohne Klasse 1/1. 1/3.
breeding name -
award -
performance test -

Dam line:  

Frieda B v. Fürst Nymphenburg (DRE: S*-erfolgr. mit Bianca Schlupp), Sensation's Boy v. Stakkato (SPR: int. 1,40 m-erfolgr. mit Chantal Hebbel), Wishing Luck v. Werther (VA 1995, DRE: GP-erfolgr. mit Heiner Schiergen), Phaleb v. Polargeist/T. (DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Cordula Diekmann), Prinz Rolex v. Polargeist/T. (Fahren: S-erfolgr. mit Jürgen Matthies), Hengst v. Wolkentanz (VA 2006).


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