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Faylight K
Fürstenball - Jazz
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431316931316
Owner Marlo-Christin Kockerols, Rahden
Date of birth 17.04.2016
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Dieselbe, Rahden
Colour brown
Size 15.3 h.h.
VAT. 0 %

Faylight enters the Verden Auction stage in her sires colour. The pedigree of this brown mare makes everyones heart beat faster. Her sire Fürstenball shines with his offsprings at mare and foal shows all over the country. The dam Highlight gives this three-year-old an international touch through the stallions Jazz and Ferro as a pure Dutch.

DE 433330843106
Fürst Heinrich Florestan I Fidelio
Dawina Donnerhall
Maradonna Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Marella Classiker
Jazz» Cocktail Purioso
Charmante Ulster
Linda Ferro Ulft
Gimona Sultan

Registration name Faylight K
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Dam line:  

One-Night-Stand v. Olivi (DRE: int. S-erfolgr. mit Fie Christine Skarsoe), Fairytale v. Ferrolan (DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Isabel Egen).


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