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Dancier - Londonderry
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431311317915
Owner Dagmar Meyer, Edemissen
Date of birth 26.05.2015
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Dieselbe
Colour dark bay
Size 16.2 ½ h.h.
VAT. 10,7 %

Hann.Pr.C. Dacota presents herself highly noble. Her home is the birthplace of the licensed stallion Dubarry (VA 2011) as well as many other successful horses. Granddam Wanted is also the granddam of our head number 14 and gave birth to Brunotti, who won dressage classes up to advanced level under Magdalena Preisler. Great-granddam St.Pr. Wait and See gave birth to Batida de Coco (VA 2012), successfull in the advanced level under Elisa Prigge.

DE 431310052502
De Niro Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Alicante Akzent II
Lacarna TS Lancier Lauries Crusador xx
Espina Espri
St.Pr. Lisboa
DE 431311322707
Londonderry» Lauries Crusador xx Welsh Pageant xx
Windsor Queen Warkant
Wanted Werther Wendekreis
Wait and See Weltmeyer

Registration name -
successes -
breeding name Hann.Pr.A. Dacota
award 1xIa.
performance test 7,00 8,00 7,50 / 8,00 / 6,00

Dam line:   2192103 Klaseta

gek. Hengst Dubarry v. Don Frederico (HM 2011), Befana v. Brentano II (DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Kristina Engbarth), Brunotti v. Brentano II (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Magdalena Preisler), Delray v. Dancier (VA 2016, DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Regina Belz), Batida de Coco v. Brentano II (VA 2012, DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Elisa Prigge), Don Easy v. Don Frederico (VA 2017: 120.000 €), Leworno v. Londontime (VA 2018), Dargo Johns v. Don Darius (VA 2018: 68.000 €), Betty Barclay v. Brentano II (VA 2005: 100.000 €), gek. Hengst Jewel's Dominar v. Domino (SPR: int. S-erfolgr. mit Piet Raymakers), Willy the Great (VA 1985: 60.000 €, Olympiateilnehmer Dressur 1992 für die USA).


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