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Verdi´s Daughter W
Verdi - Concetto
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431436788715
Owner ZG Werth, Moers
Date of birth 01.06.2015
Breed Rheinländer
Breeder Dieselbe
Colour bay
Size 16.3 ½ h.h.
VAT. 0 %

Verdi´s Daughter was placed with Michael Beckmann in competitions of 1,10 meters for young show jumpers. Equipped with caution and ability, nothing stands in the way of her show jumping career. Her dam, Verb.Pr.St. Concetta, produced St.Pr. Carmina Burana W by Cristallo, who was successful with Laura Terhardt in show jumping competitions up to 1,30 meters. Carmina received a mark of 9,5 for jumping in her mare performance test. In 2015 she produced a foal for the Verden Auction, La Boheme W by Carembar de Muze.

Quidam de Revel Jalisco B Alme
Dirka Nankin
Clarissa Landgraf I Ladykiller xx
Renaissance Calypso I
Verb.Pr.St. Concetta
DE 443433338103
Concetto» Contender Calypso II
Puszta-Lany xx Frontal xx
Toffi Fee Le Matin Lord
Tifana Lord Liberty

Registration name Verdi´s Daughter W
successes SPF: A* 2/w.
breeding name -
award -
performance test -

Dam line:  

Camina Burana W v. Cristallo I (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Eva-Maria Brüse), Lauredana v. Landor S (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Jürgen Weiß), Quattrosonic v. Quaterback (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Wolfgang Tschöpe), Chico Condios v. Chico's Boy (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Volker Hahn), gek. Hengst Dionysos v. De Niro (DRE: int. S-erfolgr. mit Karin Rehbein), gek. Hengst Sir Rubilord v. Sir Donnerhall (DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Uwe Schwanz), gek. Hengst Birkhof's Rubicell v. Rubinstein I (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Nicole Casper).


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