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Zinedine - Cassini II
Sex stallion
Registration number DE 431310307814
Owner IVM-Horse GmbH, Warendorf
Date of birth 17.06.2014
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Kai Baumgartner, Kamern
Colour bay
Size 164
VAT. 19 %

Zhelinot fulfills all given tasks with excellence. This stallion, licensed and tested for Oldenburg and Westphalia, has already been placed in a 1.10 meter show jumping class for young horses. He completed his 50-day-test with 9.0 for character and 8.5 for willingness to perform. The bay is not unknown in the Niedersachsenhalle: In 2014 he changed owners for the first time at the Verden Foal Auction.

Registration name Zhelinot
successes SPF: A* 1/w.
breeding name Zhelinot
award -
performance test -

Dam line:   1190914 Schilfgarbe

Satina v. Sir Shutterfly (SPR: S-erfolgr. mit Natalia Lakomy), Calino v. Carismo (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Angela Oelkers), Robbi Willams v. Royal Diamond (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Julian Goldmeier), Le Clou v. Lesotho (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Florentine Beyer), Campina v. Cornet Obolensky (FoVA 2018), Campino v. Cornet Obolensky (FoVA 2017: 20.500 €), Movie Star v. Morricone (FoVA 2017), Cornets Girl v. Cornet Obolensky (FoVA 2017), Cornet's Best v. Cornet Obolensky (FoVA 2016: 28.000 €).


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