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Van Vivaldi W
Vivaldi - Sandro Hit
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431435971315
Owner ZG Werth, Moers
Date of birth 03.06.2015
Breed Rheinländer
Breeder Dieselbe
Colour bay
Size 174
VAT. 0 %

The four-year-old Vivaldi-daughter Van Vivaldi W comes from the ZG Werth in Moers. Granddam Monterey sired Sweet Diamond by Sandro Hit, who placed in advanced level dressage classes with Natascha Hülsey. Van Vivaldi W is nominated for the Bundeschampionat of the four-year old mares and geldings 2019 with Patricia Gehre.

Registration name Van Vivaldi W
successes RPF: 1/4.
breeding name Hann.Pr.A. Van Vivaldi W
award 1xIa.
performance test -

Dam line:  

Sweet Diamond v. Sandro Hit (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Natascha Hülsey), Montelino v. Monte Carlo I (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Martina Binnenbrücker), Montecristo v. Monte Carlo I (DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Vanessa Liebeck), gek. Hengst Bel-Air v. Belissimo M (HM 2014), Quality Girl W v. Quantensprung (FoVA 2018), Fräulein W v. Fidertanz (VA 2013: 57.000 €), Gucci Accenti v. Goldrausch II (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Dr. Ulrich Gerweck), Captain's Girl v. Captain (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Petra Wolf), Akito J v. Attache (SPR: S-erfolgr. mit Martin Vogel).


Krack C Flemmingh Lacapo
Gicara II Beaujolais
Renate-Utopia Jazz Cocktail
Darla-Utopia Ulft
Verb.Pr.St. Sandro's Daughter W
DE 443433074403
Sandro Hit» Sandro Song Sandro
Loretta Ramino
St.Pr. Monterey Monte Carlo I Milan
Rapsodie Rosenduft

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