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Askari - Adlantus As
Sex stallion
Registration number DE 431316506013
Owner Landgestüt Celle, Celle
Date of birth 12.04.2013
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Sönke Teldau, Bienenbüttel
Colour bay
Size 16.2 ½ h.h.
VAT. 0 %

Askarba was licensed in 2015 and sold at the stallion sales in Verden to the Celle State Stud. He completed his 50-day-test in Marbach and received a 9.0 for his willingness to perform. Up to now he has collected placings up to 1.30 meter classes. In the final of the 2019 Hanoverian Championships he finished the first round in the lead and then placed sixth in the jump-off without any faults under the saddle of GOW Sven Rudolph.

DE 321210154997
Acord II Ahorn Z Alme
Ribecka Calypso I
Elypse I Lavall I Landgraf I
Tibris Cor de la Bryere
DE 431319611704
Adlantus As» Argentinus Argentan
Luppy Lantaan
Athene Athletico Athlet Z
Wizuri Wiener Skat

Registration name Askarba
successes SPF: A** 1/5. L 2/3. 1/4. 3/w. M* 1/2. 2/4. 2/5. 2/w. SPR: M* 1/4. 2/5.
breeding name Askarba
award -
performance test -

Dam line:   1192408 Lavendel

Vuyani VH v. Van Helsing (SPR: int. M-erfolgr. mit Jasmin Marie Reis), Cooper S v. Clintord I (VA 2014, SPR: S-erfolgr. mit Daniel Oppermann), Charming Adlantus v. Charming Boy (SPR: S-erfolgr. mit Jan Wernke), Emmy Lou v. Escudo I (SPR: int. M-erfolgr. mit Julie Bjerregaard), Cabopina v. Contendro I (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Anna-Pia Lunke), Spoons v. Stolzenberg (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Thomas Zeplin), Lesley v. Laptop (SPR: M-erfolgr. mit Ludger Schmitz), Pionier v. Pik Bube (VA 1990, SPR: int. S-erfolgr. mit Debby Winkler).


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