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Dantana Q
Dantano - Fürst Romancier
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431316570915
Owner Claus Quast, Hamburg
Date of birth 01.01.2015
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Derselbe
Colour grey
Size 17.0 ½ h.h.
VAT. 19 %

This Hanoverian premium candidate completed her mare performance test with top marks and also convinced in competitions for young riding horses under the saddle of Jacob Schenk. Dantana is a Ia-prized mare show winner and several times class winner. She delights at each of her appearances with rhythm and ground coverage. She shows a lot of potential for further dressage training.

DE 431310011110
Diamond Hit Don Schufro Donnerhall
Loretta Ramino
Belle Amie Brentano II Bolero
Arabella Askan
Fine Sugar
DE 431316879809
Fürst Romancier» Fürst Heinrich Florestan I
Ronja Romancier
St.Pr. Mia Cara Markus Deak xx Guarde Royal xx
Falkenschwinge Falkenstern I

Registration name Dantana Q
successes RPF: 2/3. 1/4. 1/5.
breeding name Hann.Pr.A. Dantana
award 2xIa.
performance test 9,50 9,00 8,50 / 9,50 / 6,00

Dam line:  

gek. Hengst Don Darius v. Don Frederico (HM 2009: 50.000 €, DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Nina Neuer), World Pearl Q v. Worldly (Fahren: int. S-erfolgr. mit Marion Freymann), Escalat v. El Bundy (FoVA 2004, DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Jessica Volkert), Letty Q v. Literat (DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Catharina Quast), gek. Hengst Valerio v. Van Gogh.


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