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Dolce Luna
Don Frederico - Wolkentanz
Dolce Luna
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431312508814
Owner Klaus Bünger, Oetzen
Date of birth 03.05.2014
Breed Hannoveraner
BreederOwner Ludwig Eiken, Aurich
Colour liver chestnut
Size 169
VAT. 10,7 %

Dolce Luna is an elastic, correct and eagerly moving dressage youngster with brilliant basic gaits, the perfect work ethic and motivation.

Registration name -
successes -
breeding name Hann.Pr.A. Dolce Luna
award 1xIa.
performance test -

Dam line:   5191304 Osberta

Don Ludovici v. Don Frederico (VA 2004,DRE: int. S-erfolgreich mit Linnea Lyden), Grisu v. Renomee xx (Fahren: S-erfolgr.), Whippet v. Wolkentanz (DRE: S-erfolgr.), Diana E v. Don Frederico (VA 2011), Dear Pearl E v. Don Frederico (VA 2009,DRE: M-erfolgr.), Disco Queen E v. Don Frederico (VA 2008), Dolcetto v. Don Frederico (VA 2007,DRE: M-erfolgr.), Don Giovanni v. Don Frederico (VA 2010), Rex the Blacky v. Ortwin (DRE: Karin Rehbein).


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