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Zerlina TS
Zack - Rotspon
Zerlina TS
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431310221013
Owner Zuchtbetrieb Thaden, Butjadingen
Date of birth 02.04.2013
Breed Hannoveraner
BreederOwner Derselbe
Colour dark bay
Size 178
VAT. 10,7 %

Zerlina TS scores with her reliability, and the quality of her basic gaits captivates everybody at once. She also confirms her qualities under saddle.

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Dam line:   3188402 Fichtennadel

Continuo v. Contendro I (SPR: int. S-erfolgreich), Dancairo TS v. Dancier (VA 2008), L'orangy v. Laur.Crusador xx (VA 1999), Wells Fargo v. Welser (VA 2006,DRE: int. S-erfolgreich mit Paulina Holzknecht).

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