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Facts and figures! In the auction archive you can find the reports and statistics of past Verden Auctions.

Verden Auction January

Verden Auction on January, 25th, 2020


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At the first auction of the year, a show jumper jumped to the top price. In the Niedersachsenhalle, Darunee was the best paid horse for 45,000 Euros. On average, 17,203 Euros had to be invested for a Hannoveraner talent.

Already during the ten-day training period it became apparent that there was a great deal of interest in the 71 auction candidates. One show jumper led the statistics. The Hannoveraner premium candidate Darunee by Diacontinus/Comte (breeder: Ingo König, Großenwörden, exhibitor: Dagmar Scharffetter, Bremen) has already been successful in tests for young show jumpers up to 1.20 meter. There was great jubilation among the buyers from Switzerland when the six-year-old was sold for 45,000 Euros.

Fürstiano by Fürst Nymphenburg/White Star (breeder and exhibitor: Heinrich Ehlers, Helmste) was the most sought-after dressage horse to leave the Niedersachsenhalle with seven-league boots. Equipped with impressive basic gaits, the five-year-old chestnut marched from the auction ring towards Bavaria for 39,000 Euros.

"I am delighted about this successful start to the year for the Hannoveraner Verband. Right from the beginning of the auction training, the great interest of our international clientele was already apparent," Wilken Treu concluded the first auction, which he led as Managing Director of the Hannoveraner Verband. A glance at the statistics shows that the price structure was stable. The average price has improved by around 1,500 Euros compared to the previous year, it was achieved without "outliers". 36 horses cost more than 15,000 Euros. The export rate was a good 40 percent, 29 horses will leave Germany and advertise the Verden Autions from Hungary to the USA.

Verden Auctions 2019

Verden Auction January

Verden Auction on January 19th, 2019

Sport horses

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The first horse to enter the Verden Auction ring in 2019 set a mark with its price of 88,000 Euros, which should still be valid after 78 horses. With an average price of 15,801 Euro, the Verden Auction had taken a fresh course in January.With the applause of the numerous visitors in the Niedersachsenhalle, Der Keiler by Don Index/Werther was knocked down. The breeder and exhibitor of this typey bay is Carl Graf von Hardenberg, Nörten-Hardenberg, who did not miss the chance to give a package of delicacies from his distillery to the buyer. For 88,000 Euros a Belgian top dressage trainer, who has been a regular customer at the Verden Auctions for 25 years, secured the brillant moving dressage talent. Fürst Benno v. Fürst Belissaro/Worldly (breeder: Klaus Kropp, Bermen, exhibitor: Winfried Albers, Neuenkirchen) was number two in the buyer's favour and was auctioned off to Spain by telephone for 75,000 Euro.Clemens by Coupe d'Or/Drosselklang II (breeder and exhibitor: Gestüt Sprehe GmbH, Löningen) was the best paid show jumper. The bay, who already has victories and placings up to 1,30 m, will move into a box in a Spanish show jumping stable for 29,000 Euro."The price structure was solid. The average price was reached without outliers", auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said. The audience was very competent and open-minded, was to be heard from all members of the team of the training and sales centre of the Hannoveraner Verband. 34 horses achieved prices of 15,000 Euro and more. The export rate was almost 50 percent, 37 horses will leave Germany, eight found a new owner in Belgium.

Verden Auction April

Verden Auction on April 12/13

Sport horses

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The Verden Auction in April was as colourful as the spring. The fine selection of auction horses was as colourful and varied as the numerous spotlights that bathed the Niedersachsenhalle in colourful light. The dark bay dressage stallion Zouzo set the top price with 165,000 Euro. After 70 years, the auctions have lost nothing of their attractiveness. The high-class collection convinced customers worldwide, the 77 horses achieved an average price of 25,071 Euro, roundabout 7,000 Euros more than in the previous year.

In a highly acclaimed bidding duel, Zouzo by Zack/Soliman de Hus (breeder: Günter Röhrich, Neustadt, exhibitor: Willem Klausing GbR, Diepholz) advanced to the top priced horse. Not only the audience, but also Frederik De Backer didn't keep up with the exciting bidding duel. Both bidders sat in two neighbouring blocks, and the auctioneer, supported with the applause of the spectators, lured one bid after the other from both parties at close range. When the bid for the strong moving stallion was accepted at 165,000 Euro for France, the four-year-old stallion left the arena with standing ovations.

The second horse to reach the 100,000 Euro mark in Verden was Magic Moment HRH by Millennium/Don Bosco (breeder and exhibitor: Heiner and Renate Hormann, Landesbergen). With head number one, the impressive licensed stallion created magical moments in the Niedersachsenhalle right from the start. For 100,000 Euro he will provide magical moments in France.

"Home is a feeling" – this was the theme of the Verden Auction in April. The team around auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener came up with a lot of ideas with great attention to detail and just as much passion to make this event very special. The day before the auction, the Verden Evening, which focused on the horse, was a festive start. Beside the auction horses their sires had a great appearance in the spotlight. Moreover Reinhard Baumgart was honoured with the Golden Badge of Honour of the Hannoveraner Verband. As an auction rider, trainer and member of the selection committee, he was a strong pillar in the Verden Auction team. The Celle State Stud stallion Grey Top by Graf Top/Singular Joter (breeder: Emiliano Lonzi, Fauglia Pisa/ITA) was awarded the Grande Prize.

Gala and atmosphere were well received, not only at home. 32 horses were released into the wide world, 45 will stay in Germany. "The first-class collection was rewarded accordingly by our customers - and that 70 years after the first auction in Verden," said auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. "The mood was very optimistic and is an incentive for the foal auction in May".

Verden Auction May

Verden Auction on May 24/25


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On the last weekend of May, the first foals of the 2019 vintage were auctioned off in the Niedersachsenhalle. In the 70th anniversary year of the Verden Auctions a new concept celebrated its premiere. For the first time foals were offered on one event in spring. The front-runner in the price table was Fidus, who was sold to a breeder from Lower Saxony for 21,000 euros.

The most coveted auction candidate in the Niedersachsenhalle was Fidus by Fürst Belissaro/Dr. Watson (breeder and exhibitor: Petra Mohrmann, Wanna). He impressed the audience already during the presentation with the highest quality of movement and imperturbable uniformity in the appearance. Auctioneer Bernd Hickert knocked the elegant, modern black colt off into the direct neighbourhood of Verden to a breeder from Ritterhude for 21,000 Euros.

Felina by Feinrich/Rousseau (breeder and exhibitor: Michael Niethamer, Weil der Stadt) had earlier left the auction ring with applause. Lively acclaimed, the dark bay trotted into the possession of a highly successful breeder from North Rhine-Westphalia, who has already secured many top talents in young years in the Niedersachsenhalle. The highest price of the foals with a jumping pedigree was achieved by Carius H v. Chacfly PS/Numero Uno (breeder and exhibitor: Hans-Henning Hagemann, Pattensen), who will follow Feline for 16.000 Euros. "The three foals have already been the focus of interest at the morning presentation," said auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener.

An average price of 7,197 Euros had to be invested for the Hanoverian offsprings. 18 foals will leave Germany, five of them to the Netherlands and four to Great Britain. "The lively auction activity shows us that the new concept is well received by our customers," said auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. The mood was already positive on the evening before the auction. Home is a feeling – this was the motto of the well-attended Breeders' Evening to which the team of the Training and Sales Centre of the Hannoveraner Verband had invited.

Verden Auction July

Verden Auction on July, 20th - Sport Horses

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The Verden auction team had successfully put together a colourful mixture of talented dressage and show jumping horses that suited all demands. This was well honoured, for the 47 horses an average of 16,330 Euros had to be invested. While it flashed and thundered outside the Niedersachsenhalle, everything went according to plan at the Hannoveraner Verband.


It was a dressage horse that left the Niedersachsenhalle as the top prized horse. The stud Sola Nogales from Spain bought Semino JU by Scolari/Fürstenreich (breeder: Michaela Pridöhl, Grethem, exhibitor: Jürgen Uhlenwinkel, Gretehm) for 33,000 Euros. Every bid was rewarded with applause, while a summer thunderstorm raged outside the auction hall. Together with the strong moving chestnut, two other top-class rough diamonds will leave Verden for Seville.


The best paid show jumper was auctioned off over the telephone to Brussels/BEL. Cecile S by Cascadello/Contendro (breeder: Friederike Stüvel-Huck, Egestorf, exhibitor: H. u F. Stüvel GbR, Zeetze), who has already celebrated victories and placings in youn horse young show jumpimg classes, cost 26,000 Euros.


A look at the statistic shows that 28 horses were sold for 15,000 Euros and more, four of these achieved a price of 25,000 Euros and higher. The domestic/international ratio was balanced, 25 auction candidates will leave Germany.

Verden Auction August

Verden Auction on August 9/10

Foals and Broodmares

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To the cheers of the audience, Derby by Dante’s Junior was sold for the top prize of 112,000 Euros at the auction for foals and broodmares of the Hanoverian Verband. Breeding and sport – this is a combination that suits Verden. The auction was embedded in the horse show "Verden International", at which the Hanoverian Championships for riding, dressage and show jumping horses are carried out in addition to the top sport.

While the qualifications for the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal and the Piaff-Förderpreis were decided at the same time on the show grounds, numerous buyers in the Niedersachsenhalle secured the stars of tomorrow at the earliest possible time – at foal age. Derby by Dante's Junior/Fürst Romancier (breeder and exhibitor: Marion Menck, Rübehorst) stepped into the auction round with a starting bid of 30,000 Euros on the telephone. "You don´t get one like him every day," said auctioneer Bernd Hickert enthused. The bids were raised while the enthusiastic audience cheered for each of them. When the hammer fell at 112,000 Euros, the typey black colt was bid farewell from the auction round with standing ovations. He will grow up at a group of well-known stallion raisers and be prepared for future tasks.

The jumping foals had their big show the evening before. In their pedigrees everything with a big name on the international show grounds of the world met. This was also true for Chaccon du Rouet by Chacoon Blue/Balou du Rouet (breeder and exhibitor: Gerd Janssen, Neuschoo), who was the top prized horse on Friday with the knock down price of 17,500 Euros. His new owner had already payed attention three years ago. That time he acquired Starena by Stalypso in the Niedersachsenhalle, who became champion mare at the Herwart von der Decken-Show this year.

Three broodmares completed the auction collection. The best paid horse was Danciera by De Niro/Lancier (breeder: Ekke Thaden, Butjadingen, exhibitor: ZG Schmidt, Naumburg). The full sister of the Celle State Stud stallion Dancier was sold to a French stud for 20,000 Euros.

As diverse as the pedigrees were, so diverse was the clientele. 112 foals achieved an average price of 9,116 Euros. 30 foals will promote Hannover all over the world. They were most popular in Great Britain, where six representatives of the 2019 vintage will travel to.

"We are delighted that the breeders have entrusted us with the marketing of outstanding foals and that this has been rewarded by the international buyers", said auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener.

1. Verden Auction Online

Successful premiere with international biddig duels

On Saturday evening, September 14, the Hannoveraner Verband successfully concluded the first Verden online auction. In an exciting bidding duel, head number one of the foal collection advanced directly to the top price of the online premiere.


Francie Bell Boa by For Romance/Fürst Nymphenburg daughter (breeder: Jürgen-Heinrich Ohlhoff, Bergen; exhibitor: Ines Holste, Bergen) was sold at 16,500 Euros. The charming dark bay filly out of an internationally successful Grand Prix dam line already aroused the interest of international buyers before the day oft he auction.


With a final bid of 9,500 Euros, two foals achieved the second-highest price. These were the colts with head number five, Eternal Darling by Erdinger/Dancier (breeder and exhibitor: Mareike Bartels, Haren) and head number 22, Edison by Emerald van het Ruytershof/Quasimodo van de Molendreef (breeder and exhibitor: Pferdezucht P & S, Farven). A total of 30 foals were offered for auction and achieved an average price of 6,933 Euros. Seven foals will start their journey to their new owners abroad.


Auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener was very satisfied with the result of the first Verden online auction. "We are pleased that we could interest many new exhibitors and buyers by this additional auction. We can build on this result for the future". The interest in the online auction was also reflected in the number of hits. Users from 63 countries visited the online platform during the auction period, and more than 200 people registered to take advantage of the opportunity to bid on the foals.


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136th Verden Elite-Auction

Verden Elite-Auction with Gala-Show - Sport horses, two-year old sport stallions and foals

October 11/12

70 years of auctions in Verden were celebrated with a glamorours celebration. In the Niedersachsenhalle, which was sold out on two days in a row, L'Avion was celebrated as the price peak. The third in the Bundeschampionat for young horses will travel to Spain for 140,000 Euros. On average, the splending collection – the largest collection of an Elite-Auction in the last ten years – of 89 top-class talents was auctioned off for 32,561 euros.

L'Avion by Livaldon/Longchamp (breeder: Katharina Oltmann-Heemke, Kreepen, exhibitor: Steffen Brunkhorst, Parnewinkel) who was awarded the bronze medal at the Bundeschampionat for three-year-old mares and geldings, danced through the auction arena. The bids stopped at 140,000 Euros and the extraordinarily good moving and expressive dark bay became the price peak of the 136th Elite-Auction. He will be trained at the Andalusian stud, which has already bought the top priced horse of the Verden Auction in July.

"Here comes a skyrocket", announced auctioneer Frederik de Backer when the son of Diacontinus/Stolzenberg DJ (breeder and exhibitor: Manfred Kischio, Sehnde) came into the arena. A great future is promised to the four-year-old. The hammer was knocked down at 97,000 Euros and made the grey the top priced horse with jumping pedigree. In Isernhagen, he will be trained by auction rider Enrico Süßenbach.

14 horses cost 50.000 Euro and more. A total of 35 horses will leave Germany. The buyers come from all over the world – from Australia via Japan and the US to Chile. The largest group of buyers came from the USA (five), followed by Canada and Switzerland with four horses each.

In the third year now, the Hannoveraner Verband has been offering a fine selection of highly predisposed two-and-a-half-year-old stallions at the Elite-Auction. This is highly appreciated by customers from all over the world. The 16 representatives of the 2017 vintage found new owners for an average price of 19,031 Euros. Fürst Lauries by Fürstenball/Laurentio (breeder: Gesa Coordes, Aurich, exhibitor: Peter Dieckmann, Odenthal) awakened the greatest desire. The beautifully presented dark bay was auctioned off for 52,000 Euros to a top-class dressage trainer from Luxembourg, who had often found what he was looking for in Verden.

The 40 foals were also very popular with the buyers. A dark bay colt trotted away in the statistics. Dixon by Dante's Junior/Christ (breeder and exhibitor: Simone Walke, Wrestedt) was worth 19,000 Euros to a renowned stallion raiser from Lower Saxony. On average, 7,100 Euros had to be invested for Hannover's offspring.

The Gala-Evening on Friday was a splendid start to the 136th Elite-Auction in Verden. The inspiring program, which focused on horses, led through seven decades of auction history. Prominent former auction riders such as EU Commission President Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, former German national jumping coach Herbert Meyer or Bianca and Ullrich Kasselmann celebrated the Verden auctions as did Jürgen Winter, who had been a rider at the first auction in 1949. The most successful eshibitor of the past ten years was Ulrich Heuer, Bienenbüttel, who was awarded the Hans Joachim Köhler-Prize. Tim-Uwe Hoffmann and his Hannoveraner mare Casta Lee are regarded as one of the best young German couples in the course. Eight years ago, the Hoffmann family from Rhade bought the Cassus/Acorado daughter (breeder: Wilhelm Koch, Vorhop) at a Verden Auction in the Niedersachsenhalle. Meanwhile the mare has already competed three times in the U25 Cup at the CHIO Aachen/GER with her 24-year-old rider and has won over ten advanced level show jumping competitions. In the future she will start with the abbreviation of the Hannoveraner Förderverein with the name Casta Lee FRH.

Verden Auction November

Verden Auction on November 9th


» Results of the Verden Auction in November 2019

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Exactly 100 horses belonged to the big lot of the Verden Auction in November. It was the last opportunity in the 70th year of the Verden Auction to bid for a Hanoverian or Rhinelander in the Niedersachsenhalle. The top priced horse was Quedez, who was sold to Baden-Württemberg for 55,0000 Euro. On average, 16,510 Euros had to be invested for the top youngsters.


With head number 89, Quedez by Quantensprung/Sirtaki (breeder and exhibitor: Marina-Mara Tranins, Wahrenholz) had the greatest desires on his side. After a brisk bidding duel, auctioneer Frederick De Backer knocked down the last bid to a buyer from  Baden-Württemberg for 55,000 Euros.
Best paid show jumper was Dahlien by Drosselklang II/Cheenook (breeder and exhibitor: Martina Zilinska, Dolni Domaslavice/CZE). The daughter of the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2001 was worth 40,000 Euros to a customer from France.


In the training time of the Verden Auction in November, the interest was already high far beyond the borders of Germany. Thus 33 auction horses will be fed outside of Germany in the future. Most of those horses secured customers from France (twelve), followed by the United Arabian Emirates (five) and Great Britain (three).


The riders of the Verden Auction Team said goodbye to Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener as auction manager with a big thank you. "Thank you Jörg" was written on the back of the T-Shirts that every rider wore during the presentation of their last horse.

Verden Auctions 2018

Verden Auction January

» Results January

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The Verden January Auction was an amazing warm-up at the beginning of the 2018 auction season. And, once again, it was a jumper that became highest-priced horse of the day: Pure Boy was sold at 87,000 Euro. An average auction sales price of 18,590 Euro underlines the quality of the 90 riding horses.


He was already rewarded with applause the day before the auction: Pure Boy by Perigueux/Acorado (breeder and exhibitor: Rolf Trute, Cremlingen) convinced with scope and potential and a modern conformation. “Vive la France,” declared auctioneer Bernd Hickert when accepting the bid at 87,000 Euro.  Bids for this youngster rapidly changed between the left and the right side of the stands. The bay horse was sold to the French show jumping rider Pascal Fatien who lives and trains in Portugal. He had already purchased a horse at the Verden Elite Auction in autumn last year.


The Don Frederic/Escudo-son Dujardin (breeder and exhibitor: Henning Schulze, Tiddische) changed owner at 55,000 Euro. The eagerly moving black futurity prospect became the highest-priced dressage horse of the Verden auction in January. 


It was the first time that a high-quality collection of ten three-year-old stallions complemented the January collection. They were sold at an average price of 11,050 Euro.


Approx. one third of the horses will leave Germany. Customers from Spain and Switzerland purchased each seven riding horses, customers from France five youngsters. “It was the first time that the collection featured more jumpers than dressage horses. The dressage horse breeders still have all opportunities at the other Verden sales events in 2018,” said Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. “Apart from that, many top-class German show stables successfully acquired futurity prospects with the result that many of the Verden auction horses will show up again at future sports events.”

Verden Auction March

Verden Auction on March, 24th

Sport Horses and Foals

» Results Sport horses and Foals

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» Auction brochure foals

The Hannoveraner Verband presented a versatile selection of different horses, appropriate to spring time. 70 riding horses and 31 foals found a new owner at the Verden Auction in March. The first auction horse, Bonjour, came out top-priced horse of the sales event, sold at Euro 53,000.
The impressively moving grey Bonjour by Belantis/Sandro Hit (breeder: Sabine Portner, Jork – exhibitor: Heinz Katt, Stade) convinced with his super rideability and outstanding basic gaits. Bids soon reached the magical mark of Euro 50,000. Auctioneer Frederik De Backer finally accepted the bid of Euro 53,000 of a customer from Baden-Württemberg. The many visitors did not have to wait long for the next top price. Bonjour had hardly left the Niedersachsenalle when the Fürst Romancier/Londonderry-son Fiorello KJ (breeder: Klaus Jürgens, Sehnde-Bolzum – exhibitor: P & C Sportpferdezucht, Isernhagen) had his grand entrance. The impressive five-year-old chestnut stallion had already won riding and dressage horse ability competitions last year. He was sold at Euro 50,000 to Hamburg.
Euro 43,000 had to be invested in the best-priced jumper. The only four-year-old Charlotta by Cascadello/Fighting Alpha (breeder: Lotta Aalto, Bargstedt – exhibitor: Ulf Plate – Oldendorf) out of a performance-tested damline can look forward to a sparkling future. She was sold to a successful Dutch show jumping stable after an exciting bidders duel.


The riding horses were sold at averagely Euro 17,904. There was a huge interest from abroad. 34 horses will leave Germany. The biggest number of horses was sold to Belgium (six horses), followed by Spain (five horses) and the US and France with each four purchased futurity prospects.  


The collection was complemented by the first foals born in 2018. The 31 foals were sold at an average auction sales price of Euro 6,339. The foal with catalogue no. 1 also turned out to be the best-priced foal of this collection: Samour d’Or by San Amour/Donnerhall (breeder: Helmut G. Heidmeyer, Rahden – exhibitor: Gestüt Fünfhausen GmbH, Rahden) was sold at Euro 32,000 to the Danish stud Blue Hors. 


The collection of the Verden Auction in March resembled a blooming spring meadow. The offer was interesting and versatile when it comes to pedigree and disposition. “The outdoor season is just about to start. We are happy having been able to present the riders high-quality horses for sports purposes,” Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said.

Verden Auction May

» Results of the Verden Auction on May 5th

» Auctionbrochure


A filly upstaged the riding horses at the Verden Auction in May: Vanellope was sold at Euro 62,000 whereas the 36 riding horses achieved an average auction sales price of Euro 15,361.


The Vitalis/Don Romantic-daughter Vanellope (breeder and exhibitor: Gerda Stein, Westerende) was considered favourite for the highest price. The eagerly moving chestnut mare became a star at the photo and video shooting. Each bid was celebrated during the thrilling auction until auctioneer Bernd Hickert finally accepted the bid of Euro 62,000 of a Lower Saxonian raiser. The foals were sold at averagely Euro 6,975. 


The collection of riding horses featured a variety of horses for the different demands. Monsieur Lazhar by Metall/Weltruhm (breeder and exhibitor: Hedy Lynen, Unna) became top-priced dressage horse. The excellently to ride bay horse was sold at Euro 30,000 to France. Sailor Moon by Stolzenberg/Graf Grannus (breeder and exhibitor: Heinrich Beutner, Meinersen) turned out to be the best-priced jumper. A well-known Canadian show jumping rider invested Euro 27,000 in the bay horse out of the dam line of the Celle state stud stallion Perigueux. 


Hanoverian horses are popular all over the world. 20 of the 36 horses will leave Germany. Eight of them will travel to the US, each three to Spain and Belgium. “The Verden May Auction collection was small, but convinced with its variety,” auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said and was happy about the huge international interest.

Verden Auction July

Verden Auction on July, 13/14

Sport Horses and Foals

» Results of the Verden Auction on July 2018

» Brochure of the Verden Auction

A breath of summer blew through the Niedersachsenhalle at the Verden Auction in July. For the first, time the riding horses and foals were auctioned separately for jumping and dressage horse pedigrees. The top price of 36,000 Euros achieved Bossa Nova. After two lively auction days, an average of 15,108 Euros had to be invested for the 74 talented riding horses.

On Saturday, the dressage horses came to the auction. Bossa Nova by Bordeaux/Fürstenball (breeder and exhibitor: Wilhelm Klausing, Diepholz) not only danced into the hearts of the audience, but also to the top of the price list. For 37,000 Euros he will start his successful career in a Dutch dressage stable. The day before, Friday the 13th proved to be Commander's lucky day. The son of Chacco Gold/Contendro (breeder: Erdmann Ohlrogge, Büchen, exhibitor: Ursula Schäfer Köchingen) achieved the top price of 36,000 Euros for the show jumping horses. The five-year-old will travel to Sweden. Customers from 13 different bought 30 horses, among them both price peaks.


The average price of the 47 foals was 6,630 Euros.  The best paid offer was Sun of Secret by Secret/Fürstenball (breeder and exhibitor: Dirk Vierke, Wallstawe), for which the bid was accepted at 14,500 Euros to North Rhine-Westphalia. A look at the statistics shows a sound price structure. "The result was achieved without an outlier at the top price. Numerous horses achieved a price of around 20,000 Euros. The same applies to the foals. Many belong to the highest price category", breeding and managing director Dr. Werner Schade said.

For two years now, the Verden auction in July has been embedded in the national championships of the region Hannover. Breeding and sport are inseparable in Verden. "We have received a very positive response to the division of the auction lot into dressagehorses and showjumpers. On both days the interest of the specialists was very good," auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said.

However, the secret star of the auction was Prince Unicorn. The inflatable unicorn was auctioned in favour of „Lebenshilfe Verden e.V“. To the applause of the audience, it was sold to Great Britain for 2,500 Euros.

Next Auction will be in three weeks time. On August 3 and 4, the Verden auction of foals and broodmares offers the outstanding opportunity to secure the stars of tomorrow. While the horse show "Verden International" takes place on the grounds near the Niedersachsenhalle, 101 foals and seven broodmares from proven Hanoverian bloodlines and topgenetics will be put up for auction in the Niedersachsenhalle.

Verden Auction August

Verden Auction on August, 3/4

Foals and Broodmares


» Results of the Verden Auction in August

» Auction brochure

The foals and broodmares presented themselves at their best at the auction in the well-attended Niedersachsenhalle. The 94 foals achieved an average price of 8,233 Euros. It was a filly that reached the top price of 28,000 Euros: Bea Birmingham.

The last but two foal was the typey and strong moving Birmingham/Londonderry-daughter Bea Birmingham (breeder and exhibitor: Kurt Thieße, Neustadt) in the well-attended Niedersachsenhalle. The bid was awarded to a renowned breeder from North Rhine-Westphalia for 28,000 Euros. Until then, the colt Roache (breeder and exhibitor: Sally Hjort Schultz, Bolderslev/DEN) was leading the price scale with 24,000 Euros. It would have been a story that only life could write: His sire Revolution became World Champion of the five-year-old dressage horses in Ermelo/NED almost at the same time. The brown colt also descends from the dam line of Dallas, from which French Kiss, who became World Champion with Katrin Burger in 2004, decends as well.

While 57 promising dressage talents were in the spotlight on Saturday, 37 foals and three broodmares with show jumping pedigrees had "started" the day before on Friday. After a lively auction, the winner of the day was certain: The Balou du Rouet/Calido son Beck's Balou (breeder: Sabine Pedrina, Teolo/ITA, exhibitor: Jürgen-Heinrich Ohlhoff, Bergen) was the most sought-after foal. The perky brown, whose dam was successful in advanced level jumping, was worth 15,000 Eeuros to breeders from Schleswig-Holstein. "There were many names in the foals' pedigrees that have proven their performance in sport. A compliment to our breeders", auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said.

The international bloodlines combined with valuable Hanoverian dam lines attracted numerous foreign interested parties. A regular customer from Great Britain secured her 100th foal in Verden. The largest groups of buyers came from Spain (seven foals) and Sweden (six foals). Altogether 36 foals will leave Germany.

135th Elite-Auction October

135th Elite-Auction on October 12/13

Sport horses, two-year-old stallions and foals

Statistic of the 135. Verden Elite-Auction

Auction brochure of the 135th Elite-Auction


Once again it is a show jumping horse who achieved the top price of the Verden Elite-Auction. Quite Chacco was sold at 160,000 Euros in Olympic hands and. For the most expensive foal, Fabulosa, 62,000 Euros were invested. The two-year-old stallions, who rounded off the highly interesting offer like last year, had their highlight with 39,000 Euros for the chestnut Quick Decision.

In the sold out Niedersachsenhalle, the auction quickly picked up speed. Top prices were already paid for the first coveted talents. Nevertheless, it was only within the last five horses that the decision in the race for the top price was made. The licensed stallion Quite Chacco by Quaid/Chacco-Blue (breeder: Staj Mustang, Lucina/CZO, exhibitor: Hannoveraner Verband, Verden), equipped with unlimited potential, sparked a veritable firework of bids. The bay could hardly have hit it better: Champion rider Cian O'Connor will take the power pack with him to Ireland for 160,000 Euros. Quite Chacco will not travel alone to the Green Island. Convinced of the exceptional quality, the successful show jumper and trainer bought three more promising Hanoverians at the auction.

The Fürstenball/Windspiel As daughter Future of W (breeder and exhibitor: ZG Werth, Moers) was no insider tip. The strong-moving, well-trained five-year-old has already competed at the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf in the past two years. In the Niedersachsenhalle, the Hanoverian premium candidate from the Rhineland was the most expensive dressage horse to be purchased from a first-class breeding and training stable in Sachsen-Anhalt for 125,000 Euros. With head number one, Best Of by Bordeaux/Fürstenball (breeder: Zuchthof Neumann-Ullrich, Innermanzing/AUT, Ausst.: Heiko Klausing, Eydelstedt) opened the dance in the Niedersachsenhalle with a knock down price of 80,000 Euros.

A total of 54 highly talented riding horses were sold for an average of 34,704 Euros. Ten horses were sold for 50,000 Euros and more. International buyers secured around half of the top-class collection. The largest group of buyers came from Spain with five purchases. "We are very pleased that the majority of the young horses are coming into stables that are successful on an international level in the dressage arena and in the show jumping ring," auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said. "In Verden breeding and sport belong closely together".

After last year‘s positive experiences, 19 two-and-a-half year old stallions were auctioned. Experts discovered a colourful chestnut with outstanding movements. Quick Decision by Quaterhall/Rotspon (breeder and exhibitor: Blanka Heier, Armstorf) was sold to a top trainer in Baden-Württemberg for 39,000 Euros, who has also already gained Olympic medals. The representatives of the 2016 vintage found a new owner for an average of 18,211 Euros. Their export quota was also around 50 percent.

The auction of the 38 foals began with a real bang. After a lively bidding duel, the first foal, Fabulosa by For Romance/Depardieu (breeder and exhibitor: Alfred Melchers, Nußloch), was auctioned off for 62,000 Euros. Hanover's hopeful offspring cost an average of 9.945 Euros and was thus about 3,000 Euros above the result of the previous year. International customers liked the youngest, more than half of them will leave Germany.

The day before the auction, the Zuchtgemeinschaft Königs was honoured with the Hans Joachim Köhler-price as the most successful exhibitor at Auctions of the previous evaluation period. Eberhard and Bartholomäus Königs have been running an extremely successful Hanoverian breeding yard with a focus on dressage at the Klosterhof Bodenstein for many years. This year a foal and a riding horse from their breeding has already entered the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden.

Already in ten days the excellent quality in Verden finds an impressive continuation. The collection of the stallion licensing (24th to 26th October) and the stallion sales (27th October) was outstanding at the preselection and video dates.

Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales

» Results of the Hanoverian Stallion sales (pdf)

» Broschüre Hannoveraner Hengstkörung und Hengstmarkt 2018 (pdf)

» Resluts of the Hanoverian Stallion licensing 2018

Verden. At the Hannoveraner stallion sales all boundaries broke. A premium stallion by Vivaldi/Dancier was auctioned off for the sensational top price of 2,010,000 Euro. The 2016 offsprings sparked a firework of prizes. An average price of 130,960 Euro had to be invested for the 50 licensed stallions.


The spectators in the sold-out Niedersachsenhalle could no longer stand on their seats when auctioneer Frederik De Backer after a 20-minute bidding duel auctioned the premium stallion by Vivaldi/Dancier off to the stallion owners Schockemöhle/Helgstrand for a fabulous price of 2,010,000 Euro – a top price that has not yet been reached at any auction organized by a breeding society in Germany. The modern liver chestnut with breathtaking movements was bred by Ulrike Buurman, Greifenstein, and exhibited by Hengsthaltung Kemper, Heiden. Previously, the two stallion owners had already invested 800,000 Euro for a typey stallion by Lord Leatherdale/Boston (breeder: ZG Pleines, Uedem, exhibitor: Sabine Rüben, Würselen), the first premium stallion to enter the auction round. The premium stallion by Dimaggio/Sir Donnerhall showed how well the Verden marketing system works. As a foal, Ernst Kemper discovered the athletic liver chestnut bred by Dieter Hilz, Spiegelau, in the same place. Two years later, the stallion caused his exhibitor cheers for the second time on this memorable day. A Norwegian stallion owner secured the exceptional talent for 570,000 Euro.


The show-jumping stallions were outstanding as well. After the convincing appearances at the free jumping, it was a premium stallion by Kannan/Stolzenberg bred and exhibited by Ulrich Heuer, Bienenbüttel, who was the best young stallion with a show jumping pedigree and flushed 150,000 Euros into his breeder's pockets. The dark bay with his enormous ability over the jumps moves into Olympic hands. As at the 135th Verden Elite-Auction 14 days ago, Ireland‘s Cian O'Connor had acquired the top horse – now the Olympic bronze medallist from London has bought another Hanoverian at the Verden auction.


"This stallion licensing set new standards for breeding and marketing and is the result of the continuous development work in the Hannoveraner Verband", summarized breeding director Dr. Werner Schade. Even before the stallion sales, the outstanding quality of the 2016 vintage was evident at the licensing on the triangular track, during lunging and during free jumping and free-running. 93 high-calibre two-and-a-half-year-olds had faced the licensing commission. A total of 46 dressage stallions were licensed, twelve of which left the Niedersachsenhalle as premium stallions. Of the 14 licensed show-jumping stallions, seven were awarded a premium. "The quality was very high. The vintage presented itself with diverse bloodlines and very modern horses," Heike Kemmer, member of the licensing commission said. And Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen added: "The very high average quality has increased even more every day". The internationally successful show-jumper Jörg Münzner, also a member of the licensing commission, was also full of praise: "We can be very satisfied with the quality of the jumping stallions. The vintage were top class, but all the stallions showed themselves well!


The unlicensed stallions also aroused a lot of interest. Above all a brown stallion by Le Vivaldi/Rotspon (breeder: Elizabeth Kapp, Clüversborstel, exhibitor: Heiko Klausing, Eydelstedt). He was sold for 54.000 Euro to a Hanoverian breeder from the Lüneburger Heide – also a former Verden auction foal. The average price of the 32 horses was 18.758 Euro. This meant an increase of more than 1,000 Euros compared to the previous year.


The Golden Badge of Honour of the Hanoverian Verband was awarded three times during the show program before the stallion sales. For many years Klaus Bünger, Oetzen, Willi Koppelmann, Freiburg/Elbe and Rudolf Rehkamp, Bersenbrück, have decisively shaped the image of the Verden stallion licensings as successful breeders and stallion exhibitors. A special highlight is the selection of Hanoverian stallion and mare of the year 2018. Hannoveraner Stallion of the Year is Belissimo M by Beltain/Romadour II  (breeder: Dieter Niesar, Kranenburg). Dorina v. Drosselklang II/Grannus (breeder: Wilhelm Leymann, Bassum) can adorn herself with the title "Hannoveraner Mare of the Year".

Verden Auction November

Verden Auction November

Sport Horses

» Results of the Verden Auction

» Auction brochure

The Verden Auctions said farewell to the auction year 2018 with a remarkable result. Once again it was a show jumper who achieved the top price: Carissima was sold to Great Britain at 79,000 Euros. The average price for the 74 riding horses is also impressive: With 18,784 Euros, it is around 3,000 Euros higher than in the previous year and is the highest average price to date at a Verden Auction in November.   After three jewels of the show-jumping collection had already been auctioned off at 37,000 Euros each, it was Carissima by Contendro/Graf Top (breeder and exhibitor: Karsten Asendorf, Thedinghausen) who released a lively bidding duel. Three renowned and successful international show jumping stables quickly submitted their bids. At 79,000 Euro, the bid was awarded to a loyal auction customer from Great Britain. He has already paved the way for numerous young show jumping talents from Verden to top-class sport. The dam Gardefrau Top has thus developed into a true guarantor of success for her breeder Karsten Asendorf. Carissima is already her fifth offspring, who found a new owner at a top price in the Niedersachsenhalle. At the end of the auction, the audience cheered again when auction rider Julia Plate, who has already celebrated international sport successes, bid from the saddle herself and won the bid for "her" Ulando by Ustinov/Graf Top.The dressage horses were also very popular. On the phone, a top dressage stable from Austria bought Dante's Daiquiri by Dante Weltino/Avagon at  70,000 Euro (breeder and exhibitor: Nicole Nemitz, Garlstorf). This expressive and tall black mare could already celebrate successes in youn horse dressage tests.The groups of buyer were as colourful as the pedigrees oft he horses. 32 horses will leave Germany. Beside the European countries a buyer from Chile and a buyer from the United States got the bid. The statistics show 27 horses which achieved prices between 15,000 and 24,000 Euro. For eleven youngsters 25,000 Euro and more were paid. "We are very happy with the result of the auction, which is an impressive last point to an excellent Elite-Auction and a spectacular stallion sales," auction manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said. "A big compliment to our breeders and exhibitors, without whom this impressive success would not have been possible!“