Verden Auction Online - Sporthorses

Januar, 22th

The collection of the Verden Auction in January features a interesting collection of 48 dressage- and 23 show jumping horses. The auction horses can be inspected daily from January 10 to 22 during the preparatory training sessions and tried after arrangement.

Our customer advisors will help you choose the right horse for your ambitions. Please arrange an individual appointment by telephone with one of them. Trying out the horses is possible. Please make an appointment with our customer advisors in advance, as we would like to plan the number of customer visits as best as possible in view of the Corona pandemic.

The auction of riding horses takes place online. Bids can be submitted from January, 16th. The final bid-up for the riding horses starts on Saturday, January 22th, at 2 pm. To bid, please register at

Verden Auction Online - Sporthorses - January, 22th

Verden Auction: Auction information

Here you will find further information about the training schedule, the auction brochure, tickets, bidding at telephone and conditions of sale. 

Your Contact Persons at the Verden Auction

Do you have any questions about our horses for sale? We would be happy to advise you individually and personally. Our customer advisors are there to help and advise you. Whether you want to make an appointment for test riding, ask questions about individual horses or the auction process - please give us a call and tell us your wishes!

Verden Auctions - Your horse from Verden

We are fascinated by horses! They are certainly one of the most gracious and noble creatures of the world. Powerful and sensitive, ambitious and companion-like, enriching our life as sports partner and friend.

Purchasing a horse is something special. And we know that. It is an honour to assist you finding your perfect match! We offer carefully selected riding horses for the disciplines dressage, show jumping, eventing and pleasure riding every two months. But also for hunter-jumper sport and driving. The Verden auctions have been connecting horses and people for more than 60 years. And with great success! The versatile collections provide horses for all demands. Professional riders find their perfect futurity Olympic champion, amateur riders successful competition horses and pleasure riders reliable friends. Foals, broodmares, licensed stallions and riding horses are purchased in Verden! Quality and rideability of Verden auction horses are hard to top. Purchasing a horse in the Riders’ Town is a special experience thanks to the fantastic Verden service: thoroughly vet-checked, independent from the owner and a huge selection of horses at one place.

Verden Auction Dates

The Verden Auction year leaves no desires open! We regularly provide interesting collections of thoroughly chosen riding horses and foals for you. 

December, 2-4, 2021
Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales - Jumping stallions


January, 22, 2022
Verden Auction Online - Riding horses


April, 23, 2022
Verden Auction Online - Riding horses


April, 28, 2022
Verden Auction Online - Foals


May, 12, 2022
Verden Auction Online - Foals


May, 25, 2022
Verden Auction Online - Foals


June, 9, 2022
Verden Auction Online - Foals


June, 23, 2022
Verden Auction Online - Foals


July, 16, 2022
Verden Auction Online - Riding horses

Preselection - The best for Verden

The brand „Verden Auction“ is worldwide known and stands for success, quality and satisfaction. Whether foals, riding horses, broodmares or stallions, customers all over the world benefit from the advantages of the Verden auctions. Hanoverian breeders from the whole breeding area proudly present their horses in the “Hanoverian shop window”.

Be there if the world looks at Verden when the next generation of horses is put up for sale.  Become part of the famous VA-family and sell your breeding products at one of the Verden auctions. Horses for the Verden auctions are chosen in the selection steps free jumping, presentation under rider, test rider and presentation in-hand at selection dates and venues nearby and at the final selection date in Verden. It is a special marketing offer for our members that only horses whose owners are members of the Hannoveraner Verband e. V. or Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch e. V.  are entitled to qualify for the auctions.




We want you to be satisfied! We will be happy to take your requests and plan and organize an individual training-profile for your new Hanoverian horse. It is possible to have your newly purchased horse trained by our team of riders after the auction or to have the horse presented at studbook inspections, mare or stallion performance tests and tournaments. We also offer assistance when it comes to rider’s development and offer special courses and workshops for dressage and show jumping as well as individual training lessons.

We will be happy to assist you with the collection of your auction horse and will answer questions on the topics:
 • transport companies
• payment terms
• pick-up times
• EU health certificates
• customs clearance accompanying document
• training possibilities

Former Verden auction horses

Former Verden auction horses are very popular all around the world, and they are appreciated because of their qualities, outstanding rideability, perfect character and health. News about successes come from numerous international championships, World and European championships as well as Olympic Games. But Hanoverian horses can be even more: They are everyday joy, pleasure partner and the second team member.

Your feedback is appreciated! Please send us photos of your Verden auction horse. Whether taken at tournaments in advanced level contests, development classes or during pleasure riding in forests and pastures – we will be happy to add your VA to our auction gallery! Send the photo file to: 

Photo and video service

Photographer Kiki Beelitz (Riding horses) will take photos of your horse before and during the auction. Please contact him to order photos of your horse:

Ulrike Beelitz
Lange Str. 12
D-27412 Hanstedt
0171 6417872
04285 95161 

The video company KUNSTWERK has filmed one presentation and the auction. Ordering a video, featuring your horse, is possible with:

KUNSTWERK Videoproduktion
Thorsten Kunst
Schmolte 4
D-49406 Drentwede
++49 (0)5442-501073

Auction archive

Dates and figures! The auction archive features statistics of preceding auctions. Sorted by years, it will provide information on the number of sold horses and price structure.

FAQ about the Verden Auction

1.)        How much does it cost to present a horse at a pre-selection date?
All pre-selection dates for the Verden auctions are free of charge. Only after an admission costs are incurred (see question 6). For the dates in Alsfeld, Wickrath and Verden you should register in advance at the respective contacts. You may attend the other dates without prior registration. Please find the selection dates for the next auction in DER HANNOVERANER or here on the homepage.

2.)        How does a pre-selection date work?
The horses will first be presented in free running and free jumping. After that all horses will be ridden and the show jumpers will complete one jump according to their age. Finally, they will be inspected (including measuring) without saddle on hard surface and in the walking ring. At this point the auction team will announce which horse is admitted to the auction.

3.)        How long will my purchased horse be exercised free of charge by the auction team after the auction?
After the auction, the horses can stay with the Verband for another week free of charge and will be exercised during this time by the Hannoveraner Verband's team of riders. After one week 22 Euro per day plus VAT will be charged from the day of the auction. So you as the buyer have the possibility to organize the transport of your horse in peace. If you need help with this, we are at your disposal with our after-sale service. Please feel free to contact our customer advisors.

4.)        How much does training with the Hanoverian Association cost?
The Hannoveraner Verband takes horses in training by arrangement. From starting to preparation for mare performance tests to the presentation for the auction, the horses are trained by the experienced team. Per day we charge 22 Euro plus VAT for training and boarding your horse. Veterinary and farrier's fees will be added. If you want your horse to be presented at tournaments, this will be calculated individually. If you are interested in having your horse trained by the Hannoveraner Verband, please contact Thomas Schönig.

5.)        What are the costs if my horse is admitted to the auction?
If your horse is admitted to the auction, the Hannoveraner Verband requires a current veterinary examination including x-rays.  This must be carried out by one of our contracted veterinarians. The costs incurred there vary from horse to horse. Therefore, you should contact the respective veterinarian for an exact cost breakdown. Furthermore, the Hannoveraner Verband charges an advertising lump sum of 200 Euro (Elite Auction 300 Euro) for the photos and videos, the production of the auction catalogue as well as for advertising the auction on various platforms. For the 13 days prior to the auction a stall fee of 22 Euro per day plus VAT will be charged. As the horses are insured for death, for having to be put down due to illness or accident or permanent disability by the Hannoveraner Verband after the head numbers have been assigned but no later than 8 weeks before the auction, an additional insurance fee of 276.75 Euros will be charged. The commission fee to be paid depends on the knock-down price of the horse at the auction. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our auction office.

6.)        What happens if I am interested in a horse from the collection?
If you have found your possible dream horse in one of our collections, you can first inform yourself about sport successes or dam lines in the auction catalogue or on our homepage and watch videos. In addition, our customer advisors are available to you at any time. They can give you more information about the horses and arrange an appointment with you to try them out. Testing of the auction horses is possible from Tuesday of the first auction week until Friday before the auction. The customer advisors will also be happy to deposit tickets for the auction for you. Protocols and x-rays can be found on our website with the respective horses. The x-rays can be viewed on our website after prior registration and, if required, presented to your trusted veterinarian. Furthermore, the auction veterinarian Dr Frank Reimann is also available for consultation. Here you will find his office hours (link). If you have decided on a horse, we will keep our fingers crossed that you will get your dream Hanoverian horse.

7.)        Do I have to register before the auction to be able to bid?
No, you do not need to. In the auction catalogue you will find a yellow bidder's card at the back, which you can separate out. With this card you can bid at the auction.

8.)        What is the seller / buyer insurance?
As soon as the horse is admitted to the auction and the head numbers have been assigned, your horse is insured for death, having to be put down due to illness or accident and permanent disability via the Hannoveraner Verband with R+V Insurance until it is sold. The horses are uniformly insured with 80% compensation at an insurance sum of 15,000 Euros. As an exhibitor you have the possibility to increase the sum insured. With the knockdown, the seller's insurance changes into a buyer's insurance. 6 months after the auction, the horses are then also insured with 80% compensation for death, having to be put down due to illness or accident and permanent disability, as well as transport to the first buyer’s home. The sum insured corresponds to the settlement price, but not more than 175,000 Euros. Here, too, an increase of the sum insured or an extension of the insurance by the buyer is possible. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our auction office or our contact persons at R+V.

9.)        How does the selection and auction of foals work?
As with the riding horses, there are pre-selection dates for the foals. You can find them here on the homepage or in DER HANNOVERANER. For the dates in Verden, Wickrath and Alsfeld you should register in advance. The presentation will take place together with the dam in hand. At the date in Verden Thorsten Kunst and Tammo Ernst will take photos and videos of the foals. You can purchase these from them. In Verden the young breeders will be happy to help you with the presentation of your foal. If your foal is admitted, a clinical examination by the veterinarian will follow. Here too, the examination must be carried out by one of the contracted veterinarians. The auction office will send you the admission papers. In these documents all information is listed in detail. After the head number assignment, but maximum 4 weeks before the auction, your foal is insured for death and having to be put down due to illness or accident until delivery. The sum insured is 5,000 Euro. After delivery the foal is additionally insured for permanent disability. The delivery takes place on the morning of the auction. The foals will be clinically examined there once again by the veterinarian Dr Reimann. Around noon the foals are usually presented before the auction starts in the afternoon.

10.)      When can I pick up my purchased foal and is it insured?
Your foal bought at the auction is insured after the auction. The insurance sum is the amount of the settlement price but not more than 25,000 Euro. Your foal is insured until October 31st or at least until the completed 6th month of life. As with riding horses, you can increase the insurance amount and term of insurance individually. If you have further questions regarding insurance, please contact our auction office (+49-4231-673732) or the R+V Insurance.
As a rule, the foals are removed in fixed removal weeks and in autumn. For an exact date Mrs Pia Pfaff (04231-673732) will contact you. If possible, the foals will be handed over in Verden. The foal will be clinically examined by the veterinarian on this day. Afterwards you may take your Hanoverian foal home with you.

11.)      How does the auction time run?
The auction horses are delivered 12 days before the auction on Monday. Upon delivery the auction team and the veterinarian will check the horses. Starting on Tuesday, the horses are trained daily by their auction riders. They are supported by trainer Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen. A groom is assigned to each rider. He will take care of his horses during the entire auction period. From Tuesday on, interested parties can try out the horses by appointment. On the following Saturday the first presentation will take place. This will be filmed and can be watched on our homepage the following week. Further presentations will take place on Wednesday of the second week and on the morning of the auction day. These two presentations will be transmitted via a livestream on our homepage. 

Thank you for your support!