Verden Evening on April 12

Home is a feeling

On the evening before, Friday, 12 April, the Niedersachsenhalle will open its doors for the "Verdener Abend" at 7 p.m. Highlights from the collection of riding horses will show – partly together with their fathers – their skills. The performances of other stallions as well as varied shows will inspire the audience. The Grande Prize will also be awarded in this festive setting. It is awarded annually to the breeder of a stallion who, with his first offspring under the rider, gives rise to hopes of positively influencing the Hanoveraner breed.

Another highlight of the evening is the performance of the public favourite of the competition of the riding clubs at the VER-Dinale 2019: The riding club Wechhold-Martfeld und Umgebung e.V. has already started in January with 90 participants in the Niedersachsenhalle and has torn its spectators from their seats with the rapid chart "Pippi Langstrumpf".  Already in the afternoon all guests are invited to visit the show horses and stallions in stables I and II at the auction hall and to look forward to the evening together.

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We offer reduced prices for group registrations, e.g. from horse breeding associations.