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Fürst Donnerhall - Weltruhm
Sex Gelding
Registration number DE 431316681016
Owner Rudolf Quast, Jork
Date of birth 27.03.2016
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Derselbe
Colour liver chestnut
Size 17.0 h.h.
VAT. 0 %

This liver chestnut gelding is a true product from the breeders family Quast. His sire Fürst Donnerhall, who has been victorious and placed in advanced level dressage tests under the saddle of Dominic-Nathanael Erhart, was also born in this stable in Jork. Both Figaro and Fürst Donnerhall can be traced back to the St.Pr.St. Donna Bella. Thus the trademark stallion Donnerhall can be found twice in the pedigree of this three year old dressage offspring.

Fürst Donnerhall»
DE 431316627403
Florestan I Fidelio Furioso II
Raute Rheingold
Donna Bella Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Lambada Lauries Crusador xx
DE 431313807105
Weltruhm» Weltmeyer World Cup I
Navarina Nevado xx
St.Pr. Donna Bella Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Lambada Lauries Crusador xx

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Dam line:   1189003 Jagame

gek. Hengst Fürst Donnerhall v. Florestan I (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Dominic-Nathaneal Erhart), Fürst Step v. Fürst Donnerhall (VA 2011, DRE: M-erfolgr. mit Melanie Hornung), gek. Hengst Foucet v. Florestan I (HM 2005), Renaldo v. Regazzoni (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Lea Sophie Reyer), Donnerstag v. Donnerschlag (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Katharina Krauskopf), Rosemount Maurice v. Matrose (DRE: S-erfolgr. mit Kristy Oatley-Nist).


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