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Sierra Campina
Stanley - Charon
Sierra Campina
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431314302213
Owner Christina Martens, Ringstedt
Date of birth 14.03.2013
Breed Hannoveraner
BreederOwner Dieselbe
Colour black
Size 168
VAT. 10,7 %

Sierra Campina is a jumper true to the motto "potential is always up-to-date". A horse to start with at once.

Registration name Sierra Campina
successes SPF: A 1/2. 1/w.
breeding name -
award -
performance test -

Dam line:   1191312 Herzlose

Face v. For Edition (SPR: M-erfolgreich), Countess of Cornwall v. Calido (SPR: M-erfolgr.), Quincy M v. Quasi Roi (SPR: M-erfolgr.), For Future v. For Pleasure (SPR: Ralf Litz), Qui Es Qui v. Quasi Roi (SPR: Jörn Seuren), Face v. For Edition (VA 2014), Con-Air v. Contagio (SPR: M-erfolgr.), Quarina v. Quasi Roi (SPR: M-erfolgr.), Sportsmann v. Skorpio (VA 1998,SPR: int. Luisa Himmelreich).


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