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Daily Express HRH
Daily Deal - Christ
Daily Express HRH
Sex gelding
Registration number DE 431439690515
Owner Heiner & Renate Hormann, Landesbergen
Date of birth 02.06.2015
Breed Rheinländer
Breeder Dieselben
Colour dark bay
Size 168
VAT. 19 %

Daily Express was started under saddle only a few weeks before he was selected for the auction. Provided his future training will be careful and sound, he will certainly mature into a successful competition horse.

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Dam line:   1192302 Abisunda

Daily's Dream v. Daily Dream (VA 2018), Batman's Girl v. Bailamos Biolley (VA 2016), Forever Young HRH v. Fürst Fugger (VA 2016), Charlie Sheen v. Christ (VA 2015), Satisfaction v. Swarovski (VA 2011), Christentia HRH v. Christ (VA 2017), Freestyler HRH v. Fürst Fugger (VA 2016), Hengst v. Don Bosco (VA 2001), Weihajamo v. Warkant (VA 2002, DRE: Andrea Müller-Kersten), gek. Ramino v. Ramiro (Teamgold EM Springen 1987 mit Melanie Kötter).

Auction training

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