Collection of Sport Horses

Don Frederic - Escudo I
Sex gelding
Registration number DE 431310772013
Owner Henning Schulze, Tiddische
Date of birth 01.04.2013
Breed Hannoveraner
BreederOwner Derselbe
Colour black
Size 168
VAT. 19 %

Dujardin is an uphill and stylish dressage youngster in perfect formation. He moves powerfully with good strengh. Made for the big arena.

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Dam line:   2193605 Seemoos

Cool Cancun v. Contendro I (VA 2011,SPR: Frank Lugge), Prinz Paul v. Perigueux (VA 2012,SPR: Dirk Klaproth), Wittinger Westerntanz v. Western Star (DRE: Christian Schulze Topphoff), Diabolo AS v. Don Index (FoVA 2017), Flash Dance A.S. v. Fabriano (VA 2008), Favorite Song v. Fabriano (FoVA 2002), Condo v. Comte (VA 2017), Peter Pan v. Perigueux (VA 2014: 100.000 €), Sandman v. Silvio I (VA 2011), Conshero v. Contendro I (VA 2007), Ecestella v. Escudo I (VA 2002).


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