Collection of Sport Horses

Livaldon - Lauries Crusador xx
Sex mare
Registration number DE 431313902416
Owner Thomas Wendelken, Schwanewede
Date of birth 16.05.2016
Breed Hannoveraner
Breeder Derselbe
Colour Black
Size 16.1 h.h.
VAT. 10,7 %

Liv is a pleasingly sensitive young dressage mare who easily learns and who knows how to delight the audience with her outstanding basic gaits.

DE 431316616410
Vivaldi Krack C Flemmingh
Renate-Utopia Jazz
Donna Littchen Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Elfenbein Eiger II
DE 431313905207
Lauries Crusador xx Welsh Pageant xx Tudor Melody xx
Square Note xx High Top xx
St.Pr. Fiona Frenchman Falkland
Goldi Golfclub

Registration name -
successes -
breeding name Hann.Pr.A. Liv
award 1xIa.
performance test 7,00 8,00 7,00 / 7,75 / 7,00

Dam line:   3189001 Weissa

Wait for me v. Walt Disney (DRE: S**-erfolgr. mit Nikola Mock), Lady Like v. Laur.Crusador xx (FoVA 2010), Adlantico Boy v. Adlantico As (SPR: int. S*-erfolgr. mit Maximilian Bremicker), Indian Spirit v. Iwanowitsch xx (FoVA 1992, SPR: S*-erfolgr. mit Carola Schedlbauer).


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