Hanoverian and Rhineland Stallions

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The selection of stallions is a two-stage process with the Hannoveraner Verband: Stallion Licensing and stallion performance test. Only those stallions who have accomplished the two selection stages are allowed to become active sires.

Hanoverian Stallion Licensing

The licensing is one of the two necessities for a stallion to become approved for breeding. The stallions are either licensed in-hand at the age of two-and-a-half or under saddle at the age of three. Evaluation criteria are conformation, basic gaits and jumping capabilities.

Stallion performance test

The second necessary prerequisite for a stallion to successfully start his breeding career is the stallion performance test. The system of stallion performance tests was extensively reformed in 2016. There are stationary tests (50 days) or a combination of stationary tests (14 days) and competitions. Please click on www.hengstleistungspruefung.de for up-to-date information.

Stallion Directory

All currently breeding stallions are also available online with our Stallion Directory.

Stallion Book Ib

Stallions with outstanding performance records can be entered in the Hanoverian stallion book Ib without being licensed by the Hannoveraner Verband. You will find the prerequisites in the Breeding Programme for the Hanoverian Horse. When using a stallion, which is entered in the stallion book Ib, the breeder of the foal has to pay an additional fee of €100.00 because the stallion owner is not liable to pay contributions. Here you will find the list of dressage stallions and of the jumping stallions, which have already been entered in the stallion book Ib. This list only includes stallions, for which breeders have already applied for entering them in the stallion book Ib. Although this list is updated regularly, it will never be completed, because new stallions will meet the requirements for being entered.

Hanoverian Yearbook Stallions

A reference work for breeders, featuring on more than 600 pages the up-to-date Hanoverian breed value estimation as well as many supplementary information on own performances and performances of progeny from breeding and sport of the stallions active in the Hanoverian breeding area. The works also includes the results of stallion performance tests, tournament successes, breed values from mare performance tests, studbook registrations as well as auction selection dates. It provides information about tournament successes of progeny, number of licensed sons, daughters nominated state premium mare and auction horses. All young, newly approved stallions who have been entered for the first time into the Stallion Book I, are presented in detail with description and photos. All currently breeding stallions are also available online with our Stallion Directory.

The Hanoverian Yearbook Stallions is available at Euro 25 plus freight charges and can be ordered with the Hannoveraner Verband e. V or per E-Mail zentrale@hannoveraner.com

Hanoverian Awards

The Hannoveraner Verband awards special prizes for particularly valuable stallions and mares, based on own performances or performances of progeny. The breeder is given the award.