Yearbook Stallions 2019

A reference work for breeders. Buy your book now.

A reference work for breeders, featuring on more than 600 pages the up-to-date Hanoverian breed value estimation as well as many supplementary information on own performances and performances of progeny from breeding and sport of the stallions active in the Hanoverian breeding area. The works also includes the results of stallion performance tests, tournament successes, breed values from mare performance tests, studbook registrations as well as auction selection dates. It provides information about tournament successes of progeny, number of licensed sons, daughters nominated state premium mare and auction horses. All young, newly approved stallions who have been entered for the first time into the Stallion Book I, are presented in detail with description and photos. All currently breeding stallions are also available online with our Stallion Directory.

The Hanoverian Yearbook Stallions 2019 is available at Euro 25 plus freight charges and can be ordered with the Hannoveraner Verband e. V or per E-Mail