‘MeinHannoveraner’ is online

‘MeinHannoveraner’ is now online availabe for members of the Hannoveraner Verband.

By the end of the year, the first features of “MeinHannoveraner” for members of the Hannoveraner Verband will be online. Your current breeding stock, your homebred foals and your purchases or sales at the Verden auctions will be visible. You shall be able to download studbook excerpts and linear profiles for your mares. This first step also includes the possibility to view and, if necessary, change your address and contact information. More features will follow progressively. Please note that

-    Details about the horses in the different lists will be added
-    Horses, which were bred before a change of the status of a breeder (f.i. legal succession) will be added
-    For breeders from the Rhineland, horses registered with the Rhineland studbook (until 2015) will be added
-    The names indicated were selected according to the following gradation:
1.    Name as a breeding horse
2.    Name as a sport horse
3.    Name as an auction horse
-    The names on the lists are sorted according to name. Other criteria (year of breeding, name of father) will follow.

More services will be offered in further steps. Notifications of foaling and breeding certificates will be made available, enrolments for mare performance tests and mare shows will be possible and you will be able to register or cancel your broodmares online. In order to improve the presentation of the information, there will be the possibility to upload photos of the horses.

» Please find here "MeinHannoveraner"