Nominations required for the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board Chairwoman Ernestine Zwingmann has announced that she will not be running again for the position of Supervisory Board Chair at the Assembly of Delegates in January.

Information from the Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board (Ernestine Zwingmann)

In the past few weeks, I have very often thought about how I should express myself and act with regard to a re-election at the upcoming Assembly of Delegates. It was important to remind myself of the reasons why I took on this office.

When I was elected Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board in August 2020, I advocated a change of direction with transparency and cooperation. In my role as Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board, I unfortunately did not experience transparency in the cooperation with the Board last year when dealing with significant, risky transactions.

The Supervisory Board is supposed to supervise and advise the Board and the main office at the Hannoveraner Verband. Supervision and advice in the sense of the desired committee structure was not possible in the past due to the involvement in the processes that was demanded but not granted. Information about the background that led to work results was not given to me despite several requests to the responsible members of the Board. I rather felt that they wanted to put me under pressure here.
Unfortunately, the majority of the Supervisory Board did not support my requests for information on matters concerning the Board. This was confirmed by the Supervisory Board's rejection of the motions I submitted, also to enforce the provision of information to the Board. The processing of the resolutions was rejected in full. The majority of the Supervisory Board members saw my critical attitude as a lack of trust and a broken relationship with the Board.

For me, this closes the circle. From my point of view, it looks like I no longer enjoy the necessary trust in the Supervisory Board of the Hannoveraner Verband.
In addition, I am also becoming unfaithful to my attitude, because my election announcement was to initiate a change of direction towards transparency and honest cooperation.
This is not possible in the current constellation with the Board and the majority of the Supervisory Board.

For these reasons, I have decided not to run again for the position of Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board in the scheduled election at the upcoming Assembly of Delegates.

I would like to expressly thank the employees of the Hannoveraner Verband for the cooperation that has taken place and wish the Hannoveraner Verband and the committees every success in shaping the future.