Hanoverian Mare Shows

Premiums at mare performance tests - mare shows cancelled.

First modifications regarding the restrictions due to the Corona pandemic have been decided, but it will probably take a long time until we get back the daily and beloved routines. This also applies to the events of the horse breeding clubs and the district societies. Everything we are doing at the moment, we have to see in the light of the actual necessity and we have to be able to justify it to third parties. In order to be able to ensure the necessary selection of mares in this exceptional year, we have developed a plan that guarantees this, taking into account restrictions in the procedures.

Following discussions in the Executive Board, the awarding of the mares in 2020 is to take place as follows:

- The premium is awarded at the mare performance tests throughout the year (also at the autumn tests).
- Following the mare performance tests, show classes will be made possible for mares that have not been tested and those that have been tested in previous years. Like the mare performance test, this class is not tied to the club membership of the breeder.
- Two-year-old mares, mares that have already won awards in previous years and mare families can unfortunately not be presented this year.
- Mares tested this year should not be shown in show classes at other testing locations.
- For mares that are to be presented exclusively for studbook registration (without the aim of a premium), the Verband offers farm dates (the fee for this is reduced by 50% all year round).

As a result, the mare shows of the horse breeding clubs cannot take place this year in the proven form and have to be cancelled. However, it is possible that additional dates for mare performance tests according to the above mentioned pattern will be offered. These changes could also lead to the rescheduling of the previously planned dates or locations of mare performance tests.  We will inform about this on our homepage.

Mare performance tests will only be able to be carried out if conditions are met which reduce contacts between the persons involved as much as possible.

These are serious cuts in the life of the horse breeding clubs, but we can carry out the basic tasks of selecting mares for our breeders and therefore hope for the understanding of all persons involved.

This approach also creates the currently highest possible degree of security for the processes for the coming months, even though we cannot detach ourselves from current developments. In this way we can also guarantee a selection of mares for the hopefully feasible Herwart von der Decken-Show.